Sunday, November 01, 2009

bat mobile lost it's wheel

seriously do I really need another mini Kit-Kat bar?
yes...yes I do...

Well another Halloween has come & gone.
Fun was had by all- but for some reason I have been feeling a little out of sorts these past few weeks.
I suppose being sick with the flu/strep throat for almost 4 weeks made me feel a bit off.
Lately things that don't normally bother me-have been.
I've been feeling extra vulnerable and very protective of Lulu these past few weeks-then again, who isn't these days re:H1N1?
Very freaky stuff- but that's another post.

But back to Halloween.
I was the class volunteer at Lulu's school for her Halloween parade-party on Friday.
And we were late. (I'm almost never late for anything)
Only by 5 minutes- but still-we ended up having a hard time finding her class amidst the crowded hallways filled with parents and flashes of cameras.
Damn rain.
Anyhow by the time we found her class (in the gym- which I had no idea where it was) she was more than a little terrified.
Poor thing.
I felt awful.
The party/craft experience was marginally better for her- but again- I think the whole day just started out on the wrong foot.
Like I said- I've been a bit off my game.
Me being me- has being feeling guilty ever since.
So I wanted to make it up to her on Halloween night.
We decorated the house, baked cookies (see above) and invited some friends over for the night for some trick or treating fun.

Blah blah blah...edited after a week of thinking about things.
decided not to post some negative thoughts and delete.
posting and P.M.S. is never a good idea.

Or maybe I'm just ultra sensitive and feeling extra protective of my girl.
Either way I just feel bad about the whole thing.

Blah Blah Blah

Anyhow all was not lost this weekend as we had a really fun time at a 4oth birthday party today (happy birthday dan) and Lulu had a blast with all the kids at the party.
No drama- no tears.
And that's just me I'm talking about ;


Sandra said...

Are those the Thomas Keller cookies? Without the ganache filling? Saw them on the net last week and thought of Lulu as a bat.

Doesn't your heart break when their feelings are hurt?

Check your email...

petite gourmand said...

actually they are Martha cookies- and super easy to make.
yes it was bat theme here in the bat cave on Saturday.
very cute.

Thanks for the email- as I mentioned we are really glad to have met you guys-especially R. she's so sweet and I'm so glad her & lulu get along so well.

will fill you in on more details when we next chat.

Betsy Mae said...

That does suck when that happens (btw it sucks even more so when it's your kid who is the problem). Our Halloween wasn't the greatest either, Mouse was told by a 'friend' that she had to pick a different costume or stay home.

kgirl said...

It's hard to regulate the moods of a 4-year old. I'm sure Lulu still had a great Halloween - it looks like you certainly did your best (and tastiest) to make it a special night.

metro mama said...

Doesn't that break your heart. Cakes' little pal was in a mood too (wouldn't hold her hand, pose for pics). Luckily I don't think she noticed much.

Sandra said...

Betsy Mae - I agree, it's even worse when it is YOUR child's turn to be the crankmeister!

Mommy Jo said...

Sometimes I think it's not bad that my kids get their emotions hurt by another little person. I make them ask themselves, "Is that how you want to be?" So far they are saying no.

O, and indeed sometimes it's my boys being the brat...again I ask them "Is that the person you want to be?"