Saturday, September 23, 2006


I love to eat out at good restaurants.
This week we ate out a bunch of times, and quite frankly I'm done for a while.
I need to be in control of my own salt intake for a while.
last Sunday we went for brunch at Xacutti on college st.
Something we don't often do (brunch that is) because of lulu, it's usually her nap time so I usually end up making something at home.
often much easier.
but we threw a bit of caution to the wind,
and let her sleep in her stroller while I sipped a "demoiselle" (passion fruit, orange and pineapple juice with prosecco)
and big daddy had a "masala mary" (vodka, indian spiced tomato juice with a pickled onion)
we skipped the warm cardamom biscuits w/ whipped honey butter (watching the ol' waist line),
but I highly recommend them.
for brunch I had the bombay scrambled eggs w/ green chillies, toasted naan and mango chutney,
and big daddy had the light and lemony pancakes w/ crispy crepe strings and a side of bacon.
I do miss Ellipsis brunch, however Xacutti makes a very fine substitute.
we had lunch out a few times as well, and Thursday (our date night) we ate at Celestin on Mount Pleasant.
A consistently excellent restaurant with impeccable service, delicious food, also known for it's spectacular bakery next door.
It's a pretty conservative crowd, so don't expect to be doing any people watching, but who cares when really the main attraction is the food.
My parents actually gave us a gift certificate for dinner there (which was so sweet of them as they know the way to our hearts is via our stomach) but I have to admit it felt a bit strange and franchise-ish to redeem it.
but whatever, we enjoyed it thoroughly.
I started with a kir royal.
followed by the terrine of Quebec Foie Gras, white wine quince compote, sechuan pepper w/toasted brioche.
for my main course I had the caramelized bison & venison short rib, balsamic fig mustard and cippoloni onion & white truffle scented taro root puree.
I won't bother telling you about big daddy's dinner because quite frankly I was too absorbed in my own to really notice what he was eating. Plus the beautiful ceramic bowl of warm fresh bread from the bakery was obstructing my view....
Last night we ate at a small but very busy Italian restaurant in Burlington with my parents (it was our rendezvous point to pick up lulu after spending a few days with her grandparents in Niagara.)
It was pretty decent.
we are going for dinner at a friend's tonight for Rosh Hashanah.
But all I'm really looking forward to is the apples and honey (a symbol for a sweet new year)
time to cleanse and detox.
it's wonderful eating out, but after a while you just crave something simple and salt free.
I seriously don't know how restaurant reviewers do it.
though I think I could handle the job for a week or so.


Sheena said...

i just updated my to-do list. Thanks TPG!

metro mama said...

I would be fat if I was a reviewer. I'd be happy though.

Naomi said...

I miss going to nice restaurants. Sometimes, anyway. I've taken up cooking...a lot.

Never been to the restaurant you mention on Mt. Pleasant, but there is a very good Italian place on Yonge, just norht of Lawrence called Parmigianno that we frequent. Good food, nice atmosphere.

mmm...maybe I'll get up the energy to go this've made me hungry!

Shana Tova - hope you had a nice dinner!

Lisa b said...

I am totally addicted to Celestin's bakery, though I am a little intimidated by the french man who works there. I would feel infinitely cooler if my "pain au chocolate" order had the right accent.

Her Bad Mother said...

Um, yum. Sunday morning before breakfast was NOT the time to be reading this...

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm salivating. Seriously. It all sounds so incredible. I love your descriptions of the food you and big daddy eat. It's making my pop tarts feel like a really poor substitute for good food.

scarbie doll said...

You make me very hungry!