Monday, September 18, 2006

school daze

over the weekend I was chatting with a mother of a little guy around the same age as lulu.
we were talking about the different toddler programs they were signed up for this fall.
tuesday-art class (on the other end of the city)
Wednesday- mom and toddler activity group get together
Thursday- music class
Friday- sports camp (for 16-24 month olds)
AND she was due to have another baby in two weeks!
I started thinking...uh, geez, we haven't signed up for anything yet.
Then the mom guilt crept in.
I did put lulu's name on the story-time program for toddlers at our local library,
but unfortunately it's a "lottery" system so who knows if we will be chosen or not?
(so far we haven't been lucky as I've tried three times in a row)..
eerrr...hey kittenpie...can you pull any strings?
we have done fun things in the past, last winter we did a music class and mom & baby yoga.
But all summer we just went to all the great parks in the city and had play-dates with friends enjoying all that summer has to offer.
So I was on a mission today.
time to find some fun things for Lulu to do this winter.
so starting Wednesday she is enrolled in another music class.
then at the end of October I signed her up for a toddler "movers & shakers" program.
Hopefully she'll get into the library program, but if not I'll make sure to go on our own at least once or twice a week.
She loves it there, and besides I met a great mom and her daughter there a few weeks ago, and we have been in touch since.
I'm hoping there will be some more blogger mom play dates as well.
while I was making my rounds today I figured I would check out some of the local nursery schools as well.
there are two really great ones that I put our names on. The "wait" list is for NEXT September.
I also went to check out the Montessori school down the street.
It was spotless and I chatted with the director of the school, the only draw back is that it has to be full time (5 days a week)
I kind of thought we could ease lulu in with maybe 2/3 mornings a week.
but at least our name is on the list.
I really hope she gets in. all three would be fantastic choices and I know she would flourish.
Just watching her today with all the kids (who were all at least a full year older than her) I was so proud.
She was so sweet, picking up toys and handing them to other kids.
so I feel much better now, at least we are thinking ahead.
I'm glad I had that chat with that mom.
I don't know if I want to schedule something for everyday of the week, but at least 2-3 days there will be fun things for Lulu to do.
The other days who knows? maybe we'll just stay home and colour and have tea parties.
Or maybe a friend will pop by for a visit.
maybe I'll be taking on a freelance job and grandma and lulu can have fun together.
As much as I want to have Lulu involved in lots of fun and educational programs,
I think it's really important to have down time.
She's still only 16 months.
Okay and truth be told...I need some down time too.


metro mama said...

I think too much of a good thing can be a bad thing too.

We're not signed up for anything right now, but we have a great drop in nearby.

We'd be up for a playdate sometime! Once the weather gets nasty, we have lots of room and a pretty much baby-proofed house.

Pendullum said...

It is great to have the time together...
Do whatever you think is right for your family as you do know what is best...
have fun... as the time goes so quickly!!!!

Naomi said...

The Mom & Toddler playgroup get together sounds fun.

We have The Happy Boy in school 2 mornings per week, and I've signed him up for sportball (with mummy) on Mondays.

If I was on my own with him, I'd probably sign up for a few more things if I could, but that's because I'm inherently lazy and wouldn't leave the house unless I needed to!! So that's why I do it.

myredwagon said...

I'm a slacker mom. I called too late and so the music program I wanted to sign up for was full. I should have called in the a.m. I guess I wasn't that interested, but now feel guilt. Kids, actually babies, are soooo overscheduled. If I hear one more time I have to socialize my baby I'm gonna scream. Yikes sorry I'm venting in your space........

Anonymous said...

You sound like you do all sorts of fun stuff with Lulu. A simple trip to the market or even the grocery store is an "educational" activity to a 16 month old!!! Enjoy her while you can because she will be off to school in no time...

kittenpie said...

We - oops - missed the signup for swimming this term and now it's full because everyone else in our neighbourhood is on the ball, unlike me...

If I know someone at your library, I might be able to help you out. Lemme know where you're at.