Friday, September 18, 2009

apple of my eye

Being 5'1 never in my wildest dreams did I ever remotely imagine myself to be a "model"- little lone a "cover model"
Not to mention my severe aversion to being in front of a camera instead of behind one, where I'm most comfortable.
There are so few images of me that I wonder if Lulu will one day wonder if I was ever present for any of the many many family photos we have.
Funny that Big daddy's really the main lensman in the house-at least by profession- yet when it comes to taking candid shots I'm always the one with my camera in hand.
But somehow I was convinced that some "quasi-talented photographer" ; that I know could maybe take a decent shot of Lulu & I and make me look half decent.
I had no doubt about Lulu's photogenic capabilities- me on the other hand.....
anyhow long story short...
I'm just glad that I finally have a nice photo of Lulu & I together.
But the best part of the shoot was what an amazing day we had on that farm.
It was one of the highlights of the year for us.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
Dorothea Lange

oh and speaking of apples....
Shana Tova..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

without a hitch

I'm happy to report that Lulu is absolutely loving Junior Kindergarten so far.
She loves her teacher (as do I) and is feeling right at home in her new class.
Which I might add is the nicest classroom in the school- with huge bay windows and lots of extra space it's the perfect kindergarten class.
It's all about the right ambiance right?
Lucky girl.
I thought I might be a little emotional on her first day- but surprisingly stayed pretty dry eyed.
She lined up, gave her teacher a daisy that she picked on her way to school, gave me a shy smile and a tiny wave and she was off on her new scholastic adventure.
Okay now that I think about it..I am getting a bit misty...
but I'm so happy that she likes going to school so much.
Let's just hope that enthusiasm continues for the next 13 + years.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The summer wouldn't have felt complete without at least one backyard campfire and BBQ.
So last weekend we had some good friends over for a little good-bye summer celebration.
Not that I want to say good-bye quite yet...
So we started with some Peach Juleps.
Yum- who knew peach, mint, fresh peaches and bourbon would be such a a great combo?
Even better served with 2 hour slow cooked ribs with hickory smoker wood chips, homemade coleslaw, fresh peaches & cream Ontario corn and fresh baked corn bread muffins.
Our back-yard smelled amazing with all that wood burning- and so did (does) our house as I forgot and left all the windows open.
Ah well, nothing like your pillow smelling like a campfire to remind you of summer.
And it wouldn't really be summer without S'mores or a version of....

S'mores oatmeal cookies.
Plus we had to roast a few on the fire to make things really feel official.
So fun and I'm sad it's come to an end.
Butternut squash soup anyone?

Monday, September 07, 2009

where's Madge when I need her most?

Dear Dishwasher,
I'm so sorry I took you for granted all these years.
I shouldn't complain about having to empty you all the time and just say thank-you for a job well done instead.
I'm also sorry for abusing you and forcing you to attempt macerating dozens of olive pits & tooth picks.
So unfair of me to have such unrealistic expectations of you.
I swear the guy at Sears said you were capable of that.

Blame it on five years worth of martinis I guess...or blame it on Big daddy- that's what I usually do.
Regardless, once you come back to us- I promise to treat you better.
I swear.
Because living without you these past three weeks is no fun.
I am counting the days, hours, minutes until you are restored to your brilliant splendor.
I miss you.
Please come back to us soon.
Love PG.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

full dance card

Hello September.
Can't believe you are here already.
So many things happening all within a 30 span.
Of course the biggie being Lulu starting kindergarten for the first time.
Very exciting- and okay I'll admit I'm a wee bit nervous for her.
My baby's going to big kid school!
I'm sure she'll be fine and I'm confident that she'll adjust to her new schedule quite well.
And quite frankly I'm looking forward to the "freedom".
In addition to school every afternoon I have her signed up for a few other programs- dance, swimming and possibly drama.
Like my drama queen needs any further instruction.....
Aside from chauffeuring Lulu around to her various social engagements, I possibly have a few freelance things lined up as well.
Looking forward to some creative projects that don't involve glitter glue or play dough for a change.
Between weddings, birthday parties, wedding showers, a going away party, relatives visiting, Rosh Hashannah, a few more get togethers with friends before summer is officially over-it's sure to fly by.
Squeeze in my favourite kick boxing classes, and the many many fun things going on around town and it makes for one busy time.
Oh and for some crazy reason I waited until now to start some projects around the house- like painting and reupholstering furniture.
it never rains- it pours.
and for a change it's not actually raining so I'm trying so soak up as much outdoor time as possible while it lasts.
Speaking of which...
time to hang with all the wasps- and no I'm not talking about my neighbours- holy bee infestation this year!
Anyone else experiencing the wrath of the little predatory, stinging, annoying critters?
Is it my imagination or is it worse this year than last?