Saturday, September 02, 2006

drunken tag

I've been tagged..
But I responded after my third glass of Coopers Creek and posted on Sheena comment page.
Reason #1 not to drink & post.
I'm really becoming a cheap drunk.
so this is what I came up with last night in response to Sheena's 5 things to eat before you die...

will be in piedmont during truffle season this year...
oh and creme brule. yeah baby.
durian is delicious, especially when pick straight from the tree. amazing.
okay, let's get down to business.

5 things I would recommend:

1. Buffalo mozzarella.
very simple and now readily available.
never cut it with a knife, just gently tear in into pieces.mmm.

2. satay skewers on a road side stand in Thailand.
it may seem a little daunting but trust me, the best mystery meat I've ever had.

3. I'm with sheena on this one,
frois gras or truffles...very deliciously sexy.

4. lamb chops from St. Malo France.
these little creatures feed on only the salt encrusted meadows by the sea-side.

5. speaking of sea-side...Cancale oysters, picked fresh, with the seaweed hanging from the shell.
no garnish, lemon, or hot sauce necessary.
oh yeah.

6. (i know I'm going over)
crack the windows..
Pont l'veque fromage or chabichou...mmmm

7. rosemary chocolate truffles from J.S. bonbon here in T.O.
oh la la.

My To Do List:

1 .Coney island hot dog on Coney island.

2. a falafel in the middle east.

3. chorizo sausage sandwich in Borough Market in London,
big daddy assures me it is worth the wait in the Que.

4. sashimi in tokyo.

5.anything on the menu at French Laundry in California...not the one in Vegas...
or if I can't get a reservation,
a meal at Michael Stadghtlander farm.

11:43 PM

petite gourmand


Lisa b said...

Piedmont - I am sooooo jealous.
Is lulu going? We have lost our nerve to travel.
One of the most amazing things I have ever eaten was a plate full of chanterelles in Slovenia a few years ago. I had only ever had them here in TO as a garnish or flavouring for a meal. And it cost nothing.
I'm obnoxious blog girl - we didn't get a chance to chat very long as my kid kept making a run for it. Nice to meet you though.

sunshine scribe said...

Your posts always make me hungry!

Sorry I missed seeing you and sweet Lulu this week :)

crazymumma said...

Does your little one like to experiment with food as well? Mine are so rigid in their food habits it can be disheartening.

Those lamb chops sound divine....and the stinky cheese, mmmm I'll bring the wine, you open the windows.

indigo herself said...

for my birthday last year, my husband took me to Eigensinn Farm for the Heaven on Earth project. It was so deluxe. You had to hike to each course and there were art installations along the way. it was so deluxe. i will have to dig up my journal for the details and post about it in a flashback. I have a good story about French Laundry too. i lived in San Francisco for almost 4 years and a friend of mine ended up going to French laundry by answering an ad on craig's list. somone was auctioning off seats of their reservation for 6. not quite an auction, you had to interview for it. basically it was a couple who made a reservation for 6 and carefully picked anonymous foodies for the other 4 seats. he said the meal was the best of his life.

Sheena said...

what a very cool idea, indigo...
Random Acts of Kindness indeed