Sunday, September 17, 2006

cut a rug

it all started out innocently enough.
Big daddy and I went out for a nice early dinner at Lee.
I started with a presecco blueberry, tapioca cocktail followed by a couple of glasses of Pinot & some delicious food.
we had an asparagus shittake mushroom salad, grilled octopus salad, a divine cod dish, mushroom dumplings & some lamb chops.
sounds like a ton of food, but it was more like tapas rather than full serving size.
I just love eating that way, being able to sample lots of unique flavours and sharing.
we were both very full and very satisfied.
so off we went, strolling in our old neighbourhood, remarking on how many new businesses have sprung up since we lived there.
we found ourselves in front of a girlfriend of mine's new condo building.
so we gave her a buzz and sure enough she was home and we ended up on her new balcony with the most fantastic view of the city sipping more wine.
we spontaneously decided to make an appearance at an industry party. (we all work in the same biz)
anyhow, I'm so glad we decided to go, because I saw so many people I hadn't seen in ages (specifically pre-lulu days)
so much fun.
It did remind me of how many interesting and fun people I have had the privilege to work with in the past and really got me missing working full time.
Anyhow my good friend Mr.P was there (hi P) and somehow coerced me into joining him on the dance floor.
Now the last time I danced was probably three or four years ago at some Christmas party, and even then it was only kind of a slight groove on the spot while nursing a cocktail in one hand.
oh..and I don't count dancing around the kitchen with Lulu really "dancing".
But something in me just needed to be unleashed and before I knew it I was shakin it and "bringin' sexy back" with Justin timberlake.
I also secretly loooved the show, So You Think You Can Dance and was dying to bust a move or two after watching it all summer.
The music was excellent and time was flying (and so was I)
Note to self- must go dancing with Mr. P more often.
fun & bonus that it burns lots of calories.
So what if I looked like a mini version of Ellen DeGeneres?
(as some guy mentioned, not entirely sure that was a compliment or not)
I had fun.
Now if I could just turn my neck from side to side normally again.....
this dancin momma is a tad stiff from all that action.
but well worth every muscle spasm.


metro mama said...

I love dancing. I look like Elaine from Seinfeld, especially when I've had too many and think I'm fabulous.

Love tapas. If you find yourself in my neck of the woods you should give Barrio a try.

HeatherJ said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Nice to remember what things were like pre-baby. Also nice to know that you can still have fun post-baby.

Tapas are the best. I would rather order those than a whole big meal.

Sheena said...

Big yes on Barrio on Queen E. Friend of mine had a photography show there in the spring.

crazymumma said...

Sounds well worth the neck cramp. i think your body is trying to tell you to dance more often...

myredwagon said...

nice restaurant, friends, fun party, dancing....I'm living through you....tell me more.....ahhhh I'm jealous

kittenpie said...

Go gourmand, go gourmand, go, go!
Ugh, can't even contemplate that right now, but good for you.

j.b. said...

All I can say is, thanks. I'm now at my desk, weeping! that most recent thanksgiving entry was so darn touching that my pms can't fight it. so happy to hear that true love and appreciation for your partner is still out there....I just hope I can find it while I still crave babies!! xoxox