Wednesday, January 14, 2009

chitty chitty bang bang

what do you do when it's 30 below outside and in need of a little something interesting and fun to do?

You can check out the really fun exhibit at the Ontario Science Center.
Along with all the other great things to do there, Lulu just loved these "dream machines" created by Rowland Emett.
It runs until February 8th.

I loved all the natural sunlight streaming though the windows and high ceilings in the great hall and all the beautiful light bouncing around on all the reflective doohickeys hanging from the ceiling.
I also loved that we went after school and the place was not busy at all.
I'm so not into crowds.
Lulu and I had a blast- just us two girls.

Our membership expired this week so I wanted to squeeze one more visit in, mean while I think we only went twice all year.
In the end I still think it's worth it to get a family membership if you plan on going more than once a year.
There are so many great things there for three year olds, and all ages really.
They even have special baby and toddler areas- which according to Lulu were sooooo last year.....
The staff was super friendly and informative and because they weren't too busy, Lulu got her very own private tour of the bat cave...kewl.
I highly recommend the Science Center.
Especially when there is absolutely no chance in hell that we will be hanging outside anytime soon.
Did I mention that the inside of my windows had frost on them this morning!!


kittenpie said...

Those machines are so fascinating! I saw them at least a year ago when they first arrived, and keep thinking we should go back with Pumpkinpie again - she loved the half of the kidspark area that we made it to that visit!

kgirl said...

Those sculptures are totally awesome - we definitely spent as much time looking at them as we did in kidspark on our visit a few weeks ago.

Mac and Cheese said...

I've always been anti-science centre just because of the crowds, but I guess it's time to start thinking like a three year old. We'll probably go some time soon.

amanda said...

Oh very cool... we so need to get out and do more things like that. It's not like I have the weather to blame here. Although it is pretty chilly for us this week.

Cheryl said...

Yup, we are also big fans of the Science Centre -- eventhough, it is a bit of a drive. My son loves pushing all of the buttons. When we went a few weeks back, he actually enjoyed the IMAX and he's only 3 1/2.

b*babbler said...

We were there last Sunday, and totally loved it!

We were worried that it might be too old for Peanut (at 2 years old) but were willing to risk it to avoid the stir-crazies, and were pleasantly surprised by how much they've added for the younger set. Definitely worth the cost of a family pass.

And she was completely fascinated by both the machines and the sun catchers (?) hanging in the atrium. What an awesome and magical place for a cold winter day!

Lisa b said...

what will we do when they are in school all day? I hate crowds too. We might have to skip school or my kids will never go anywhere.