Thursday, August 07, 2014

summer To Do list

Well hello there....
It's been a while.
I've not blogged in ages (nor read any) though it's not for lack of stories, or things swirling around in my head. I guess I've just been busy with other forms of social media.
Facebook & Instagram for the most part. Feel free to check me out on IG @ cherryparsnips.
Also as Lulu gets older, I need to respect her privacy and not go too far when it comes to spilling the beans about her day to day life.
Which essentially is my day to day life.
Especially now that summer is here.
She has been my constant companion 24/7 since school got out.
And is very reluctant to partake in over night camp.
No matter how pretty I paint that picture, she is just not interested. sigh...
And seeing as things have been "strained" (to say the least) with my parents this summer, (long story) there have been no offers for camp Grandma & Grandpa this year either.
But that is a whole other post...
So I guess I have a perma miniature shadow all summer.
But I'm making the most of it, and trying to embrace having the opportunity to hang out with my little buddy everyday while she actually wants to hang out with me.
I know these years are fleeting.

So speaking of summer I usually make a "To Do List"
And seeing as we are already at halfway mark, I figured I should get on it.
So without further delay....

Summer of 2014 wish-to do list

Spend most of it at our new place out of the city (check)
order blinds & curtains, rugs, some art, new doors and start to tackle the garden. (working on it)
have some friends down to visit (check)
theatre (check)
mini road trip to upstate NY.
cycle. a lot.
run & work out. (check)
fly a kite (check)
have a picnic
watch some fireworks (check)
go to a few concerts (check)
vineyards & wine tasting (check, check and more check) (in fact a few too many checks...)
paint a picture
do some baking
pickle something
have a campfire (check)
watch the fireflies (check)
take a few days to go off computers or iphone.
crafts with Lulu
go to the beach (check)
do some yoga
get a massage
read (check) the town library is fantastic
buy fruit from local farmer stand (check) love Quiet Acres...
make Popsicles
speaking of food....
want to eat these things this summer...

potato salad
pasta salad
cold cucumber soup
fish tacos
cedar plank salmon with salsa verde
homemade pie- still warm if possible
peaches, plums & apricots
lots of salads
cold soba noodle salad
smoker chip ribs
grilled tuna niciose
lobster roll
my jerk chicken
watermelon & cuke salad
Ice cream
homemade granola with fresh fruit
avocado & spinach banana smoothie
poached eggs
grandpa ham