Thursday, February 12, 2009

round two

I really didn't want to post about cold & flu season this year since last year I think that's all I ever seemed to go on about.
So I've been trying to not think about the fact that pretty much every other week this entire winter Lulu (or myself or big daddy) has had some sort of a cold or something un-fun and icky.
Last weekend in Miami was unfortunately no exception.
I didn't mention it because I was in denial and trying to focus on the positive aspects of the weekend instead.
But truth be told-Lulu pretty much got a high temp the first night and then the phlegm ensued.
Then it was my turn.
Good times.
So instead of sipping moitos by the pool I was nursing a grande ginger-mint tea from starbucks.
Total drag.
But at least I was under a palm tree- that did help- a bit.
By the time we got home from the weekend Lulu was back to normal.
Surprise surprise.
Timing's a bitch.
We still had a nice time though and I don't want to complain....But I am.
because....once again....
Tomorrow we are flying down south-this time for work/vacation and guess who was up all night burning up with a fever?
Are the sick gods mad at us or something?
Why is it every time we try to plan a get away this happens?
I'm slowly getting used to the fact that kids get bugs very quickly and hopefully pass just as fast, so fingers crossed that by tomorrow my little sick bug will be feeling back to her usual sweet self.
But for now she's curled in a ball on the sofa under 3 blankets and still "chilly" eyes all glassy, a few sneezes and coughs and won't let momma out of her sight.
I am usually anxious before travelling at the best of times, then when you add this situation into the mix I find myself desperately looking trough the medicine cabinet for some ativan.
damn...too bad I'm such a naturalist and only have stuff like Camoile, Arnica and St. John's Wart.
So wish me luck that this latest (and seemingly endless) round of whatever it is passes quickly.
deep breaths...ommm....

on a more positive note- I had a lovely time at the second blogger book club meeting at Kgirls' house last night.
so great to be able to chat face to face with all these interesting, smart and funny women and oh great books and be able to discuss them.
If you have yet to read The Potato Peel Society, I highly recommend it.
so all is not gloom & doom.
could be worse I could be living on a island occupied by Nazis and nothing to eat but potato peel pie...


Karen MEG said...

Yes, kids get sick quickly but you're right, they seem to recover a lot more quickly than adults do. At least that's my experience. I hate colds, they stick with me like crazy glue... I'm in the middle of one now and ...well, just HATE!! I wish you luck with this.

And if it's any consolation, my husband gets sick EACH AND EVERY time we've been down south. Sometimes even once we board the plane, never fails.

I'm jealous of you going somewhere warm...

metro mama said...

Oh no! Hope she makes a fast recovery, and you have a wonderful trip.

amanda said...

Oh geez... I hope you don't get it too this time. Hang in there. And enjoy your time down south!

kittenpie said...

Oh no! Traveling is stressful enough without that worry. I hope she perks back up soon, since it would put a crimp in the shooting business, too. Poor little kiddo - and poor you. No one needs sick kids and worry.

Sonia said...

Aw, sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you're feeling better soon. It's not fun being sick and having to travel.

My daughter brings stuff home from school too and our household would take turns being sick on a regular basis. Out of desperation, I took a local aromatherapy class and ended up buying a Hubmar nebulizer (the 50-something instructor raved about it and claims she has only had 1 cold in her lifetime because she uses this device daily) and use an immune boosting essential oil blend and so far so good. We have occasionally felt like we were coming down with something, then I blast this thing and then nothing.

Maybe sheer coincidence? Dunno, but I'm sticking to it.