Wednesday, November 11, 2009

germ killer

I wish I had invented hand sanitizer- the stuff is every where these days.
I used to joke that I needed a holster to carry my bottle around everywhere with me-and this was a few years ago, pre swine flu paranoia.
Now I'm sure they exist somewhere- or I'm sure someone somewhere is in full-on marketing mode coming up with one as I write this.
I can just picture it- designer hand sanitizer holders from Louis Vuitton.
Just today I noticed clip on personalized hand sanitizers for kid's backpacks the while at a toy store.
I bought ten.
And pretty much every grocery store in the city has large bins of the stuff at the end of each aisle and wipes for the grocery cart handles- not to mention one at every cash register in the city.
Our school now has them at all activity tables and in the washrooms.
The last few times we were at friend's houses there were bottles to use at the front door.
A little extreme yes- but I think a good idea considering that there were new born babies and pregnant women in these particular houses.
But what next, miniature Christmas ornaments filled with mini hand sanitizer?
hey not a bad idea......
remember folks you read it here first.
anyhow I'm glad that people are finally getting proactive about the spread of germs- it's about time really.
Me being the germ-a-phobe that I am and always have been, no longer feels like a freak of nature.
In fact I'm kind of feeling a little bit like one of the cool kids at the moment.
I'm actually trying my best not to stand in the middle of a crowded mall food court and yell "I Told You So People!!"
Only I have been completely avoiding crowed places - a la Howie Mandel.
What can I say? the guy is a pioneer.
My mom takes things one step further and almost never leaves the house without gloves- even on mild days.
the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree in this constant quest for cleanliness department.
Not a bad idea really- I wonder if in the 50ies people got sick less whilst wearing all those cute white gloves and pill box hats?
And would I look ridiculous in a pill box hat?
definitely- but a fun thought.
I say bring back the cocktail glove- even at the park- no make that ESPECIALLY at the park.

In addition to the mass use of hand sanitizer and improved hygiene habits, I'm also feeling a bit more relieved now that Lulu got her H1N1 shot a couple of days ago.
No line ups- super easy, super fast and no tears at her doctor's office.
AND she got her usual lollipop and sticker before leaving.
Doubt they had that at all the flu shot clinics around the city...
I'm so glad we didn't wait in a line for eight hours like some people we know.
Poor things.
Still waiting for ours though- and not sure when that will be.
But I'm so relieved that the most important little person in our lives is protected at the moment.
Though having said that-I have to share a mini horror story from this morning.

Upon returning from piano lessons this morning- the phone rang- so I didn't get a chance to immediately escort Lulu to the kitchen sick to wash her hands- like I ALWAYS do- the SECOND we get in the door- usually with coat still on.
So I'm chatting on the phone and Lulu sits across from me and starts licking every single finger.
Oh.My. Gawd.
How many kids does her piano teacher teach and how many tiny germy fingers have touched that particular piano?
and has he EVER cleaned his piano keys.
Not bloody likely.
I have no idea why Lulu decided to do this-aside from maybe trying to give me a stroke.
The kid knows which buttons to push with me I tell you.
Oh and the other day while cleaning the bathroom- my favourite thing in the world to do btw- she lifts up the lid of the toilet and wipes the porcelain with her finger and says "mommy looks like daddy got pee on the potty again"
no make that double AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
never mind hand sanitizer- maybe I should keep a bottle of bleach next to the sink.


Anonymous said...

that wasn't my pee

kgirl said...

You're funny. I don't really like the stuff, but we are using it grudgingly right now. Of course, you know that H1N1 is an airborn virus, right?

petite gourmand said...

Hey K-girl-Oh I know about the airborn thing- that's why we have face masks in every color for each day of the week for the whole family ;

I'm noticing some more "natural" hand sanitizer at the health food stores these days.
But my first choice is a good old fashioned hand washing.

Mac and Cheese said...

I gave up on germ-a-phobia once I became a dog owner. I cringe often, but just can't keep up with the dirt.

kurrabikid said...

Boring, I know, but like all things in life it's probably just a matter of commonsense. Good hand washing is always a good idea ... but Lulu didn't get sick after she licked her post-piano fingers, did she?

petite gourmand said...

kurrabikid- only time will tell....fingers crossed that she doesn't.
or more accurately-make that "clean" fingers crossed.

Sarah said...

Love it pg...I do not feel alone in my "germaphobeness!" :)