Saturday, September 30, 2006

eye of the tiger

argh, two weekends in a row without our little buddy.
We have a wedding to go to tonight (and another party afterwards) so my parents came into town yesterday and took Lulu to Niagara with them until Sunday.
She always has a blast with them, and my parents are really over the moon when they get to have her all to themselves.
I guess I'm okay with that.
I know I know, how lucky am I to have family close by to help out?
I am grateful.
But it is kind of strange to not have her around.
Like this morning for example.
I found myself creeping down the hallway trying not to step on the creakier parts of our old wood floors in front of lulu's bedroom.
Oh...that's right...she's not cuddled up in her crib surrounded by Mr.Lambie and Dou Dou her favourite bunny...
But I'm sure she is livin the good life with her grandparents as I type this.
The bonus is that big daddy and I get to go out and play and stay out as late as we want.
Or at least as late as we are physically able to keep our eyes open for.
So last night we bundled up lulu and put her in baba and babaa's car (grandma & grandpa) and we went our separate ways.
we decided to go to Czehoski on Queen.
we had a few glasses of wine upstairs at the bar.
It was my first time upstairs and not my last.
They have a cozy fireplace, nice big windows over looking Queen St. and comfy booths.
The music was pure eighties.
which was kind of cool, because it was making me flash back and feel young again and really made it feel like we were on a bonafide date.
Big daddy and I were chatting up a storm.
which was really nice.
Especially since the conversation was not just me asking about his day or me talking about what lulu did at the park that day.
It was a real conversation about our goals & interesting creative projects we want to work on together.
That to me, is about as sexy as it gets.
speaking of sexy...
there were two guys sitting next to us, one I recognized.
There was a reality T.V. show called the Lofters (a Canadian version of Big Brother) from a few years ago that eventually got cancelled.
Mostly because of the lame-o's living in the loft and a lack of interested viewers.
with the exception of Donny.
A very handsome devil from the east-coast.
specifically Newfoundland, and although I'm biased, how can you not love a Newf.?
anyhow we ended up chatting with him.
me pretending I had no idea who he was, and had never seen him on a live feed in his boxer shorts at 3 a.m.
sure enough, he is a really sweet guy and not too hard on the eyes either.
Why he was out with some loud guy and not some gorgeous babe is beyond me...that boy is a real catch.
we eventually went down stairs to the dining room for a late dinner.
I had a porcini consomme and truffled perogies (comfort food at it's finest)
big daddy had the cumbraes's steak special which was yummy.
The food was okay but really it's all about the vibe at Czehoski.
The wait-staff and hostess were super friendly and fun.
people were having a good time and there was no pretension to be found.
I mean how much more down to earth can you get when Steely Dan's "are you reelin in the years" is cranked?
You can't help but to flash back to sitting in front of a camp fire with bad hair, frosty pink lipstick, drinking Black Label beer...
Though we did decide to get the check when "Eye of the Tiger" by a band called Survivor started playing.
Think Rocky IV.
Some things from the eighties should stay in the eighties.

Monday, September 25, 2006

peel me a grape

I love discovering new foods.
Or at least foods that I was never really that interested in before.
for some reason the particular new food decides to call out to me.
beckoning me to take a bite.
eat me...
not exactly something new (I'm certainly no stranger to the squashed, fermented form)
but I've never been a big grape eater.
If they are on a cheese plate, why not. okay.
But in general I could take them or leave them.
Then a few weeks ago I decided to try Concord grapes.
I actually got them for Lulu, seeing as they are much smaller and sweeter than regular grapes. I love them. I can't get enough of them.
I'm seriously addicted.
I have been eating them every night (instead of my usual dark chocolate indulgence) and I'm lovin'it.
and so is my waist line.
but this love affair had to end eventually.
and today as I went to not one, not two, but three different grocery stores to find my beloved bunch of concord grapes,
I came up empty handed.
not a concord grape to be found.
I came to the conclusion that it was good and sweet while it lasted.
it was a sumptuous three weeks, but all good things must eventually come to an end.
well at least until the next season.
or at least until I hunt down the last bunch of concords in the city.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I love to eat out at good restaurants.
This week we ate out a bunch of times, and quite frankly I'm done for a while.
I need to be in control of my own salt intake for a while.
last Sunday we went for brunch at Xacutti on college st.
Something we don't often do (brunch that is) because of lulu, it's usually her nap time so I usually end up making something at home.
often much easier.
but we threw a bit of caution to the wind,
and let her sleep in her stroller while I sipped a "demoiselle" (passion fruit, orange and pineapple juice with prosecco)
and big daddy had a "masala mary" (vodka, indian spiced tomato juice with a pickled onion)
we skipped the warm cardamom biscuits w/ whipped honey butter (watching the ol' waist line),
but I highly recommend them.
for brunch I had the bombay scrambled eggs w/ green chillies, toasted naan and mango chutney,
and big daddy had the light and lemony pancakes w/ crispy crepe strings and a side of bacon.
I do miss Ellipsis brunch, however Xacutti makes a very fine substitute.
we had lunch out a few times as well, and Thursday (our date night) we ate at Celestin on Mount Pleasant.
A consistently excellent restaurant with impeccable service, delicious food, also known for it's spectacular bakery next door.
It's a pretty conservative crowd, so don't expect to be doing any people watching, but who cares when really the main attraction is the food.
My parents actually gave us a gift certificate for dinner there (which was so sweet of them as they know the way to our hearts is via our stomach) but I have to admit it felt a bit strange and franchise-ish to redeem it.
but whatever, we enjoyed it thoroughly.
I started with a kir royal.
followed by the terrine of Quebec Foie Gras, white wine quince compote, sechuan pepper w/toasted brioche.
for my main course I had the caramelized bison & venison short rib, balsamic fig mustard and cippoloni onion & white truffle scented taro root puree.
I won't bother telling you about big daddy's dinner because quite frankly I was too absorbed in my own to really notice what he was eating. Plus the beautiful ceramic bowl of warm fresh bread from the bakery was obstructing my view....
Last night we ate at a small but very busy Italian restaurant in Burlington with my parents (it was our rendezvous point to pick up lulu after spending a few days with her grandparents in Niagara.)
It was pretty decent.
we are going for dinner at a friend's tonight for Rosh Hashanah.
But all I'm really looking forward to is the apples and honey (a symbol for a sweet new year)
time to cleanse and detox.
it's wonderful eating out, but after a while you just crave something simple and salt free.
I seriously don't know how restaurant reviewers do it.
though I think I could handle the job for a week or so.

Friday, September 22, 2006

a little nuts

mission accomplished.
managed to get a ton of things done yesterday.
in addition to all the organizing and cleaning I managed to have something other than a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
home-made muesli.
bake various nuts (sliced almonds, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds & pepitas) and some oats for around 10-15 min @375 f.
make sure to keep an eye on them, as they burn easily.
while they are baking mix veg. oil (tlbs) honey (6 tlbs) apple juice or cider (1/4 cup), cinnamon (1 tlbs), ground ginger (tlbs)
then pour over nuts, make sure to coat well.
bake for another 10 minutes or so.
the house will smell amazing....mmmm..
add some chopped dried fruit. I used apricots, dates & dried cranberries.
then let cool, serve with organic yoghurt.
tip. make extra, put in small glass mason jar and give to someone as a gift.
I left one on my neighbour's doorstep (as she just had a baby)
I just hope she doesn't have any nut allergies.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

sleep over

As I sit here typing this I can't help but feel like something is missing.
oh right...lulu...
my parents came for dinner last night and ended up taking lulu home with them.
Now, they have looked after her over night once before, but we weren't at home.
So it feels so strange to not have to jump up when I hear that sweet little voice saying "mammee?" & "dadda?"
which translates as..."hey guys, I'm up come and get me so we can snuggle and read books and play in your room"
which is what we do every morning.
Big daddy gets the coffee and bottle of milk, I change lulu and we all hang out in our bed.
Even if big daddy has an early morning we still do that, it's our little ritual.
But big daddy is with his trainer and left first thing and lulu is hanging out with "baba" aka grandma in her bed.
I'm sure she is having fun but it feels so strange to not have her here.
mind you I certainly wouldn't be typing a blog first thing.
Right about now I would be emptying the dishwasher and feeding the little miss her breakfast.
she is staying over tonight as well and my parents are bringing her back home tomorrow.
so instead of taking this day to just relax (which is probably what I need to do most)
I plan on getting a ton of stuff done so that I can cross them off the huge list of things to do around here.
fall gardening- new mulch, trim back shrubs and prep for winter.
I can never seem to get any gardening done with lulu around so today is the perfect opportunity to do so without a little person beside me trying to eat the dirt.
organize furnace room- it is really getting out of hand down there.
For a neat freak like me it's really driving me crazy.
I still have things hanging around from lulu's birthday (in April) gift bags and wrap everywhere, platters etc.
must organize.
while I'm at it, and since I'm pretty sure I won't be sporting flip flops again for quite a while (sniff sniff)
I'm going to organize my shoe & coat closet and hell why not do my clothing closet and big daddy's too.
I think he has quite the collection of dry-cleaner hangers in there and I think we can safely put away the linen and light summer cotton for a while.
I also want to pull out the fridge and clean out whatever is back's been three years.
Once all that is done and if I have time, I might see if I can get in for a quick pedicure.
Then big daddy and I are going out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie.
not sure where yet.
I doubt I'll even have time to miss Lulu today (maybe this is intentional...keep time to miss my little buddy)
because if I were to just try to "relax" I probably wouldn't be able to, or maybe I just don't want to.
I love having her around.
But I guess it will be nice to have some "alone" time.
well just me and my rubber gloves, my labeller and widex bottle.

Monday, September 18, 2006

school daze

over the weekend I was chatting with a mother of a little guy around the same age as lulu.
we were talking about the different toddler programs they were signed up for this fall.
tuesday-art class (on the other end of the city)
Wednesday- mom and toddler activity group get together
Thursday- music class
Friday- sports camp (for 16-24 month olds)
AND she was due to have another baby in two weeks!
I started thinking...uh, geez, we haven't signed up for anything yet.
Then the mom guilt crept in.
I did put lulu's name on the story-time program for toddlers at our local library,
but unfortunately it's a "lottery" system so who knows if we will be chosen or not?
(so far we haven't been lucky as I've tried three times in a row)..
eerrr...hey kittenpie...can you pull any strings?
we have done fun things in the past, last winter we did a music class and mom & baby yoga.
But all summer we just went to all the great parks in the city and had play-dates with friends enjoying all that summer has to offer.
So I was on a mission today.
time to find some fun things for Lulu to do this winter.
so starting Wednesday she is enrolled in another music class.
then at the end of October I signed her up for a toddler "movers & shakers" program.
Hopefully she'll get into the library program, but if not I'll make sure to go on our own at least once or twice a week.
She loves it there, and besides I met a great mom and her daughter there a few weeks ago, and we have been in touch since.
I'm hoping there will be some more blogger mom play dates as well.
while I was making my rounds today I figured I would check out some of the local nursery schools as well.
there are two really great ones that I put our names on. The "wait" list is for NEXT September.
I also went to check out the Montessori school down the street.
It was spotless and I chatted with the director of the school, the only draw back is that it has to be full time (5 days a week)
I kind of thought we could ease lulu in with maybe 2/3 mornings a week.
but at least our name is on the list.
I really hope she gets in. all three would be fantastic choices and I know she would flourish.
Just watching her today with all the kids (who were all at least a full year older than her) I was so proud.
She was so sweet, picking up toys and handing them to other kids.
so I feel much better now, at least we are thinking ahead.
I'm glad I had that chat with that mom.
I don't know if I want to schedule something for everyday of the week, but at least 2-3 days there will be fun things for Lulu to do.
The other days who knows? maybe we'll just stay home and colour and have tea parties.
Or maybe a friend will pop by for a visit.
maybe I'll be taking on a freelance job and grandma and lulu can have fun together.
As much as I want to have Lulu involved in lots of fun and educational programs,
I think it's really important to have down time.
She's still only 16 months.
Okay and truth be told...I need some down time too.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

cut a rug

it all started out innocently enough.
Big daddy and I went out for a nice early dinner at Lee.
I started with a presecco blueberry, tapioca cocktail followed by a couple of glasses of Pinot & some delicious food.
we had an asparagus shittake mushroom salad, grilled octopus salad, a divine cod dish, mushroom dumplings & some lamb chops.
sounds like a ton of food, but it was more like tapas rather than full serving size.
I just love eating that way, being able to sample lots of unique flavours and sharing.
we were both very full and very satisfied.
so off we went, strolling in our old neighbourhood, remarking on how many new businesses have sprung up since we lived there.
we found ourselves in front of a girlfriend of mine's new condo building.
so we gave her a buzz and sure enough she was home and we ended up on her new balcony with the most fantastic view of the city sipping more wine.
we spontaneously decided to make an appearance at an industry party. (we all work in the same biz)
anyhow, I'm so glad we decided to go, because I saw so many people I hadn't seen in ages (specifically pre-lulu days)
so much fun.
It did remind me of how many interesting and fun people I have had the privilege to work with in the past and really got me missing working full time.
Anyhow my good friend Mr.P was there (hi P) and somehow coerced me into joining him on the dance floor.
Now the last time I danced was probably three or four years ago at some Christmas party, and even then it was only kind of a slight groove on the spot while nursing a cocktail in one hand.
oh..and I don't count dancing around the kitchen with Lulu really "dancing".
But something in me just needed to be unleashed and before I knew it I was shakin it and "bringin' sexy back" with Justin timberlake.
I also secretly loooved the show, So You Think You Can Dance and was dying to bust a move or two after watching it all summer.
The music was excellent and time was flying (and so was I)
Note to self- must go dancing with Mr. P more often.
fun & bonus that it burns lots of calories.
So what if I looked like a mini version of Ellen DeGeneres?
(as some guy mentioned, not entirely sure that was a compliment or not)
I had fun.
Now if I could just turn my neck from side to side normally again.....
this dancin momma is a tad stiff from all that action.
but well worth every muscle spasm.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

celebrity baby

Well another film festival has come and gone.
We managed a few visits with uncle p diddy, but he was super busy wheeling and dealing.
Sadly I didn't end up seeing any movies, though big daddy did get to see a few.
He also went to some parties and rubbed elbows with the stars.
his reaction: whatever...pretty boring actually, and kind of annoying.
one night they ended up at Bistro 990 (why that place is still in business I'll never know)
anyhow he was sitting at the bar having some steak frites, or at least trying to.
some chicky poo and her loser boyfriend/whatever kept bumping into him as he was trying to eat.
But the place wasn't crowded, so big daddy politely asked them if they could "refrain" from continually nudging him and give him some breathing/eating room.
the guy responds by snickering and getting louder and even more antagonistic.
So big daddy asked to speak to the manager/owner.
It turns out this drunk idiot WAS the owner.
Uncle p diddy was doing business and there were blackberries everywhere.
But they made an accurate prediction.
They bet he was the son of the owner or something along those lines.
I mean how could someone this arrogant and someone who would blatantly disregard his customers be a true restauranteur?
sure enough, they asked the bartender, and it turns out that "daddy" owns 50 restaurants and got his son to manage this one.
Bistro 990.
anyhow the bottom line is that we won't be going back there anytime soon.
(not that I ever had any inclination in the first always seemed like an old tired restaurant to me.)
Unfortunately, the steak frites got the thumbs up from big daddy.
But the week didn't end there.
we were at the V.I.P. lounge on the second floor of the roots store when Demi, Ashton and Kevin Costner show up.
Lulu was at her saturation point so we were about to leave.
Plus I really didn't want to hang around and gawk..
I just feel uncomfortable around all that hoopla.
so we tried to leave the store, but quite the crowd had gathered at the red carpet in front.
But uncle p diddy (being the funny guy that he is) took control of the stroller and kept saying..
"celebrity baby coming through..excuse me..celebrity baby"
we were joking and try to cover her face saying "please no more photos....."
of course that just made things even funnier because people actually started taking her picture and pointing!
too funny.
maybe we should get her an agent?

Friday, September 08, 2006

famous faces

well it's that time of year again.
No, not wasp season.
I'm talking about the Toronto International Film fest.
Always a fun time of year, when the city is buzzing with lots of energy.
Parties, great films & celebrity sightings.
Every year Uncle p.diddy comes to T.O. from L.A. for the festival, so it's even more fun.
(especially since he's in the Biz, and gets us into all the coolest parties and restaurants)
well at least that's what we did pre-Lulu.
last year she was only a few months old, so we essentially just hung out in his hotel suite and in yorkville.
I honestly can not for the life of me figure out why people line up outside of the Four Seasons trying to get autographs.
I find that so weird.
I mean, who cares if you get someone famous to sign a piece of paper?
very strange.
But whatever floats your boat I guess.
So anyhow, the year before I was preggers and VERY nauseous, so there was NO partying for me.
It was all about staying vertical on my sofa and sipping ginger tea and munching on spelt ginger cookies, slices of apples, watermelon, cucumbers and frozen Mac & cheese.
Yup, that's about all I could stomach for about 14 weeks.
ah, good times.
the year before that,
we were knee deep in plaster & Benjamin moore paint cans, as we were renovating our new (old) house,
plus work wise we were both really swamped.
so that means that it's been 4 years since we really got a chance to "Giv'er" at the festival.
Not sure what this year has in store, I'm sure Big daddy will be whooping it up with his brother,
which is fine by me, as long as I at least get to see one film or two.
But I was reading a post by Metro Dad this morning and it got me thinking about celebrity sightings and encounters.
I've had a few myself,
though no where near as cool as being able to say that I smoked a spliff with Sting, getting drunk with Leonardo Di Caprio or playing poker with Carson Daly.
But I have had a few run-ins I thought I'd share with you.

1. Alec Baldwin.
Speaking of the Three Seasons here in t.o.
(as people like to refer to our lame-ass major hotel in desperate need of a face lift)
years ago, while out on the town and after several cocktails, big Daddy, myself and another party (big wig Sony exec.)
ended up at the 4-seasons bar and I guess I kind of made a bit of a dramatic entrance.
Let's just say I sat in one of the rolling bucket chairs and the hostess wheeled me to a table as I pointed my toes in the air.
we had a few more bevies (like we needed them) and people started glancing over at us.
the waitress was giving us over the top service, but we didn't think much of it.
Then Alec Baldwin walks up to our table and stops and smiles and sais "Hey, good to see you again" looking directly at me.
I was like..."umm, yeah, you too.." wink wink.
I'm no super model and I don't look like anyone famous at least not that I can think of.
Sure it was years ago and I was pretty sassy (if I do say so myself) but definitely not what I would consider famous looking.
But as luck should have it, our waitress says "she loooved me in my last film"
umm....gee thanks...
and your bill has been comp'ed.
umm okay.
when we left everyone was totally staring.
I was floored.
Maybe it was the big sunglasses, and big animal print scarf in my hair?
maybe I should go to Susur wearing that same get up.
maybe my meal will be comp'ed?...
hell it's worth a try.

2. Clive Owen and I locked eyes at Whole Foods..
Well that's how I like to imagine it.
it was more like me staring and trying to figure out how I knew this handsome devil in his big puffy North Face Parka.
Oh right..
the light went on and by the time I figured it out, he was gone.
we were like two ships passing in the produce department...
ahh. sigh...

3. Madonna.
while waiting for our table at a restaurant in NewYork (can't remember the name of the place)
but it happened to be next door to the Kabbalah centre.
A bunch of paparazzi started showing up, a van pulled up and within minutes Madge walked out.
she wanted to have a prayer session before her concert I guess?
(as she was performing that night)
I was only a few feet away from her and I was really surprised by how tiny she is.
I mean, realllly tiny.
who knew?

4. Martin Short.
Years ago I was at a wedding where he was the M.C.
Eugine Levy, Andrea Martin and John Candy were also there.
Marty got pretty "tipsy" and started calling random bingo numbers into the microphone.
Needless to say, he was pretty hilarious.
Someone also made up a bunch of Ed Grimley masks on popsicle sticks with eye cut outs and was handing them around.
Let's just say I ended up on the dance floor dancing around like a moron with Marty yelling " I must say..."
(you have to be a SCTV fan to get that last line)

5. Wayne and Janet Gretzky.
One of the only times in my life (I swear) I was at McDonalds.
I was in line waiting to order a milkshake (honestly that's all I ordered)
when someone bumped into me.
I was about to shoot them a dirty look, when I realized who it was.
The Great One!
There they were ordering up two Mc Meals on trays then sat down and ate them.
I was pretty stunned, who knew that athletes actually ate that crap?
and in public!
The horror.

6. Brad Pitt.
Damn I wish I could say that I met him and had beer with him.
but I would be lying.
But big daddy has, and since we actually exchange bodily fluids, it's kind of like I actually met him.
Plus I have asked him a million and one times to repeat the story.
"Pleeeese one more time and don't leave anything out..."
he was in a bar with his brother p.diddy who happened to know some of the other actors sitting with Brad and brad asked them to join them.
they really hit it off.
In big daddy's words "I don't he's just a really nice guy who's really into outdoor sports and stuff"
"like exactly what kind of stuff?"
"I don't know...just stuff"
"well can you at least remember what he smelled like?"
"yeah...musky sweat with a hint of spiciness..."
"right...thanks babe"

7. Orlando Bloom
speaking of dreamy guys...
again, sadly it wasn't me, but I think it's a funny story.
uncle P.Diddy was on the same elevator with him.
The doors opened and a bunch of girls started screaming.
orlando's assistant (agent?? whatever) quickly closed the doors.
Uncle P. diddy calmly looks at them and sais.." yeah, I get that all the time.."

8. Harvey Keitel.
Like I mentioned, last year we just hung out at the hotel and enjoyed the roof top pool.
Lulu loved playing with her cousins and I loved eating mini sorbet ice-cream cones and sipping delicious complimentary herbal ice-tea by the pool side.
The girls ended up playing with Harvey's daughter all afternoon, she was really sweet.
But I hope she never has to watch her daddy in the "Bad Lieutenant" not a very good daddy movie to watch.

9. Naomi watts and Benicio del Toro at the premier for 21 Grams (sean penn was a no show)
Not that big of a deal, everyone who goes to a premier runs the risk of sitting next to the staring actor.
But it was strange sitting a few seats away from her as the opening scene was a close up shot of her nipple.
That was just plain uncomfortable.
oh and so was peeing in the stall next to Kate Beckinsale.
But it was very nice to sit near Scott Speedman even though I ended up leaving halfway through the movie Underworld.

10. Gale Harold
Last but not least. Now most people probably don't know who he is.
But If you watched Queer As Folk on HBO he played Brian Kinny.
The Bad Boy..
He's now staring in a new series called Vanished.
anywhoo. I'm a fan.
and for whatever reason he tends to make certain appearances in my dreams.
lets just leave it at that.
But I used to see him at the gym I worked out at.
Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon when it was practically empty he would be there, working out.
I would try my best not to get busted casually brushing up against (or sniffing) the machine he had just finished using.
I would however, try not to stare.
Big daddy actually got to see him naked in the change room!
Mind you, I've seen him naked (in almost ever other episode of Queer as folk)
I would see him all over the city, sometimes riding his old brown beater bike, walking in the park near our place,
even at Mailboxes Etc. (looking rather scrumptious in a houndstooth wool messenger boy cap and oversized wool scarf.....)
Sadly, I think he has returned to the states to shoot his new show.
I doubt we'll be relocating to Atlanta anytime soon.
oh well. It was fun while it lasted Gale...

and that's it for now.
My celebrity sightings. My brushes with fame. My close encounters with the mighty fine.
but when it really comes down to it, who gives a rats ass about famous people?
Well obviously and sadly, the majority of us.
I just wish instead of Paris's latest run in with the law more news worthy subjects would grab people's attention.
But that's just not how things are.
And truth be told, I can't resist flipping through the latest issue of People while waiting in line at the grocery store.
pathetic, but it's like a guilty pleasure that's hard to give up.
I mean how else are you supposed to find out Lance's sexual preference (go Riechen go)
or who Jessica and nick are seeing now?
Or who is sporting the latest and seemingly "fashionable" baby bump?
These are reallly important subjects people....!
wink wink ;) ;)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hiding in the shadows

I love rainy weekends...well maybe not two in a row...
But we managed to make the most of the weekend and still do a bunch of fun stuff.
We met our good friend Mr. P for some delicious Dim Sum.
I started to tell P. about blogging, and kinda fessed up to the fact that I had my own blog.
I didn't tell him the name of it, but I would have.
It's not like I post about anything I wouldn't share with my friends & family.
Besides, I consider you my friends as well.
But he decided to try to find me.
I gave him a few hints..
So P here I am, come and find me....;)
and if you already found me, thanks so much for lunch and for the great company on Saturday.
Sorry we had to subject you to an hour at pottery barn kids...Lulu was obviously calling the shots.
Hey, not her fault that the restaurant didn't have a change table, and that Pottery Barn is across the street and provides complimentary wipes and diapers.
and besides, I'm not about to shell out $999. on a mini pink fridge and stove,
so I figured, why not just let her hang out and play while we sit on pretty pink kids beds and shoot the breeze?..
Besides P (if you are reading) I think you secretly loved the mini Arne Jacobsen kiddie chairs & Herman Miller knockoff kid's desk chair..
come on admit it....
after a quick stop at Whole-foods we went home and watched a few movies.
I made this excellent eggplant, ricotta & polenta dinner (a veggie dish that even Sunshine S. might like)
I also picked up a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and made some fresh bruchetta.
I was in a bit of a cooking mood this weekend (what else is new?) and Big daddy put in a request for pancakes.
I have to admit, I don't Love pancakes...
That must sound crazy, I mean who doesn't Loove pancakes?
I'm more of a waffle girl, but I wanted to please my man.
So I made some realllly good blueberry pancakes which we ate in front of the fire.
Yes, I said fire.
It was kind of cold and damp yesterday, so we sparked up the fire and got cozy listening to Ella and eating big fluffy pancakes drizzled with Organic pure Canadian maple syrup....mmmmm.
Despite the weather, we threw on some nylon jackets and power walked for over two hours.
Walking through Mount Pleasant always lulls Lulu into a deep sleep, and usually inspires big daddy & I to have some deep meaningful conversations.
I mean being surrounded by gravestones can't help but make you think "life is short" & "how can we make the most of it?"
It's such a beautiful cemetery with so many beautiful old trees and it's so quiet..(imagine??..)
I hear people are dying to get in there...ha ha.. that's one of my dad's dumb jokes.
But seriously it's such a great place to walk (or cycle) through.
But be forewarned if you decide to go...The squirrels are a little aggressive.
Lulu was walking under a huge tree looking for the little critters, as we were encouraging her.
Making all kinds of stupid squirrels noise imitations, then the little bastards started throwing acorns at us.
seriously. Throwing them directly at us.
I shit you not.
So if you go you might want to wear a helmet.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

drunken tag

I've been tagged..
But I responded after my third glass of Coopers Creek and posted on Sheena comment page.
Reason #1 not to drink & post.
I'm really becoming a cheap drunk.
so this is what I came up with last night in response to Sheena's 5 things to eat before you die...

will be in piedmont during truffle season this year...
oh and creme brule. yeah baby.
durian is delicious, especially when pick straight from the tree. amazing.
okay, let's get down to business.

5 things I would recommend:

1. Buffalo mozzarella.
very simple and now readily available.
never cut it with a knife, just gently tear in into pieces.mmm.

2. satay skewers on a road side stand in Thailand.
it may seem a little daunting but trust me, the best mystery meat I've ever had.

3. I'm with sheena on this one,
frois gras or truffles...very deliciously sexy.

4. lamb chops from St. Malo France.
these little creatures feed on only the salt encrusted meadows by the sea-side.

5. speaking of sea-side...Cancale oysters, picked fresh, with the seaweed hanging from the shell.
no garnish, lemon, or hot sauce necessary.
oh yeah.

6. (i know I'm going over)
crack the windows..
Pont l'veque fromage or chabichou...mmmm

7. rosemary chocolate truffles from J.S. bonbon here in T.O.
oh la la.

My To Do List:

1 .Coney island hot dog on Coney island.

2. a falafel in the middle east.

3. chorizo sausage sandwich in Borough Market in London,
big daddy assures me it is worth the wait in the Que.

4. sashimi in tokyo.

5.anything on the menu at French Laundry in California...not the one in Vegas...
or if I can't get a reservation,
a meal at Michael Stadghtlander farm.

11:43 PM

petite gourmand

organic mud pie

I had such a fun time yesterday meeting up with the blogger moms.
Although I was frantically following my active little 16 month old around, I was so happy to have met everyone.
Just don't ask me to remember exactly who I met...
I swear, I have the. worst memory.
I finally got to meet metro mama, sorry we didn't get to meet the little' miss.
I'm sure that lulu and cakes will hit it off.
But it was so lovely to chat and trade fencing stories (damn contractors) our love for good food and good restaurants.
Pumpkin Pie was on a mission, so we didn't get a chance to chat for long, but man oh man is she ever cute,
and her mama had THE cutest shoes in the park.
Wonder Baby is exactly that. a "wonder" baby. she really is sooo advanced.
I mean 9 months and practically walking?! wow..
and she seriously is the happiest, smiliest baby I've ever seen.
Lulu was lovin' little miss Wonder Baby, they were sharing pieces of mud pie and scoops of sand sandwiches with each other.
HerBadMother and I just stood back and watched the two little dirt lovers in action.
I briefly spoke with other moms, but truth be told I was pretty distracted, trying to keep an eye on lulu.
At one point I couldn't immediately spot her, and I got my first taste of that "panicky" feeling.
Now that she is really mobile and active,
no doubt I will know that feeling well for the next 18 years.
The farmers market was fun,
I picked up three bunches of these sunflowers (only $3. a bunch) and some organic breads and veg.
I really enjoy that park and market, and so does lulu.
when we first got there, we were watching the park staff cook "cowboy biscuits" on a cast iron skillet on an open fire,
how cool is that?
people are extra friendly, the produce is excellent and the location is nice and central.
Bonus that it was the park chosen to meet up with such a fantastic group of women.