Thursday, September 14, 2006

celebrity baby

Well another film festival has come and gone.
We managed a few visits with uncle p diddy, but he was super busy wheeling and dealing.
Sadly I didn't end up seeing any movies, though big daddy did get to see a few.
He also went to some parties and rubbed elbows with the stars.
his reaction: whatever...pretty boring actually, and kind of annoying.
one night they ended up at Bistro 990 (why that place is still in business I'll never know)
anyhow he was sitting at the bar having some steak frites, or at least trying to.
some chicky poo and her loser boyfriend/whatever kept bumping into him as he was trying to eat.
But the place wasn't crowded, so big daddy politely asked them if they could "refrain" from continually nudging him and give him some breathing/eating room.
the guy responds by snickering and getting louder and even more antagonistic.
So big daddy asked to speak to the manager/owner.
It turns out this drunk idiot WAS the owner.
Uncle p diddy was doing business and there were blackberries everywhere.
But they made an accurate prediction.
They bet he was the son of the owner or something along those lines.
I mean how could someone this arrogant and someone who would blatantly disregard his customers be a true restauranteur?
sure enough, they asked the bartender, and it turns out that "daddy" owns 50 restaurants and got his son to manage this one.
Bistro 990.
anyhow the bottom line is that we won't be going back there anytime soon.
(not that I ever had any inclination in the first always seemed like an old tired restaurant to me.)
Unfortunately, the steak frites got the thumbs up from big daddy.
But the week didn't end there.
we were at the V.I.P. lounge on the second floor of the roots store when Demi, Ashton and Kevin Costner show up.
Lulu was at her saturation point so we were about to leave.
Plus I really didn't want to hang around and gawk..
I just feel uncomfortable around all that hoopla.
so we tried to leave the store, but quite the crowd had gathered at the red carpet in front.
But uncle p diddy (being the funny guy that he is) took control of the stroller and kept saying..
"celebrity baby coming through..excuse me..celebrity baby"
we were joking and try to cover her face saying "please no more photos....."
of course that just made things even funnier because people actually started taking her picture and pointing!
too funny.
maybe we should get her an agent?


metro mama said...

Too funny!

I've never had to urge to Bistro 990 (ick, now I sound like that chick from the Star, who uses restaurant names as verbs).

myredwagon said...

Apple Martin (Gwyneth's babe) has got nothing on Lulu. What a doll!

crazymumma said...

What does your man do for a living?!!! It sounds like so much fun!