Saturday, February 28, 2009

inspiring attitudes

A few months ago I received a special gift in the mail.
At first I wasn't sure who it was from nor exactly what it was.
Then I opened up this beautiful magazine and carefully savoured each and every page.
In fact, some pages actually reduced me to tears.
Such touching stories and such beautiful images.
I am so blown away that someone would do something so kind as to just spontaneously buy a subscription of this magazine out of the blue for us.
Just because.
I love random acts of kindness- but really, how often do they happen?
Not very.
So what a nice unexpected surprise.
These friends are some of the most positive and kind people we know.
Unfortunately, they have had a very very tough year.
Everything from job loss, a house fire, family health scares and sadly even more loss and personal challenges.
But I don't think I have ever heard them complain.
Not once.
On the contrary, they are always so positive and upbeat.
And dare I say- grateful.
For all that they do have.
I am inspired and yet also a little embarrassed, because unlike them I feel like I am the complete opposite.
I always feel like I'm bitching & complaining about something.
It's like the negative Nelly's around here these days.
I'm not sure who is worse big daddy or me.
(I'm thinking Big Daddy)
Why is that I wonder?
Because we have it really really good.
For some reason we are always venting about something or another.
So today I am giving thanks.
Thanks that I have such good & positive people in my life.
Though I don't see them as often as I would like, they inspire me.
You know who you are.
And thank-you for helping me see the everyday....


Anonymous said...

Those are definetly good friends to have in life.

Ms. Porter said...

How lucky you are to have people who inspire you in your life. Even more lucky that you are able to recognize how special they are!

You are not a negative person (at least not on your blog). I feel like you not only try to remain upbeat here but you also share so many sweet little moments and do say that you are grateful often. That's part of the reason I always come by to check out what you have to share!!

indigo herself said...

hey need your advice. having ear issues, just one ear.what helped u?

amanda said...

I wish I could surround myself only with people like that. If only there were more people like that out there. I guess I should try myself to be a little more grateful... try to be one of them ;)

Sarah said...

Just catching up on your blog..and thank you for the referral re: this beautiful magazine! I just subscribed! :)