Sunday, November 17, 2013

workin it

Regardless of how dismal things can sometimes feel, (and yes, unfortunately there are days when I just feel blah)  the perfect antidote for me is a good workout.
I love to exercise.
It's my life saver and totally keeps me feeling not only fit and healthy but so much more balanced as a wife & mother.
It's such a huge stress reliever and I need my kick boxing class fixes, the way Rob Ford needs carbs & crack.

But seriously, I never thought ten years ago when I joined an all women's neighbourhood gym that not only would it become such a part of my weekly routine, but that I would also make so many genuine friendships with so many incredible women.
I've been going to different fitness clubs since I was in my early twenties, along with yoga studios, but there has never been a place I enjoy as much as my current gym.
I walk in the door and instantly feel happier.

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