Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are back from California.
I'd have to say that all in all it was a fun trip.
We went to Palm Springs for Big daddy's brother's second wedding.

It was a bit of a long haul.
A 4-5 hour flight then 3 hour drive-but it was worth it in the end.
So glad they decided to have the wedding in Palm Springs.

Lulu was a champ and didn't fuss in the least.
We stayed here and were fairly impressed.
Very funky decor and lots of inspiring little details.

Very pretty grounds with nice views and 2 different outdoor swimming pools.

That being said- in my experience with Boutique hotels- it's often style over substance.
and for the prices we paid there were plenty of details that were over looked.
Mostly the fact that it was so child un-friendly.
I know I know, not every hotel wants kids- but business is business.
Anyhow we tried to make the most of it.
But after spending $18 on a hotdog by the pool for Lulu the first day we wised up and decided to leave the hotel for the rest of our meals.
Especially breakfast.
I mean $23 for oatmeal!! for a 4 year old!
and it wasn't even very good.
so needless to say Starbucks was our best friend all week.

does that look like it is worth $18. U.S.?
I think not. oh and the the fries were cold.
Shoulda gone to Jack in the Box.
But fortunately I found this place.

Aside from the crazy portion sizes it was the perfect breakfast and lunch spot.
I think I scored a few points with my inlaws since they had things like chopped liver, kishka and matzo ball soup on the menu.
Speaking of my in-laws..
One of the highlights of the trip was the fact that we got there a few days before the rest of the family and wedding party arrived so that we could spend some quality time with Big daddy's parents whom we don't see very often.
It was so nice to spend time alone with them.

It's taken me almost 13 years, but I must say that I really hit it off with my M.I.L.
I think sometimes certain relationships take a while, and now I can totally relate to the need to protect your "baby".
Big daddy being the youngest of 4 boys and her "baby".
So now I get it.
And funny enough I discovered that she & I are more similar that I had originally thought.
Who knew?
But most importantly, Lulu got a chance to really bond with them and that alone was worth the almost 12 hour journey.

The wedding itself....well what can I say?
Big daddy's brother "p-diddy" seems really happy, and that's what really matters.
we are really happy for him, and it's nice to finally have a sister-in-law that I have a few things in common with.

Lulu was absolutley adorable as a flower girl.
Such a shame that I have no photos of her in focus.

We managed to sneak away from all the wedding hoopla for a drive to Joshua Tree.
So glad that we did.
Very breathtaking.

Bonus that our rental car had satellite radio and we were chilling out to some sort of restorative yoga trance music.
Just what our souls needed.

Mind you we could have done without the constant chatter in the back seat wondering "how much fuuuuuurrrther????"
That was a tad annoying.
Okay very annoying.
But I have to cut the kid a bit of slack seeing as the week was so packed with stuff.
She was pretty great considering..
oh and the 4:30 a.m. wake-ups kind of sucked too- damn three hour time difference.
Just when we got used to it, it was time to come home.
Ah well it was all worth it.
One of the best parts of the trip for me was that for the first time ever-I really felt like a part of Big daddy's family.
Like I mentioned, sometimes relationships take time to develop.
I'm also very happy that Lulu has so many loving people in her life and family.
She's one lucky girl.
But most of all, lucky to be home.
Because as nice as it is to go away, it's always good to be back.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

california dreamin'

We've been in Palm Springs all week and having a great time.
Lots of family, sun & fun.
Oh and a few wedding vows as well.
Lulu was the flower girl and can I just say how absolutely adorable she was.
My heart melted hen she walked down the aisle last night.
There's plenty more to write about- but I have to shower and get the very thick coating of hairspray out of my hair before the good-bye brunch this morning.
I had my hair and make-up done by the fabulous Jose- it looked cute- but holy flammable.
I avoided all the candles for fear that my head might explode.
The morning after.....

Anyhow very to happy to report that we are really enjoying ourselves and have all managed to stay healthy and happy for an entire week. yay!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

germ killer

I wish I had invented hand sanitizer- the stuff is every where these days.
I used to joke that I needed a holster to carry my bottle around everywhere with me-and this was a few years ago, pre swine flu paranoia.
Now I'm sure they exist somewhere- or I'm sure someone somewhere is in full-on marketing mode coming up with one as I write this.
I can just picture it- designer hand sanitizer holders from Louis Vuitton.
Just today I noticed clip on personalized hand sanitizers for kid's backpacks the while at a toy store.
I bought ten.
And pretty much every grocery store in the city has large bins of the stuff at the end of each aisle and wipes for the grocery cart handles- not to mention one at every cash register in the city.
Our school now has them at all activity tables and in the washrooms.
The last few times we were at friend's houses there were bottles to use at the front door.
A little extreme yes- but I think a good idea considering that there were new born babies and pregnant women in these particular houses.
But what next, miniature Christmas ornaments filled with mini hand sanitizer?
hey not a bad idea......
remember folks you read it here first.
anyhow I'm glad that people are finally getting proactive about the spread of germs- it's about time really.
Me being the germ-a-phobe that I am and always have been, no longer feels like a freak of nature.
In fact I'm kind of feeling a little bit like one of the cool kids at the moment.
I'm actually trying my best not to stand in the middle of a crowded mall food court and yell "I Told You So People!!"
Only I have been completely avoiding crowed places - a la Howie Mandel.
What can I say? the guy is a pioneer.
My mom takes things one step further and almost never leaves the house without gloves- even on mild days.
the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree in this constant quest for cleanliness department.
Not a bad idea really- I wonder if in the 50ies people got sick less whilst wearing all those cute white gloves and pill box hats?
And would I look ridiculous in a pill box hat?
definitely- but a fun thought.
I say bring back the cocktail glove- even at the park- no make that ESPECIALLY at the park.

In addition to the mass use of hand sanitizer and improved hygiene habits, I'm also feeling a bit more relieved now that Lulu got her H1N1 shot a couple of days ago.
No line ups- super easy, super fast and no tears at her doctor's office.
AND she got her usual lollipop and sticker before leaving.
Doubt they had that at all the flu shot clinics around the city...
I'm so glad we didn't wait in a line for eight hours like some people we know.
Poor things.
Still waiting for ours though- and not sure when that will be.
But I'm so relieved that the most important little person in our lives is protected at the moment.
Though having said that-I have to share a mini horror story from this morning.

Upon returning from piano lessons this morning- the phone rang- so I didn't get a chance to immediately escort Lulu to the kitchen sick to wash her hands- like I ALWAYS do- the SECOND we get in the door- usually with coat still on.
So I'm chatting on the phone and Lulu sits across from me and starts licking every single finger.
Oh.My. Gawd.
How many kids does her piano teacher teach and how many tiny germy fingers have touched that particular piano?
and has he EVER cleaned his piano keys.
Not bloody likely.
I have no idea why Lulu decided to do this-aside from maybe trying to give me a stroke.
The kid knows which buttons to push with me I tell you.
Oh and the other day while cleaning the bathroom- my favourite thing in the world to do btw- she lifts up the lid of the toilet and wipes the porcelain with her finger and says "mommy looks like daddy got pee on the potty again"
no make that double AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
never mind hand sanitizer- maybe I should keep a bottle of bleach next to the sink.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

teaching the teacher

There are days when I need to remind myself just how lucky I am.
I need to stop feeling so blah and look at the positive things in my life- and there are plenty.
I just got back from my first parent- teacher meeting and can I just say how lucky Lulu is to have such a great teacher and to go to such a fantastic school?
I feel like we won the teacher lottery.
She gave Lulu glowing reviews and I felt so proud...and quite relieved.
Who really knows how your kid acts when they are at school vs. under your watchful eye?
I'm so glad she is thriving and enjoying all the challenges that school has to offer.

I am also feeling pretty grateful about her very entertaining piano teacher.
She had such a fun lesson this morning that it had me wishing I was four again and taking music lessons.
I was so proud watching her play her first full song today on the piano.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- no less.
Okay sure it was twinkle twinkle little star but still.
and who knew that Mozart wrote that when he was 4 years old? learn something new every day.

So all this worrying about Lulu and her happiness is something I can put on the back burner for today- because she (&I) are so fortunate to have some really amazing people in her life.

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. ~Eric Hoffer

Sunday, November 01, 2009

bat mobile lost it's wheel

seriously do I really need another mini Kit-Kat bar?
yes...yes I do...

Well another Halloween has come & gone.
Fun was had by all- but for some reason I have been feeling a little out of sorts these past few weeks.
I suppose being sick with the flu/strep throat for almost 4 weeks made me feel a bit off.
Lately things that don't normally bother me-have been.
I've been feeling extra vulnerable and very protective of Lulu these past few weeks-then again, who isn't these days re:H1N1?
Very freaky stuff- but that's another post.

But back to Halloween.
I was the class volunteer at Lulu's school for her Halloween parade-party on Friday.
And we were late. (I'm almost never late for anything)
Only by 5 minutes- but still-we ended up having a hard time finding her class amidst the crowded hallways filled with parents and flashes of cameras.
Damn rain.
Anyhow by the time we found her class (in the gym- which I had no idea where it was) she was more than a little terrified.
Poor thing.
I felt awful.
The party/craft experience was marginally better for her- but again- I think the whole day just started out on the wrong foot.
Like I said- I've been a bit off my game.
Me being me- has being feeling guilty ever since.
So I wanted to make it up to her on Halloween night.
We decorated the house, baked cookies (see above) and invited some friends over for the night for some trick or treating fun.

Blah blah blah...edited after a week of thinking about things.
decided not to post some negative thoughts and delete.
posting and P.M.S. is never a good idea.

Or maybe I'm just ultra sensitive and feeling extra protective of my girl.
Either way I just feel bad about the whole thing.

Blah Blah Blah

Anyhow all was not lost this weekend as we had a really fun time at a 4oth birthday party today (happy birthday dan) and Lulu had a blast with all the kids at the party.
No drama- no tears.
And that's just me I'm talking about ;