Friday, September 05, 2014

good to be back in the hood

After spending the entire summer out of the city and surrounded by beautiful vineyards, sprawling perfectly manicured green lawns, huge old trees, the fresh smell of the lake, bountiful fruit orchards and long glorious trails and paths, I almost didn't want to come home.

What am I saying?

I totally didn't want to come home.

I so didn't miss the ridiculously frustrating traffic, the endless construction, the noise, the smelly Toronto sewers, the graffiti, the gum caked cracked uneven sidewalks, the laughable political situation, my small (in desperate need of an update) city house, my neighbours...grrr...
and did I already mention all the construction?? Gah...My street is in an endless cycle of renovations and mess.
Basically the general chaos of it all.

But crazy as it sounds, I guess I did kind of miss it.
I missed "the routine." G-d love the routine.
My girlfriends.
My amazing neighbourhood. (renovation construction be damned)
The proximity to everything.
The plethora of grocery stores. Oh how I missed you Rowe Farms, Cumbrae's & Cobb's Bread.
And clothing stores.
Shopping in general.
And as shallow as this may sound, my nail salon. Best mani pedi's in the city.
My gym. Yes I'm a gym rat and proud of it.
Being able to walk to everything.
The restaurants.
The endless options of fun things to do. Hello TIFF.
(not to say that NOTL wasn't super fun and didn't have a ton of options in the cultural stimulation department, but it's a far cry from the big city)
Our social life.
The diversity.
The excitement of it all.

So I guess you could say that I am blessed.
Blessed that I could take a break from it all so that I could appreciate it all the more when I got home.
Smelly sewers and all.
I do love Toronto.
But we are officially moving if Rob Ford gets re-elected.
Just putting that out there.