Saturday, September 02, 2006

organic mud pie

I had such a fun time yesterday meeting up with the blogger moms.
Although I was frantically following my active little 16 month old around, I was so happy to have met everyone.
Just don't ask me to remember exactly who I met...
I swear, I have the. worst memory.
I finally got to meet metro mama, sorry we didn't get to meet the little' miss.
I'm sure that lulu and cakes will hit it off.
But it was so lovely to chat and trade fencing stories (damn contractors) our love for good food and good restaurants.
Pumpkin Pie was on a mission, so we didn't get a chance to chat for long, but man oh man is she ever cute,
and her mama had THE cutest shoes in the park.
Wonder Baby is exactly that. a "wonder" baby. she really is sooo advanced.
I mean 9 months and practically walking?! wow..
and she seriously is the happiest, smiliest baby I've ever seen.
Lulu was lovin' little miss Wonder Baby, they were sharing pieces of mud pie and scoops of sand sandwiches with each other.
HerBadMother and I just stood back and watched the two little dirt lovers in action.
I briefly spoke with other moms, but truth be told I was pretty distracted, trying to keep an eye on lulu.
At one point I couldn't immediately spot her, and I got my first taste of that "panicky" feeling.
Now that she is really mobile and active,
no doubt I will know that feeling well for the next 18 years.
The farmers market was fun,
I picked up three bunches of these sunflowers (only $3. a bunch) and some organic breads and veg.
I really enjoy that park and market, and so does lulu.
when we first got there, we were watching the park staff cook "cowboy biscuits" on a cast iron skillet on an open fire,
how cool is that?
people are extra friendly, the produce is excellent and the location is nice and central.
Bonus that it was the park chosen to meet up with such a fantastic group of women.


metro mama said...

It was great meeting you. Hope you can make it to Withrow.

kittenpie said...

It was good to see you and Lulu again, if only in brief flashes. pumpkinpie waits for no mama... never a still moment. That's why I usually come solo! I just figured I'd better bust her out for a cameo before people got too sure she was imaginary...