Sunday, October 07, 2007


I always choose a photo that I think would best describe how I'm feeling or what pertains to my post.
Today I'm at a loss.
Can't find one that would even begin to illustrate what the past week has been like.
I will say, that I'm sure most people experience that point of no return from time to time.
That point where everything is magnified and feels even worse than it probably is.
That point where you feel like bursting into tears on the drop of a dime...and you do.
That point where nothing seems to go according to plan.
That point where it feels like everything is spinning out of control.
That point where you feel so completely frustrated by your child, then only to feel completely guilty for feeling that way in the first place and not being there for them in body & soul 100%.
That point where you feel like getting in the car and just driving. and driving. and driving. and not letting anyone know where you are going. with no particular destination other than not. here.
That point where you know you have to pull it together. not just for you, and your family but because you just have to.
That point where you get caught in the middle a wild thunderstorm and see that flash of lightening and feel the crash of thunder and feel completely in tune with the universe.
That point where the sun comes back out and you feel like-'s going to be alright. It was just a bad storm and now it's over.
That point where you wake up and feel like everything is going to be okay.
That point where you realize how truly thankful you should be for the people who care most about you and who you hold closest to your heart.
That point where you look at the clock and realize that in 23.5 hours your mother-in-law will be back on a plane and headed home.

a little on the heavy side....but hey that's my week in a nutshell.
Very thankful it's over.
and very very thankful things don't feel this way very often.

happy thanksgiving.


crazymumma said...

strength my dear, can be found in the bottom of a wine glass.


amanda said...

Oh, I've been there. And not too long ago, I hate to admit. I like to reward myself for a hard week with wine, cheese and chocolate.

I'm glad you week's over. And hoping next week is much much better.

Ms. Porter said...

Ugh, boy. Crazymumma has my solution. This post is far, far from the PG I am used Hold on sista, you will make will the mean time, another glass of red, white, or perhaps something a little stronger?

Sarah said...

We all have those days...or weeks...we're just not as brave as to admit it as elequently as you did. :)

Gabriella said...

As you said we all have these days, weeks, moments! Thankfully yes they do pass as hard as it may seem when you're in the middle of it.
I hope the upcoming week is better and thank god for planes;-)

Laural Dawn said...

I have been there - more than once. And really, all you can do it try to pull it together or call in some recruits and take a break.
Hang in there.

kgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving... you made it.