Wednesday, August 29, 2012

long time no see

It seems as though the friends we have the most fun with are the friends that we see the least.
A year or more will go by and there will be people we haven't been able to get together with because life just gets in the way.
Well that, and for some reason all of our favourite friends live on the other end of the city.
I know..Toronto isn't that big, but still, proximity often becomes one more obstacle to overcome.

Then again, we have friends two streets away and we still haven't seen them in ages. (yes you henny ;)
But the nice thing is that when we finally do see one another, it's as though it was yesterday and we all just ease into fun conversation and plenty of laughs.
It's always so easy and effortless.

There are a few different couples (now families) that big daddy & I have been friends with for years and this always seems to be the case.
It's so hard to get everyone together, but when we finally do, I always say- we really have to hang out with you guys more often. It's been far too long!

Then another year or more will fly by...

It's difficult to find families where everyone gets along and that you feel a genuine kinship with.
So when you do, you appreciate it all the more.
Speaking of which, we had dinner at some friends last weekend and had such a lovely time.
The kids had a blast, the food was so delicious and the company was mentioned above...easy and effortless.
My kind of night.
Life does get busy but it should never be too busy to get together with the ones who make you feel the most like yourself.

Thanks again for a great night Leila. so much fun..xo

Lisa & Janet hope to see you lovely ladies soon too.
we miss you guys!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

current events

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I feel like I'm completely out of touch with the latest news and current events.
I have no idea what's happening in the world and to be completely honest, lately, I'm not even sure I want to know.
I stopped watching the news on a regular basis when Lulu was a baby and I still try to avoid it whenever possible- save for the weather or entertainment stories.

The top headliners are always so depressing.
With the exception of Prince Harry naked in Vegas- giddy-up...
But in all seriousness, I know it's important to stay informed, but things like scattered body parts found across the city, movie theatre massacres, busy shopping mall shootings, world financial crisis and horrific car crashes just scare the crap out of me.
I really don't want to know about that stuff.
It's all so alarming.
Being a mom is scary enough at the best of times.
Things like West Nile, H1N1, creepy child predators...there's just too many things to worry about already.
Not to mention all the regular day to day things to fret over, like is she getting enough fruits and veg in a day, is she reading and writing at the appropriate level, making friends and navigating social situations properly.
Is she happy and content?
Hell, am I happy and content?

Anyhow what I'm trying to say, is that I do enjoy reading the paper and catching up on things, but in small doses.
And to be completely honest I usually go straight for the Arts & Life section if I actually have the luxury to sit down to read the weekend paper.
So many things to read so little time..damn blogosphere...

That's not to say that I am completely living in a bubble, I do try to check in on line in the morning for a few minutes just so that I can be somewhat in the loop, but I confess to skimming over anything too political or controversial.
I just can't be bothered.
Sometimes no news is good news.
And sometimes ignorance is bliss.

How about you, do you read the paper cover to cover or better yet what's your favourite section?

Friday, August 17, 2012

thinking inside of the box

One of the best things about summer is all of the fresh local fruit available.
I just love all the fuzzy Niagara peaches, juicy nectarines and sweet cherries.
But there's just something about fresh, crisp, cold watermelon.
I just can't get enough of it.
I know, you can pretty much get it all year long, but there's just something about eating it during the summer months.
The other day I came across this though and it really got me thinking.

When you really put your mind to something anything is possible...
Sometimes a watermelon isn't just a watermelon.
Or maybe it is?
Anyhow it is quite interesting what can happen when you get a bit creative and think a little outside of the box.
Or in this case, inside the box.

I Wonder if I have to go all the way to Japan to get some of those square watermelons though?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello..I said cheese already

I read this and had a really good chuckle because I can certainly relate.
The main difference being that big daddy doesn't fish or hang with the By's- said with my really lame Newfoundland accent.
Though I really wouldn't have a problem if he did.
In fact I would LOve it if he went out with the guys and did "guy stuff".
But that's not really his thing.
And in all fairness he's always so busy working that he rarely gets the chance.
So no photos of cans of beer or his daily catch on his iphone. (only super models, killer location shoots and fabulous catered meals.)
Oh the poor guy..
But what I could relate to, was the lack of images of me kicking around.
He never thinks to grab a shot when the light is right, or when I might look half decent.
Unless I tell ask him to.
Not that I'm an easy person to shoot, always wanting to delete 95% of the photos of myself.
I'm pretty sure I was an editor in a former life.
That, and I'm super self critical and am not the easiest person to photograph.
But heck, I'm not getting any younger and it really is pretty much downhill from here in the bags-under- the-eyes department so I really think he should step it up a bit.
When I'm eighty I would like to look back at my forty year old self and say- "damn I looked pretty good for a middle aged mom."
So it's now or never.
The worst thing is that he is a super talented professional photographer and we have zero portraits of our whole family. Nada.
Nothing of just Lulu & I or maybe even the three of us. Zero.
And no, as cool as they are, magazine spreads don't really count.
I'm this close to heading over to Sears for a family portrait session.

If I wasn't always so snap happy, we would probably have next to no personal pictures.
I hope some day Lulu doesn't think she was only raised by her dad, as I am almost always the one behind the lens.
But I get it, he is shooting 8+ hours a day 5 days a week (at least lately- halleluja)
so maybe by the time he gets home the last thing he wants to do is pick up a camera.
I will definitely cut him some slack here.
But the clock is ticking and eye cream can only do so much.
Then again, I suppose it's a bit of a bonus that he hires some of the best photo retouchers in the city,
so maybe there's still some hope.

But in all seriousness I would love to get more images of Lulu & I together before she gets older.
I still can't get over how much bigger she looks these days.
It is going by far too quickly.

How about you, who takes the pictures in your house?

oh  and for the record big daddy's brother took the above image.
Clearly we need to hang out with him a little more often.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

zombie mama

I'm not sure if I need to up my caffeine intake or it's the hot weather catching up with me, but I have been so groggy lately.
It seems to take me forever to wake up and I have been having the deepest sleeps ever.
I manage to get eight hours + of sleep each night, yet I don't really wake up feeling refreshed.
I feel as though I'm in a perpetual haze all day long.
I've actually started drinking espresso in the afternoon just so I am able to function.

But if memory serves me correct, I get this way at this time every year.

I like summer and all, but with it comes feeling a bit lazy, which in turn makes me feel antsy.
I'm not great when I'm not kicking it into high gear.
I like to be on the go and when things chill out, I have a really hard time embracing it.
It's not like I haven't had to do anything though.
I'm still taking Lulu to camp each day and doing all the regular "fun" domestic stuff.
I guess I'm just caught up in that same old "I should be doing this" or "I could be doing that" state of mind. When all I really want to do is well...nothing.
Oh the guilt.

But it's mid summer and I know I should just take full advantage and try to relax while I can and stop "shoulding" on myself.
It's O-kay to feel lethargic from time to time.
That's what summer is all about.

Anyhow not I'm complaining, because I know just around the corner things won't feel so carefree.