Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my un-favourite things

raindrops on roses, (or more accurately giant piles of snow smothering and crushing my hydrangea)
whiskers on kittens (staring longingly from the window wishing for summer)
bright copper kettles (working over-time making heaps of warm tea and hot chocolate.)
warm woollen mittens (or more like soggy wet Joe Fresh polyester mittens)
brown paper packages (delivered by the UPS man because its too cold to go out to shop)
these aren't a few of my favourite things...

when the dogs quickly pee and run back inside because it's too cold out.
when there's no sign of the bees because it's the dead of winter...
when I'm feeling S.A.D.
I simply remember my favourite things (like palm trees and beaches)
and then I don't feel soooo bad.

Kids in white snowsuits with blue satin scarves (are they actually white or just covered in salt from brushing up against the car everyday?)
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes (and annoying people who don't bother to shovel their side walks)
silver white winters that melt into spring.....(Oh for the love of g-d how far away is spring exactly?)
these aren't a few of my favourite things....

laa laa la la....

as lovely as all this white stuff is,
I so have to get out of this winter wonderland.
oh and I am.
yay for me!!
next stop- Miami.

The Hills are alive......

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's a new day

edited to add

Lulu just asked me "Will Obama make the city a better place?"

me "well yes sweetie, in a way- but more like he will make the world a better place"

Lulu "wow the whole verld!!! pronounced like an old Ukrainian woman.
"That's amazing!!!"

me "he's the new president of the United States sweetie, we have a prime minister here in Canada."

Lulu "but why can't WE have a president Obama?"

Me " very good question...."

"Will President Obama make it summer?"

me "no sweetie, but wouldn't that be nice..."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

chitty chitty bang bang

what do you do when it's 30 below outside and in need of a little something interesting and fun to do?

You can check out the really fun exhibit at the Ontario Science Center.
Along with all the other great things to do there, Lulu just loved these "dream machines" created by Rowland Emett.
It runs until February 8th.

I loved all the natural sunlight streaming though the windows and high ceilings in the great hall and all the beautiful light bouncing around on all the reflective doohickeys hanging from the ceiling.
I also loved that we went after school and the place was not busy at all.
I'm so not into crowds.
Lulu and I had a blast- just us two girls.

Our membership expired this week so I wanted to squeeze one more visit in, mean while I think we only went twice all year.
In the end I still think it's worth it to get a family membership if you plan on going more than once a year.
There are so many great things there for three year olds, and all ages really.
They even have special baby and toddler areas- which according to Lulu were sooooo last year.....
The staff was super friendly and informative and because they weren't too busy, Lulu got her very own private tour of the bat cave...kewl.
I highly recommend the Science Center.
Especially when there is absolutely no chance in hell that we will be hanging outside anytime soon.
Did I mention that the inside of my windows had frost on them this morning!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

off to a good start

I find myself embracing my inner Cannuck these first cold days of 2009.
We've gone skating, hiking in the snow, tobogganing and trying to soak up the sunny skies and crisp (okay really freakin' crisp) air for the past few days.
If ya can't beat 'em...
It feels so good to spend time outside.
I love it regardless of how many layers I have to put on before leaving the house.
That's not to say that flip flops and a purse would be far preferable...but what are ya gonna do?
Lulu of course is in heaven.
She's a great little skater- much improvement since last year.
and well who doesn't love sliding down an icy hill on a shiny new sled?
But the real bonus about winter is the hot chocolate.
Only it's not exactly hot "chocolate" per say.
I found some Vitasoy peppermint chocolate the other day and it's de-licious.
It's organic, gluten, lactose and dairy free and a hit.
Though something tells me that the mini marshmallows (that didn't last long enough to make it into this shot) are not Organic.
Or really that good for you.
ah well, what's wrong with a little modified corn starch, sugar, dextrose and terrassodium phrophosphate from time to time?

Okay maybe I'm taking these new years resolutions a liitle too seriously.
I know I wanted to be more positive...but embracing the winter?? W.T.F.??

right...isn't the snow pretty?
and I love shovelling it's such good exercise and a great way to get to know your neighbours...
and it's an adventure driving while sliding all over the road...
and I really really enjoy putting lulu in a snow suit....really fun. honest.