Saturday, February 28, 2009

inspiring attitudes

A few months ago I received a special gift in the mail.
At first I wasn't sure who it was from nor exactly what it was.
Then I opened up this beautiful magazine and carefully savoured each and every page.
In fact, some pages actually reduced me to tears.
Such touching stories and such beautiful images.
I am so blown away that someone would do something so kind as to just spontaneously buy a subscription of this magazine out of the blue for us.
Just because.
I love random acts of kindness- but really, how often do they happen?
Not very.
So what a nice unexpected surprise.
These friends are some of the most positive and kind people we know.
Unfortunately, they have had a very very tough year.
Everything from job loss, a house fire, family health scares and sadly even more loss and personal challenges.
But I don't think I have ever heard them complain.
Not once.
On the contrary, they are always so positive and upbeat.
And dare I say- grateful.
For all that they do have.
I am inspired and yet also a little embarrassed, because unlike them I feel like I am the complete opposite.
I always feel like I'm bitching & complaining about something.
It's like the negative Nelly's around here these days.
I'm not sure who is worse big daddy or me.
(I'm thinking Big Daddy)
Why is that I wonder?
Because we have it really really good.
For some reason we are always venting about something or another.
So today I am giving thanks.
Thanks that I have such good & positive people in my life.
Though I don't see them as often as I would like, they inspire me.
You know who you are.
And thank-you for helping me see the everyday....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

absence makes the heart grow weaker

Last night Big daddy had tickets to the Hockey Game.
Not that either one of us is a big sports fan, but whatever, it was a night out with friends and the tickets were free and right behind the players bench.
Babysitter arrived, and we were all set to go when the power went out.
Lulu has been ultra sensitive and clingy since we got back from being away and I figured there might be a few tears when we left.
But last night she was inconsolable.
She was really really upset.
Sure the night before she woke up a bunch of times and was probably really overtired.
And she's probably still coming down from all the excitement of last week.
And she she's been pretty much congested or not feeling great for a few weeks now and I'm sure that added to the drama of it all.
But geez the poor little thing was breaking my heart.
She is usually fine when we go out- which admittedly has been pretty infrequent over the winter which I'm sure is a major contributor to the problem.
When we waved at her from the window I could hear the uncontrollable sobs from outside-plus she was holding her little flashlight because there were no lights.
That had to have been scary to a three year old.
I made big daddy pull over half way down the street, so I could phone the Nanny and she if she had stopped crying...sure enough she was still wailing in the background.
I could see if this was the first time we had left her, but it wasn't.
This woman babysits for us often, and lulu loves her. Or so I thought.
After some debate- I decided to go home, and big daddy frantically called up a friend to see if he wanted to go the the leafs game last minute.
I felt really terrible.
A. it would have been the first time alone together big daddy & I have had in ages.
well alone with the exception of a few thousand hockey fans- but still.
B. I had to drive the nanny home and felt so bad that I had to cancel the night on her.
C. that Lulu was so distraught in the first place
and finally I just felt like I caved too easily.
Am I coddling Lulu too much these days?
I'm I screwing her up by not letting her tough it out and becoming more independent?
but in defense of myself- the house was pitch black and I'm sure that must have been terrifying, I'm still getting over a nasty sinus infection, I really don't care for hockey, and okay...I really just wanted to stay home and watch American Idol in my pajamas.
I'm such a loser.
But seriously- when is it okay to just trust your instincts and give in to your child's pleas and when is it not?
I know so many parents that just leave their kids all the time with absolutely no issue whatsoever.
I wish I could be one of them.
Anyone else experience the whole separation anxiety issue?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

there's no place like home...

What is it about feeling like you need a holiday after your holiday when you have kids?
I love spending time together as a family- don't get me wrong...but 24/7 for an entire week is a LOT even for the closest of family units.
(especially when you are sharing one hotel room)
and in all fairness we were technically "working".
We had fun though, (despite the sick curse we seem to be never able to get away from) and we packed so much into one week.
I think it's an experience Lulu will remember for a long time, and if she forgets...that's okay because I think we have a few hundred photos we can share with her to jar her memory.
I won't get into too much detail- because well quite frankly I'm too tired to write it all down.
but these were a few of the highlights....

having dinner with Cinderella, prince charming, Griselda, grimelda AND who could forget the evil step mother?

a quick trip around the world at Epcot. My favourite was Morocco.

and lunch in "Japan" Lulu's favourite type of food.

Having lunch at Wilderness lodge, playing on the swings, relaxing under all the pine trees- relieved that the shoot went well, but the best was getting to have a pony ride.

is there anything more fun than a little hula hooping in the middle of Magic Kingdom with your 3 year old?

swimming, swimming and more swimming....

Roasting marshmallows on the beach with big daddy and Lulu's partner in crime- Jamie.
who she had such a blast with all week.

Making sandcastles on the softest, whitest most artifically pleasing beach ever...

they even have dogs at Disney!! Lulu was in heaven.

So all in all it was quite a week, but now it's back to reality- no more Disney magic, no fireworks every hour on the hour or grand parades with all of Disney's finest.
No Mickey & Mini Mouse (who Lulu also got to hang out with, lucky girl- stay tuned if you want to see more in the April Issue of Canadian Family Magazine.)
No more staying up until 11 p.m. (miss Lulu that is) or having a daily dose of sugar, sugar and more sugar.
No more eating out for a while-I must say I did miss my kitchen a little while we were gone.
That's not to say that we didn't have some excellent meals while we were there, it's just that after seven days you start jonesing for a piece of toast and a cup of tea and nothing else.
Just back to the "routine" which, when you get away from it once in a while makes you appreciate it all the more when you get back to it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

round two

I really didn't want to post about cold & flu season this year since last year I think that's all I ever seemed to go on about.
So I've been trying to not think about the fact that pretty much every other week this entire winter Lulu (or myself or big daddy) has had some sort of a cold or something un-fun and icky.
Last weekend in Miami was unfortunately no exception.
I didn't mention it because I was in denial and trying to focus on the positive aspects of the weekend instead.
But truth be told-Lulu pretty much got a high temp the first night and then the phlegm ensued.
Then it was my turn.
Good times.
So instead of sipping moitos by the pool I was nursing a grande ginger-mint tea from starbucks.
Total drag.
But at least I was under a palm tree- that did help- a bit.
By the time we got home from the weekend Lulu was back to normal.
Surprise surprise.
Timing's a bitch.
We still had a nice time though and I don't want to complain....But I am.
because....once again....
Tomorrow we are flying down south-this time for work/vacation and guess who was up all night burning up with a fever?
Are the sick gods mad at us or something?
Why is it every time we try to plan a get away this happens?
I'm slowly getting used to the fact that kids get bugs very quickly and hopefully pass just as fast, so fingers crossed that by tomorrow my little sick bug will be feeling back to her usual sweet self.
But for now she's curled in a ball on the sofa under 3 blankets and still "chilly" eyes all glassy, a few sneezes and coughs and won't let momma out of her sight.
I am usually anxious before travelling at the best of times, then when you add this situation into the mix I find myself desperately looking trough the medicine cabinet for some ativan.
damn...too bad I'm such a naturalist and only have stuff like Camoile, Arnica and St. John's Wart.
So wish me luck that this latest (and seemingly endless) round of whatever it is passes quickly.
deep breaths...ommm....

on a more positive note- I had a lovely time at the second blogger book club meeting at Kgirls' house last night.
so great to be able to chat face to face with all these interesting, smart and funny women and oh great books and be able to discuss them.
If you have yet to read The Potato Peel Society, I highly recommend it.
so all is not gloom & doom.
could be worse I could be living on a island occupied by Nazis and nothing to eat but potato peel pie...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miami nice

Hard to believe this is a mere two and a half hour flight away.

Who knew south beach was so family friendly?

So nice not to bundle up just to walk out the door. snow-boots required.

It was just nice to walk along the beach and play in the park.
Is there anything nicer than green grass, green trees and a whole lot of fresh air and sunshine?

But mostly a much needed change of scenery.

I think I could get used to running down to Miami for the weekend....