Thursday, October 25, 2007

little bug

Is there anything worse than a sick child?
poor Lulu had a doozy of a virus and ear infection all week.
She's on the mend..finally.
But what a hellish week it was.
I'm just so grateful that for the most part she is healthy and resilient.
My heart goes out to those parents that aren't so fortunate.
I really can't imagine.
It was a bit of a wake-up call and reminder of how precious she is to me.
just feeling her tiny body burning up with such a high fever and watching her moan in pain while her little eyes were glazed over, broke my heart.
Not to mention made my maternal instincts really kick into high gear.
I don't think I have slept more than 6 hours total since Saturday.
but thanks to our (flawed) but pretty amazing health care system, we got into see our pediatrician immediately and a dose or two or amoxycilin she is almost back to her usual sweet and tenacious self.
Now if only I could just get over this damn cold....

Saturday, October 20, 2007


well long time no blog.
things have been fairly busy around here at casa-petitegourmand.
but big daddy & I have a weekend to ourselves and are enjoying every minute of it, so I don't want to waste too much time in front of the computer, when we can be out and about doing things that are so much easier when you don't have a two and a half year old to chase after.
I booked big daddy a massage first thing yesterday and then we decided he needed a little bit of retail therapy.
so we loaded up on some new fall threads (if the weather ever cools down enough to wear them) I must say I love dressing up big daddy.
he usually puts up a fuss when it comes to trying things on and gets frustrated easily with sizes, scratchy material blah blah blah...but yesterday we had some success and found him a bunch of things that he loved.
handsome devil that he is.
I was just happy getting a new lipstick and shimmer powder from Bobbi Brown (the make-up artist not the cracked out singer dude)
we also managed a relaxing lunch here.
and sat and enjoyed a latte at a coffee shop afterwards.
and also grabbed some last minute tickets to see Cirque de Soleil.
It was as always, very entertaining.
It blows my mind what the human body can do.
not to mention all the great lighting and stage effects.
had two long deep sleeps in a row and honestly I feel like a different person.
that's not to say that the first thing I did when I woke this morning was to call my mom to see how my sweet lulu is doing.
poor thing has a really bad cold and was really sick the day before she went to my parents house.
but she seems to be doing fine, told me she loved me a dozen times and blew kisses into the phone.
sniff sniff..
maybe we should pick her up a day early?...
or not.
lots planned for today.
just big daddy & I.
we need this time alone together to re-connect.
it was so nice to walk hand in hand again and remember why we are together in the first place.
speaking of which...

is that guy picking his nose behind me??
nice one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


my new favourite song.
or if you prefer this version.
it's one of those songs that sounds great really loud and while driving.
preferably fast and along a winding, tree lined road~ie. rosedale valley.
my personal favourite driving route in the city.
what's your favourite song du jour?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

it's a new day

so all was not that bad last week during "the visit".
There were some highs and some lows, but I'll try to focus on the brighter moments rather than the darker ones.
Lulu was really amazing with her grandparents. very affectionate and loving.
I was really impressed since really, she has only met them a few times.
we managed to fit in a fair bit during the time they were in town.
we ate out a lot.
probably a bit too much, as Lulu was in desperate need of a normal dinner at home by the end of the week.
as was I.
On Saturday we took the in-laws to Dim-Sum at the Pink Pearl down at the Harbourfront.
Originally we were going to bring them to China Town, but we figured they might enjoy a view of the lake instead.
The food was good and the view was lovely.
Lulu was so so well behaved. I was so proud.
I think this was her sixth time eating out in a row and she sat so quietly.
45 minutes without a peep.
what a girl.
so after we ate we took a walk along the water and heard some drumming coming from the outdoor stage.
just our luck a free performance by some Japanese drummers.
It was such a great distraction.
Lulu loved it.
Then on our way out we noticed that it was a special day for kids.
With crafts and all kinds of interesting things for her to do.

Lulu was in heaven.
pipe cleaners, markers, clay and Lego!!! whoopee!
If you missed it there is another one on December 15-16.
Lots of fun for the whole family.
well except maybe picky and tired grandmothers...
I'll spare you all the negative details.
Like I said I'm trying to focus on the positive.
but all in all what a great day.
we even manged a swim at the in-law's hotel which was nice.
Lulu is a little fish and has absolutely no fear of the water.
must sign her up for swimming lessons soon.
must find more flattering bathing suit for me.
we actually spent thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents.
It was interesting to say the least.
they had only met once before, ten years ago when big daddy and I first started dating.
It was about a 30 minute meeting and was fairly uncomfortable for both big daddy & I.
you can't get more opposite than our parents.
anyhow, dinner was decent and nothing several glasses of wine couldn't help smooth over.
So I'm glad it's all over with and we can move forward from here.
No more family visiting for a while. whew.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I always choose a photo that I think would best describe how I'm feeling or what pertains to my post.
Today I'm at a loss.
Can't find one that would even begin to illustrate what the past week has been like.
I will say, that I'm sure most people experience that point of no return from time to time.
That point where everything is magnified and feels even worse than it probably is.
That point where you feel like bursting into tears on the drop of a dime...and you do.
That point where nothing seems to go according to plan.
That point where it feels like everything is spinning out of control.
That point where you feel so completely frustrated by your child, then only to feel completely guilty for feeling that way in the first place and not being there for them in body & soul 100%.
That point where you feel like getting in the car and just driving. and driving. and driving. and not letting anyone know where you are going. with no particular destination other than not. here.
That point where you know you have to pull it together. not just for you, and your family but because you just have to.
That point where you get caught in the middle a wild thunderstorm and see that flash of lightening and feel the crash of thunder and feel completely in tune with the universe.
That point where the sun comes back out and you feel like-'s going to be alright. It was just a bad storm and now it's over.
That point where you wake up and feel like everything is going to be okay.
That point where you realize how truly thankful you should be for the people who care most about you and who you hold closest to your heart.
That point where you look at the clock and realize that in 23.5 hours your mother-in-law will be back on a plane and headed home.

a little on the heavy side....but hey that's my week in a nutshell.
Very thankful it's over.
and very very thankful things don't feel this way very often.

happy thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

dancing tutu

Well the day has officially arrived.
the day my in-laws fly into town.
I'm hoping for a nice visit with them.
we get along really well and bonus- they are staying at a hotel!
(there are some definite advantages to living in a small city house.)
But really it's all about lulu hangin with her "other" grandparents for the week and having a good time and bonding with them.
and heck I might even see if they are up for a little baby-sitting while they are here.
they are here to see Lulu after-all, not me.

speaking of Lulu...
I signed her up for a ballet class.
what a joke.
not so much ballet-per say. more like chaos with a bunch of 2-3 year olds.
the first week the class was full (12 kids total) this week only half showed up.
and most were crying and refusing to participate.
can't really blame them as they crank up really bad "Barney music" and just ran around the room.
who wants to dance to that?
not my Lulu.
She flat out told me she doesn't like the music.
then proceeded to turn off the stereo. oops.
"it too loud mommy- I don't like it!"
She also hates the show and always asks me to "turn it off"!
A very proud moment as a parent.
when we dance around our house, I'm a bit pickier when it comes to what we listen too.
But ballet- in my humble opinion- would be better accompanied by some soft and soothing classical.
Like perhaps a little Tchaikovsky- Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty or The Nutcracker??
just a thought.
but I'm too chicken to say anything.
maybe I should.
besides, maybe there's some sane or rational reason for exposing kids to really really loud Barney music first thing on a Monday morning..
wonder what it could possibly be?
Maybe the kids are just too young for dance "lessons" and need to just have fun expressing themselves.
either way it is totally worth it being able to see her in that outfit.
too too cute.
The grandparents are going to melt.

oh and speaking of grandparents...
while at Nortown picking up some Matzo Ball soup and an assortment of other kosher goodies today
(okay so I'm totally kissing ass and sucking up to my in-laws)
this woman who works in the plaza asks me how old Lulu is on my way out.
harmless question.
um two and a half.
Oh I have a two year old too.
then she follows us to the car and gives lulu a plastic orange grocery bag for trick-or-treating.
I had my arms full with a big green bin for my groceries.
does it look like we want a plastic bag lady?
and besides- it's not really smart to give young children empty plastic bags...
but I politely said thank-you. great..uh huh. yup okay.
she kept following us asking me all kinds of questions.
why is the car seat in the middle and not on the side, what kind of car seat is it? does lulu go to day-care?
do I work? what do I do? what are my hours? do I live near by?
mean while, I was trying to make sure Lulu doesn't get hit by a car in this busy parking lot, and hurry the hell up so I could get home and feed her and make it home in time for her nap.
well that and I wanted to get the hell away from this lady.
At one point she was blocking my way and I couldn't get into the driver's seat.
I actually had to say okay- I have to go. can you move please?!
I think she was just "slow" and probably meant no harm. but then again, who knows?
I do know that it was super irritating.
Even lulu was suspicious.
"why that lady put her head in the car mommy?"
"who that lady?"
"drive fast!"
good idea Lulu.