Thursday, September 21, 2006

sleep over

As I sit here typing this I can't help but feel like something is missing.
oh right...lulu...
my parents came for dinner last night and ended up taking lulu home with them.
Now, they have looked after her over night once before, but we weren't at home.
So it feels so strange to not have to jump up when I hear that sweet little voice saying "mammee?" & "dadda?"
which translates as..."hey guys, I'm up come and get me so we can snuggle and read books and play in your room"
which is what we do every morning.
Big daddy gets the coffee and bottle of milk, I change lulu and we all hang out in our bed.
Even if big daddy has an early morning we still do that, it's our little ritual.
But big daddy is with his trainer and left first thing and lulu is hanging out with "baba" aka grandma in her bed.
I'm sure she is having fun but it feels so strange to not have her here.
mind you I certainly wouldn't be typing a blog first thing.
Right about now I would be emptying the dishwasher and feeding the little miss her breakfast.
she is staying over tonight as well and my parents are bringing her back home tomorrow.
so instead of taking this day to just relax (which is probably what I need to do most)
I plan on getting a ton of stuff done so that I can cross them off the huge list of things to do around here.
fall gardening- new mulch, trim back shrubs and prep for winter.
I can never seem to get any gardening done with lulu around so today is the perfect opportunity to do so without a little person beside me trying to eat the dirt.
organize furnace room- it is really getting out of hand down there.
For a neat freak like me it's really driving me crazy.
I still have things hanging around from lulu's birthday (in April) gift bags and wrap everywhere, platters etc.
must organize.
while I'm at it, and since I'm pretty sure I won't be sporting flip flops again for quite a while (sniff sniff)
I'm going to organize my shoe & coat closet and hell why not do my clothing closet and big daddy's too.
I think he has quite the collection of dry-cleaner hangers in there and I think we can safely put away the linen and light summer cotton for a while.
I also want to pull out the fridge and clean out whatever is back's been three years.
Once all that is done and if I have time, I might see if I can get in for a quick pedicure.
Then big daddy and I are going out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie.
not sure where yet.
I doubt I'll even have time to miss Lulu today (maybe this is intentional...keep time to miss my little buddy)
because if I were to just try to "relax" I probably wouldn't be able to, or maybe I just don't want to.
I love having her around.
But I guess it will be nice to have some "alone" time.
well just me and my rubber gloves, my labeller and widex bottle.


metro mama said...

I wish we had snuggle time in the morning like that!

Gabriella said...

it's a great thing when grandparents watch your baby overnight! I love it, deep inside I do miss Samantha, but we all need the break!
And like Metro Mama said lucky you with the snuggle time, Samantha is not a snuggler, hugger or kisser, only to her stuffed toys!!!!

myredwagon said...

You've inspired me. Since we're still getting over the cold, I've started cleaning out our closets. Much needed!

Hope you have a nice night out.

Gracie has a "baba" too - her greatgrandma.

kittenpie said...

ooh, I got some good stuff done around the house yesterday too, had a nice upswing in energy for a few hours I decided to take advantage of. Feels good, don't it?