Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm all about embracing all four seasons and winter is no exception.
Otherwise what the hell am I doing living in Canada?
But after a particularly loooong snowy, cold winter we decided to book a trip to Miami and have a little mini reprieve from all the salt, sleet, mountains of snow and multiple layers of winter gear.
The bags were packed and the hotel was booked.
But twelve hours before our flight, my ears were still plugged and I still felt like crap.
So after a doctor recommended not flying unless absolutely necessary, otherwise risk severe pain or possibly re-rupturing my eardrum which could lead to permanent hearing loss, we decided to cancel our trip.
As much as I love not hearing big daddy snoring each night, my hearing is not something I think I would enjoy living without.
Such a bummer.
But we kind of knew that there was a chance that I might not be able to fly when we booked the trip 2 weeks ago.
I felt like such a heel when Lulu asked about the palm trees and the beach.
She couldn't wait to wear her new bathing suit and water wings.
So big daddy and I moved onto plan B.

who needs it to be in the upper twenties to swim outside?
and yes that is a pile of snow in the background.
Why let this little setback stand in the way of enjoying a little family getaway?
so we quickly unpacked all the summer clothes and repacked with extra warm winter clothes.
If we couldn't fly south then we would drive north.
So we ended up here.

We were pleasantly surprised and ended up having such a great time.
Our room was large and cozy with a warm fireplace and kitchen.
We also had our own loft bedroom and lulu had her own room as well.

So perfect when we put her to bed at 7 each night.
There's something to be said about a little privacy while on vacation with the whole family.
The kitchen was really handy when it comes to travelling with a two (almost three) year old.
Though Lulu requested "room service" on the first day there.
She is definitely related to big daddy.
But I brought up all kinds of healthy snacks, lunch stuff etc. so it was nice to not have to eat at restaurants three times a day.
did I actually just say that?
times have certainly changed.
We really enjoyed the outdoor pools, hot tub and warm sauna.

Lulu was a little fish and basically started swimming on her own in about the first ten minutes in the water.
Nothing like catching snowflakes on your tongue while learning to swim.

The resort was nestled in a little ski village- no skiing this year, Lulu is still a bit small for her own skis, but next year for sure...
But there were plenty of other things to do.
An outdoor play park, a central fire pit to warm up, shops and lots of restaurants to choose from.
All of which is only about two years old and a two hour drive.
Everything was very family friendly, yet very relaxed and not over-the-top-kiddie-ville.
A highlight for Lulu was the frozen maple syrup on a stick.

she was in heaven.
We felt ultra Canadian at that moment.
Oh Canada...our home and native laa laa.
And although we weren't sitting on a beach in Miami making sandcastles we ended up having such a great time.
In some ways we probably had an even more relaxing time than if we had gone to Florida.
No going through customs, no luggage hassle or flight delays or exploding eardrums or need for hey not such a bad trade.
Everything for a reason I guess.

That's not to say that if my ears ever clear that we will re-book and eventually be soaking up the sun in South Beach hopefully sometime in the near future.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

something different

For the past month or so we definitely haven't been eating out like we usually do.
I didn't have much of an appetite (still don't really) and home-made soup has been the only thing I've wanted to eat.
Bonus is that I lost 7 lbs! woo whoo...a least there's an upside to feeling like crap for several weeks in a row!
This officially makes me 4 lbs lighter than I was when big daddy and I met ten years ago.
Before the "bug" descended upon our house, we managed to eat at a new local Italian bistro.
The following day I started to feel sick.
Not sure if it was the food or not...I really hope not.
Find out more about it here.
but things are looking up, and each day I seem to be feeling more and more like myself.
Still not ready to eat at any restaurants or drink any wine....which is so not like me.
Especially considering that big daddy just got a case of Hitching Post delivered this week.
Something must be wrong if I couldn't even have a sip of my all time favourite red wine.
ah can only get better from here.
until then I am thoroughly enjoying my warm pot of Yogi lemon ginger tea.
I guess you could call it a bit of a imposed detox.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

layer by layer

"Onion soup sustains.
The process of making it is somewhat like the process of life. It requires commitment, extraordinary effort, time, and sometimes will make you cry.”
Ain't that the truth.
Nothing like curling up with a warm bowl of home-made slow roasted French onion soup & blue cheese panini with the fire burning and a pile of newspapers everywhere.

oh and a BIG thank-you to big daddy for his six a.m. wake-up (and 4 a.m.) and unending patience and stellar parenting today.
you really are the best.
hopefully I'll be back to my normal bionic self soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008


True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.
Erich Segal

which I still have to do. ears are still plugged, but I feel a million times better.
I just don't want to go near my doctor's office because of all these nasty flu bugs going around.
One advantage of having limited hearing...I can't really hear big daddy snoring, or Lulu calling me at six a.m....

hope everyone had a love-ly valentines day.

Friday, February 08, 2008


So today is the first day in over three weeks that I feel somewhat human.
I still can bearly hear though.
what a strange feeling to hear everything in a muffled, underwaterish-kind of way.
So in the end I had a very severe sinus and ear infection.
Hopefully my hearing will return soon...otherwise I have to go and see an ear nose and throat specialist next week.
I'm hoping this will not be the case, and my ears will eventually go...pop! and I will be free of this most annoying buzzing in my ears.
But at least now I can breathe and I could actually taste today and even smell my shampoo for the first time in close to a month.
Yay! who knew smelling and tasting could be so so missed.
I seriously can't wait to eat something with flavour and texture.
So as a result of the "bacterial infection" sounds gross huh? I had a LOT of time to think.
Perhaps too much.
But I did realize how fragile the human body is and how really, there is nothing more important than your health.
I was on the right track eating really well, regular exercise-running, yoga & spin classes, positive mental attitude- over-all, constant hand washing to the point where my hands look as though I'm about 80 not 37 and a respectable amount of rest.
But still...sometimes there's no evading getting sick.
Enjoy each and every healthy day that's for sure.
I also realized who some of my true friends are.
I had calls from concerned friends and neighbours offering to help out.
Just knowing that there were people to help look after lulu when I wasn't physically able, meant so much.
One friend dropped off a jar of home-made turkey soup which was so appreciated.
It takes a village...that's for sure.
I also realized how much I have come to appreciate the thoughful comments and get well soon wishes from my fellow bloggers. was nice to hear from all six of you ;) and it did in fact make me feel better.
I also realized how incredibly sweet and nurturing my daughter is.
She was so good and quiet and I could tell she was so concerned for her mommy, softly stroking my cheek and passing me Kleenex. just wanting to help.
It's amazing how children know when they need to be quiet and low maintenance when they need to be.
Poor child needs to go into t.v. detox though...she has never watched so much television.
Nor have I.
I can now say that without a doubt that I really can't stand day time t.v.
Does Rachel Ray have the most annoying voice ever? could only stand to watch it for a few minutes.
I did watch a shit load of the biography channel which is at least tolerable.
what's more fun that learning all about Aaron Spelling, Sean Connery, Lisa Marie Presley, Perry Como, Al Capone, Patrick Swayze and Dana Plato.
Poor Dana Plato. who knew?
I also was glued to The health network...what's not to love about a show called "Life's most embarrassing Illnesses"?
And no day was complete with watching a bit of big daddy's favourite..The history Channel.
Cities of the underworld- beneath Vesuvius and Skeletons on the Sahara for a little "light entertainment".
I also managed to watch a bunch of free movies on the movie network.
do we have a kick ass cable package or what?
Thank- gd.
The Pursuit of Happiness was on yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.
Love Will Smith and his son was terrific for a first time little actor.
A really nice movie with a really nice message.
Which for me being sick and feeling pretty dismal for several weeks in a row was a welcome message indeed.
Life really is a pursuit of happiness.
It just sucks when while in hot pursuit of it you can suffer some unfortunate little setbacks.
But ultimately you have to just get up, dust yourself off and realize that happiness is right there in front of you.

Monday, February 04, 2008

my weekend in a nut shell

cough cough sniff sniff ear hurts...

cough cough sniff sniff my ears reallllllly hurt.
holy crap I can't hear anything!
it's as though I am underwater everything is all muffled
why is my right ear drum bleeding?
prompt visit to icky walk in clinic
prescribed antibiotics and pain killers by very unattentive doctor
in bed all day

not sure where Sunday went

Monday still in bed
still in pain
still can't really hear
still can't breathe
my head is killing me
oh my gawd....where is my daughter?
right...big daddy made arrangements with some friends who are looking after her all day.
okay enough already.
I so don't want to be sick anymore.
oh I hope these drugs kick in soon.