Wednesday, April 02, 2014

spring cleaning

It's that time of year when I get kind of crazy and feel the need to completely disinfect my entire house from top to bottom.
And after spending far too much time cooped up at home over the winter, it really could use an overhaul.
I try to stay on top of things on a fairly regular basis throughout the year, but truth be told, the winter always tends to bring out my lazy side.

So I'm on a mission.
Trying to do a few tasks each week before the weather gets nice and I don't want to be spending any more unnecessary time inside.

We finally got rid of the dead evergreen Christmas planters the other day and I feel much better already.
They were frozen in place so I had no choice but to wait until the big thaw.
But lucky me gets to still stare at my neighbours plastic snowman, tacky reindeer and Christmas lights (probably until June) grrr...
But that's another post.

First on the list is the windows & screens.
Between the crazy storms, tree debris and construction across the street from us, we can barely see out of the windows.
I use all natural household cleaners. My favourite being Mrs. Meyers.
I love all the scents, package design and the fact that it's earth friendly makes it that much better.
However, after several attempts at getting a streak free shine on the windows I finally caved and went and got a bottle of the blue stuff.
As much as I hate to admit it, it worked SO much better.
I know I could have used good ol' vinegar & water, but I hate the smell.
I really try to refrain from using any toxic house hold cleaners, but sometimes I can't see any other option.
I know bleach is the worst.
But I have a small bottle of it that I use occasionally only when I need to get the stains out of my white kitchen cloths.
I've tried the "natural" alternatives and they just don't seem to work as well.
Anyhow exciting post I life is so glamorous that I feel the need to write about cleaning products....sigh....

But I do try to use natural products the majority of the time, but sometimes they just don't cut it.
How about you? (all three of you) what do you use to clean you house?