Monday, September 04, 2006

Hiding in the shadows

I love rainy weekends...well maybe not two in a row...
But we managed to make the most of the weekend and still do a bunch of fun stuff.
We met our good friend Mr. P for some delicious Dim Sum.
I started to tell P. about blogging, and kinda fessed up to the fact that I had my own blog.
I didn't tell him the name of it, but I would have.
It's not like I post about anything I wouldn't share with my friends & family.
Besides, I consider you my friends as well.
But he decided to try to find me.
I gave him a few hints..
So P here I am, come and find me....;)
and if you already found me, thanks so much for lunch and for the great company on Saturday.
Sorry we had to subject you to an hour at pottery barn kids...Lulu was obviously calling the shots.
Hey, not her fault that the restaurant didn't have a change table, and that Pottery Barn is across the street and provides complimentary wipes and diapers.
and besides, I'm not about to shell out $999. on a mini pink fridge and stove,
so I figured, why not just let her hang out and play while we sit on pretty pink kids beds and shoot the breeze?..
Besides P (if you are reading) I think you secretly loved the mini Arne Jacobsen kiddie chairs & Herman Miller knockoff kid's desk chair..
come on admit it....
after a quick stop at Whole-foods we went home and watched a few movies.
I made this excellent eggplant, ricotta & polenta dinner (a veggie dish that even Sunshine S. might like)
I also picked up a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and made some fresh bruchetta.
I was in a bit of a cooking mood this weekend (what else is new?) and Big daddy put in a request for pancakes.
I have to admit, I don't Love pancakes...
That must sound crazy, I mean who doesn't Loove pancakes?
I'm more of a waffle girl, but I wanted to please my man.
So I made some realllly good blueberry pancakes which we ate in front of the fire.
Yes, I said fire.
It was kind of cold and damp yesterday, so we sparked up the fire and got cozy listening to Ella and eating big fluffy pancakes drizzled with Organic pure Canadian maple syrup....mmmmm.
Despite the weather, we threw on some nylon jackets and power walked for over two hours.
Walking through Mount Pleasant always lulls Lulu into a deep sleep, and usually inspires big daddy & I to have some deep meaningful conversations.
I mean being surrounded by gravestones can't help but make you think "life is short" & "how can we make the most of it?"
It's such a beautiful cemetery with so many beautiful old trees and it's so quiet..(imagine??..)
I hear people are dying to get in there...ha ha.. that's one of my dad's dumb jokes.
But seriously it's such a great place to walk (or cycle) through.
But be forewarned if you decide to go...The squirrels are a little aggressive.
Lulu was walking under a huge tree looking for the little critters, as we were encouraging her.
Making all kinds of stupid squirrels noise imitations, then the little bastards started throwing acorns at us.
seriously. Throwing them directly at us.
I shit you not.
So if you go you might want to wear a helmet.


Lisa b said...

Hey is that Dynasty for Dim Sum?
Please tell me I dine where the petite gourmand does.
I have this slightly weird feeling about taking my child through mount pleasant cemetary but its soooo nice I get over it.

Sheena said...

El Chaperone made me French Toast and bacon for breakfast and chopped up some overripe banana for topping. Yum.

Heh heh.. love the squirrel story. If one of them moons you, let me know.

metro mama said...

Pottery Barn Kids has one of the nicest bathrooms in the city.

The food sounds wonderful, as always.

I'm going to ask BP for pancakes tomorrow.

crazymumma said...

Those squirrels are a pesky little matter what Beatrix Potter says.

Ummmm, can you give me the eggplannt and polenta recipe? Please......

metro mama said...


If you're coming to the playdate today, could you email me? (it's been moved indoors). Thanks!

mr.p said...

well, petite gourmande i found you - and not a minute to soon...
i wouldn't want you to reveal any more Mr. P trade secrets...
it's true though, as a blooger newbie - you might have to hold my hand through this one -
i'm not even sure where my comments will show up on your blog...
i'll have to do a little more investigating -

i like the whole alias thing however -
i feel like i'm at a masked ball -
we might recognize eachother under the mask -
but we pretend to be strangers...interesting...

will post or is tag? again soon.

petite gourmand said...

hey hey mr.p,
I knew you could find me.
welcome to my blog world.
now I can't ever admit to sitting around all day watching Oprah and eating bon bons....
yeah right ;)

kittenpie said...

ha, that reminds me of the "jealous animals" commercials the zoo is running.

Cemetaries are lovely - I remember a babysitter taking me on a picnic in the St. James cemetary and doing rubbings on the headstones.

s@bd said...

Maple syrup?
Mount Pleasant?
Dim Sum?
Psycho Squirrels?

You're my new favourite!! And you're definitely Canadian.

Her Bad Mother said...

That sounds like the most brilliantly, sweetly dizzy day.

(sighing loudly)

Naomi said...

Yum...dim sum. I just LOVE dim sum. sounds like a great day!

sunshine scribe said...

He found you!

Oh and that receipe DOES sound to my liking ... yumm!!