Wednesday, September 02, 2009

full dance card

Hello September.
Can't believe you are here already.
So many things happening all within a 30 span.
Of course the biggie being Lulu starting kindergarten for the first time.
Very exciting- and okay I'll admit I'm a wee bit nervous for her.
My baby's going to big kid school!
I'm sure she'll be fine and I'm confident that she'll adjust to her new schedule quite well.
And quite frankly I'm looking forward to the "freedom".
In addition to school every afternoon I have her signed up for a few other programs- dance, swimming and possibly drama.
Like my drama queen needs any further instruction.....
Aside from chauffeuring Lulu around to her various social engagements, I possibly have a few freelance things lined up as well.
Looking forward to some creative projects that don't involve glitter glue or play dough for a change.
Between weddings, birthday parties, wedding showers, a going away party, relatives visiting, Rosh Hashannah, a few more get togethers with friends before summer is officially over-it's sure to fly by.
Squeeze in my favourite kick boxing classes, and the many many fun things going on around town and it makes for one busy time.
Oh and for some crazy reason I waited until now to start some projects around the house- like painting and reupholstering furniture.
it never rains- it pours.
and for a change it's not actually raining so I'm trying so soak up as much outdoor time as possible while it lasts.
Speaking of which...
time to hang with all the wasps- and no I'm not talking about my neighbours- holy bee infestation this year!
Anyone else experiencing the wrath of the little predatory, stinging, annoying critters?
Is it my imagination or is it worse this year than last?


Ms. Porter said...

i can't believe it's sept already either...sad. i do love fall though so once school does start and i get past the fact that mouse will be in grade one (and gone from me all day-sob) and bug will be starting jk (my baby is in school-sob) i think i will get into the spirit of the season.

yes! the bees are bad this year. they are annoying, i'm not afraid of them but they are so aggressive and everywhere.

good luck sending lulu to school...didn't it go by so quickly? how is it possible they are in school???

kgirl said...

The wasps this year have been ridiculous - we have all been stung, poor little Bee twice (should have seen that coming).

I'm also excited/nervous for kindie. A whole new world for us parents!

Lynn said...

Our local park was shut down for a week due to wasps. It's crazy! I don't get it.

myredwagon said...

hello's been awhile. Your blog is as good as ever. I hope to frequent it regularly again. Sounds like you are in for an exciting September. have fun!

b*babbler said...

But most importantly - what is the cool photo from? I do so love a good bagpipe band!