Saturday, October 28, 2006

good food & good friends

I love having people over for dinner.
Nothing makes me happier than cooking for good friends and sharing good wine and good conversation.
I remember as a kid my parents entertaining quite a bit, so I guess I come by it naturally.
Fridays we would do pizza parties with the neighbours, alternating houses from week to week.
Ahh Mother's (as in the restaurant) pizza and orange pop, those were the days.
All the kids would get to hang out and the adults would too.
I remember it being really fun as we would play lots of board games and it was also a big treat to be allowed to have pop and pizza.
Saturday night my parents would often have dinner parties and we would be ushered upstairs because it was adults only.
I recall my dad making coquille St. Jacques and thinking it was the most delicious thing I ever tasted.
He also used to cook Escargot with garlic butter and I thought that was so exotic.
Hey it was the late seventies early eighties, what can I say?
I used to lurk in the kitchen watching him prepare everything, eager to sample anything with cream or butter.
We didn't have family close by so my parents placed a lot of importance on their friendships.
despite moving frequently to new cities and towns across the country they have maintained those friendships years later.
I really admire that.
Big daddy and I have made some really great friends over the years.
We are thrilled that a few of them are starting to have kids.
Not to say that we don't adore all of our friends without kids,
but it's really nice to be able to share in what we feel is one of the greatest experiences in our life so far.
Lulu is now at an age where she is very content on her own with her toys (and okay I admit DVD's)
so it makes it much easier to sit down to a civilized meal.
Last weekend our good friends L & B & little 6 month old S. came over for the afternoon and for an early dinner.
We went for walk around the neighbourhood, the boy's pushing matching strollers,
myself and L. chatting away and giggling at our urban guys turned proud papas.
Little S. was so happy and content and Lulu was enjoying having her own live doll to try to dress up.
She kept trying to put his hat and mitts on him. I was melting.
Definitely getting the -should we have a second? twinge.
We had some mulled cider, and some english pear cider and a delicious Charcouterie plate.
Smoked duck, quail pistachio pate, venison salami, fois gras, lots of yummy chutneys and pickled beets and some chabichou cheese with baguette and fig crackers.
I love grazing like that.
I also made a roasted onion and garlic soup with pressed blue cheese pannini's.
Unfortunately the soup needed more salt and wasn't as good as the first time I had made it, but it was still tastey,
especially accompanied by the Rodney Strong merlot that we enjoyed with it.
we had individual apple crumbles for dessert which turned out okay.
L & B are the type of friends that we never run out of things to talk about and have so much in common,
we could seriously go on and on for hours, and now that we are all parents we have even more to gab about.
L & B if you are reading (and I know you are ;) you guys are the best and we really have such a great time with you both.
And as you already know, we are all totally smitten by little S.
A great way to spend a chilly saturday afternoon and evening.
Last night we had some other good friends over for dinner.
C & D.
C is due to have a baby today.
she is as calm as a cucumber taking everying in stride.
They live just a few streets away which is great.
They are such a nice couple. Big daddy and I often feel like we need to do more to be better people after spending time with them.
They are both very invoved with various charities and have made career choices that are not necessarily financially based but are about something that actually matters.
They even sing in a choir at church on sundays...
They never have anything bad to say about anything or anybody.
These are the kind of friends everyone should have.
Big daddy and I inevitably feel like materialistic self serving shmucks after they leave but we really love spending time with them.
I cooked up a little Moroccan dinner for them, not sure if the next real meal they would be eating would be bad hospital cafeteria food.
We started with some marinated olives, pistachios and mini briks (filo pastry turnovers that originated in Tunisia, but the ones I prepared originated in the president's choice freezer section)
We opened a bottle of 2003 Chorey-les-Beaune red and I was in love. mmmmm.
For dinner we had Chicken with almond, apricot & raisin Tagine on a bed of whole wheat coucous, served in individual Tagines.
Super easy, super delicious and quite an impressive presentation if I do say so myself.
I had a grilled fig with cinammon scented ricotta dessert in mind,
but no one had figs available, so it was a last minute trip to the local bakery for some mini apple galettes for dessert.
We had some morrocan mint tea with pomegranate as well.
A really great evening.
To me there is no better way to spend a weekend than sharing good food and good wine with really good friends.
well that and the Cote de Beaune villages was pretty kick ass too.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

18 months of sweetness

Today Lulu is officially 18 months old.
In some ways it seems like time has flown by and in others ways I can barely remember what life was like before Lulu came into our lives.
For the past while I have been feeling especially sentimental (the past few posts are the sappiest for me to date) and today is no exception.
Each day when I think that it is near impossible for lulu to be any cuter, she surprises me by becoming even more adorable.
All moms talk about their kids this way right?
any-who, lately I wish I could just freeze time so that I could just enjoy her sweetness just a little bit longer.
damn, she just melts my heart.
I can barely believe she is already a year and a half.
It feels like yesterday that she could barely sit up on her own..
when I heard other mothers say that their kids were 18 months old I thought that sounded so far away...
so old..
But as much as Lulu is every bit a toddler and learning new words each day, she still seems like a tiny baby to me.
I can still hold her for hours rocking her to sleep (or maybe I've just built up some upper arm strength after carrying her around for 18 months..)
But I guess I have to admit that she isn't so tiny anymore.
Now we move into the 18-24 month clothing size, so I guess it's official.
Over night it seems as though she actually out grew all her old things and now actually needs all new clothes.
anyhow I rambling.
we spent the day at Springridge Farms-pumpkin patch to celebrate the big 1-8..
Lulu was feeding the goats and saying "Hiee" to all the bunnies.
She helped pick out a pumpkin and ran through a corn maze.
We missed the hay ride (maybe next year..though I don't want to think about next year quite yet)
There was a couple there with a newborn dressed up in a little pumpkin costume and they put him on a pile of pumpkins to take his picture.
He wasn't too impressed and started crying in protest, though one day I'm sure he will appreciate the photo.
I thought to myself..
yup that was me last year..tiny infant all brand new.
As I was smiling at them with that goofy
I felt someone tugging on my pant leg and I looked down and there was lulu handing me a mini orange pumpkin.
She gave me one of her adorable
"you-are-the-most-important-person-in-my-life-grins" and hugged my leg.
Happy 18th month b-day sweet lulu.
My little pumpkin.

Friday, October 20, 2006

little miss manners

warning: parental pride and gushing that is irrelevant to anyone else but us and could make for a very boring read ahead.

Lulu's vocabulary is expanding everyday.
To us it's simply amazing each time she utters a new word.
Oh my god she just said "booott" and "sue" while pointing at her feet!
She managed to get her hands on some diaper cream and generously applied it to her entire face the other day.
When she walked into my room looking like a mini mime,
big daddy and I started laughing hysterically,
then she pointed to her little bum and said
the kid doesn't miss a trick.
she loooves saying mammee and daddee and babee over and over again.
But I never get tired of hearing her call my name with her little voice.
I could be hearing things but I could swear she has a New York accent when she sais mammee.
some of her other words so far are:
ca ca = car
brrm brrm (kinda like that really annoying car commercial)= broom
dow= down
noooo=self explanatory
herro (sais into the phone)=hello
oh oh
yoi yoi= yoghurt
buck buck=chicken or cheese (at least she knows where her food comes from)
bah bah=grandma
bamp bah=grandpa
boo!=peek a boo
boo=blues clues
dou dou=favourite bunny also means wants to go to bed or got hurt and points to the spot on the bunny
licks lips and points to her mouth=bottle (hmm I wonder where she got that from....only my bottle usual comes with a cork)
uice=sippy cup
dis & dat= this & that
sssh=mouse or baby sleeping
jews =juice (no not referring to her dads side of the family)
buddy= friend
at (while tapping her head frantically)=hat
burdie=bird-first word ever spoken
each day there's something new and I'm probably forgetting a few but her most recent phrase is
sash-you and pease.
I seriously melt every time she sais that.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

good choices

there once was a time that I didn't want children.
In fact for a very long time I thought having a child would just complicate my life.
I thought I might be a terrible mother.
I thought why bring another child into this screwed up world?
I couldn't imagine how I would find a balance between maintaining a successful career and starting a family.
I was pretty content with the way my life was, why make such a huge change?
Not to sound totally shallow but the thought of getting "fat" and physically giving birth terrified me.
I worked with many people who have opted not to have kids or who probably never will.
The few friends I had with kids made it sound like hell.
One "friend" used to say to me "say good-bye to your life if you have a kid."
or "sleep? what's that?"
or "we are so only having one because ours is sooooo high maintenance" while the poor little thing was within ear shot.
Every time I saw people with kids at restaurants they seemed so frantic, scarfing down their food seeming totally frazzled and unhappy.
Having a child just seemed so daunting..
Then one day I just woke up and thought.."I think I'm ready."
Despite my trepidation, I wanted to be a mother.
I agonized for 34 years...but I felt ready.
I'm not sure what specifically triggered it (perhaps the very loud ticking of my biological clock)
But has there ever been a life decision that I've been happier about?
not really.
Having a child has truly been the single best decision I have ever made.
That's not to say I am not happy with other choices I've made in my life.
Like agreeing to go out with a really funny guy that has now been in my life for almost a decade.
yes, that's you big daddy.
But I never could have guessed that being a mother would be so rewarding and dare I say-fun?
I think back to all the negative comments I had heard about having kids and I scratch my head trying to relate to those statements.
I just can't.
My life has improved more than I could even begin to describe.
never mind saying good-bye to it, it's more like-
"hello life. Now I see what you are all about."
All the things I worried about just sort of worked themselves out.
With the exception of getting fat and feeling pretty crappy about it, that really wasn't too fun, but well worth the outcome.
Sleep. well when Lulu was an infant and yes sleep was a bit of a distant memory, I didn't mind so much.
I used to lay awake just staring at her well after she would fall back asleep.
I could stay away for 24 hours straight staring at her perfect little face.
But all you ever hear about is people complaining about lack of sleep.
It's so worth it, and it's really only for a few short months.
Though I guess that's easy for me to say now that lulu usually sleeps from 8p.m to 8a.m...
As far as thinking I only want one..because it's a lot of work.
well I'm slowly imagining another little person in our lives.
The love you feel for a child is like a drug and I think I might want more.
To be able to create a life is the best gift of all.
Not to candy coat being a parent, but it truly is the absolute best feeling ever.
The love is truly indescribable.
My heart often feels like it could explode with the love I feel for my daughter.
Having Lulu has made my relationship with my husband even stronger.
we often marvel at her both saying almost in unison "we made her".
More often than not I hear women complaining about the trials and tribulations of motherhood.
People like to complain I guess.
It definitely has it's challenging moments.
But it's so much better than I could have ever guessed.
I am so glad I ignored all the negative comments and followed my gut.
Because it lead me straight to my heart.


If ever there was the perfect day to be stuck at home with a bad cold, yesterday was it.
Cold, wet and dreary.
So I guess it wasn't just a two day hangover that had me dragging my ass.
I've got a cold.
I knew it would only be a matter of time.
It seems as though everyone I know has got something.
But so far lulu is feeling fine.
Knock on wood.
Not sure how long that will last for.
I was trying my best not to breathe on her, and I washed my hands a bout a million times.
Yesterday she was sooo sweet. It's like she knew that I was feeling crappy.
She was nice and mellow, snuggling with me on the sofa and a couple of times actually covered me with her blankie.
How adorable.
Just watching her quietly play with her books, stuffed animals, stickers and puzzles made me feel better.
By around 5 p.m. I could tell she was getting a little bit of cabin fever but other than colouring on my keyboard with washable crayons she was a complete angel all day.
This morning big daddy doesn't have to work until noon, so he has taken Lulu to her music class.
What a guy.
I didn't want to spread my sick germs to all the kids, but I didn't want Lulu to miss out on some fun,
because I'm sure today will be another day spent down in "the cave" watching treehouse.
But I have to admit I am really relieved not to have to go to music class.
The teacher is kind of a freak.
I know that sounds horrible, but it's true.
She doesn't really sing, more like yells and makes a bunch of weird animal noises.
and I know this probably sounds petty, but she has reallllly dirty bare feet.
Which realllllly grosses me out.
The first time we took a music class the teacher was amazing.
She sang beautiful children's songs and lulu really got into things.
This time around I can tell she's not into it (same with most of the other kids)
This woman is down right scary.
But I dished out $175. for 8 weeks of classes so I feel kind of obligated to go.
It amazes me how children as young as 17 months old can pick up on a vibe.
Lulu knew I was under the weather yesterday and totally was sensitive to that.
She gets the vibe that this music teacher (and I use that term loosely) is strange so she stays by my side or runs for the door.
I guess you can't underestimate a child's intuition.
Especially Lulu. She is one tuned in toddler.
I hope she gets the vibe that I still feel like crap today and is as sweet as she was yesterday.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

friday the 13th

I am definitely getting older.
It has actually taken me two full days to recuperate from Friday night.
I have really become a light weight.
perhaps I should back up a bit.
Friday I went to my friend M's surprise birthday party.
There was about 30 or so people at the restaurant.
She had no idea we were all there.
Everyone wore something red and there were gorgeous red roses on the tables, as it's M's favourite colour.
Fun, I love themes (and cool coincidence that Bono and Oprah launched the Inspi-RED campaign the same day)
Anyhow I was flying solo as Big daddy was babysitting (second time in three days..what-a-guy)
I had some champers, then some "red" wine. Had to keep with the theme.
The dinner was excellent,
Langoustine soup, Quebec farm duck foie gras, baked Sable fish, a delicious cheese plate and a chocolate mousse.
The waiter kept filling my glass.
I'm really not entirely sure how many glasses I ended up having,
but let's just say that more than just my necklace and handbag were red..
I actually had a puff of a cigarette! First time in over two years...what was I thinking?
anyhow many a topic was covered at our table, sex, politics, religion. You name it. nothing seemed to be off limits.
Fortunately everyone at the party was very fun and very cool so I had a blast.
Also I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages which is always nice.
I was hugging everyone and feelin' the love...I get very touchy huggy when I'm pissed.
Big daddy has nothing to worry about because the entire party was comprised of gay men (with maybe one or two exceptions) and a few straight women.
No wonder I was having so much fun!
I got home late, I think it was almost 2 a.m. and of course woke up the baby.
But in my drunken stupor I still managed to change her and get her back to sleep.
Big daddy was all excited because he figured a night out on the town would most definitely lead up to a little late night nookie.
But the second my head hit the pillow, it was game over for me.
poor guy.
But the thing is, that when you have a 17 month old being hung-over is irrelevant.
They don't understand that mommy's head feels like it's wedged between a vice grip.
They want to play!
Lulu decided to play with her recorder AND tambourine AND xylophone first thing in the morning.
Hurray! let's party! That will teach me..bad mommy to drink too much.
Anyhow Saturday I spent the day underground.
literally. In the basement.
But I did manage to get about six loads of laundry done, so the day wasn't a complete write off.
I had to ease my guilty conscience somehow.
I really love wine.
It's just that after a couple of glasses I forget to stop drinking it.
When big daddy is with me he tends to stick a glass of water in my hand in between glasses of wine.
It keeps me in line (and hydrated)
But when I'm on my own I really forget to edit myself and cut myself off.
Big daddy is always looking out for me (that and he finds me really annoying when I'm hung over)
But it was worth it because it was a lovely evening.
Great food, fun people, beautiful decor and delicious wine (though a bit too much of it)
All in all, a very lucky Friday the 13th.
unfortunately a bit of an unlucky Saturday the 14th (and okay the first half of Sunday the 15th)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Runaway burger

I have to admit, I am not a fast food kinda gal.
Never have been.
Never will be.
But I remember as a kid getting my first Happy Meal at Mcdonalds very clearly,
because it wasn't everyday that we got to eat at Rotten Ronnie's.
I was around 9 or 10 and I was running away from home.
Yes, I was a bit of a drama queen even back then.
I packed up my cabbage patch doll, a P.B & J sandwich and I hopped on my banana seat red bike and I was outta there!
I made it all the way to the local playground.
Two whole streets away.
I remember my friends gathering around to help me plan my survival in the great outdoors.
Isabelle was going to bring me her flashlight and a sleeping bag.
Jane offered up a tuna casserole her mom had made the night before.
Camillo was gonna bring me an extra blanket and some more P.B & J sandwiches.
You can never have enough peanut butter & jam.
I was set.
I could live in the woods.
Live off the land. (and my friends mom's leftovers)
My mom would be sorry for getting mad at me for eating candy on the brand new sofa and getting it everywhere...
Anyhow, I was straddling a chain-link fence while planning my great escape into mother nature.
When I went to get down, let's just say a large piece of chain-link wasn't linked.
So I got a huge nine inch gash down my inner thigh.
It wasn't pretty.
So my friend Jane ran home to get her dad.
He called my parents and I went to the hospital to receive a bunch of stitches. Around 18 or so.
My mom and dad felt so bad.
My runaway plan lasted all of 2 hours.
no search party had been deployed.
My parents didn't even really know I had run away yet.
But as my mom sat with me holding my hand as I felt each suture, I'm the one who felt bad.
Not just because of some huge gash in my leg and the excruciating pain from each tiny needle,
but for making my mom so upset.
I seriously still feel guilty about that 25 years later.
note to self. talk to therapist about 25 year old guilt issues...
So what the hell does all of this have to do with burgers and fast food?
well on the way home from the hospital we made a pit stop at McDonalds.
My very first Happy Meal.
It did the trick because it certainly did make me happy.
I think they even got me a "Me I'm The One" orange knapsack.
Anyone remember that campaign?
Any-who, McDonalds isn't really a place you would find me these days.
In fact I can't remember the last time I was there.
Maybe 15 years or so.
But I still get the odd craving for a burger.
And I have found what I think is a pretty kick ass burger place.
It's kind of a cross between Harvey's & Licks- you get to choose your own toppings and the pickles are in abundance.
But fortunately there's not some pimply teenager singing out my order.
I would hate to be an employee at Licks let me tell you.
It's like pure torture watching those kids burger on the fly....
It's hip like Hero Burger but without the attitude and unlike Hero Burger this place has fresh lettuce and tomato.
Hero Burger gives you a tsk tsk if you even ask for it. what's up with that?
Anyhow it's owned by NewYork Fries so yes, it's one of the big boys.
But it's good. Very good.
The name of this Burger joint.
Oh yes.
South St. Burger.
Another good find.
F.Y.I. the burger in this shot is actually the kiddie burger.
They don't mess around.
It's the real deal.
Let's just hope Lulu doesn't get any ideas when she's around nine years old and wants to teach me a lesson or two...

Monday, October 09, 2006


It's a good thing that there is a specific day on the calendar to remind me to take a step back and figure out exactly what I have to be thankful for.
It's pretty easy to get caught up in all the things you WANT out of life, instead of just being grateful for all the things you already HAVE.
Over the past few years I have plenty to be thankful for, and I am feeling especially grateful this year in particular.
so here are a few of the things that I am pretty thankful for in my life.

I can't really put into words how grateful I am to have such a beautiful daughter & loving husband.
These two people are the reason I smile every single day and they give me more happiness than I could ever imagine.
well at least the majority of the time....
I am also fortunate to have such supportive and loving parents that are a very big part of my life.
I couldn't imagine not being able to chat on the phone or seeing them on such a regular basis.
All the extended family, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and my Nan.
A very quirky, but very close group of people, that I am very proud to call my family.
and yes this even includes Big daddy's side of the family...those crazy in-laws...but you gotta love'em.
Family is really the most important thing to me.

in addition to having such a great family I am really thankful to have so many good people in our life.
Having such an ecclectic group of friends, is something I am really grateful for.
I just wish I was able to see them more often.
it's amazing how busy life can be.
But whether I get the chance to visit in person or just have the occasional phone call or email,
I'm glad to have each one of them in my life.

It's a shame that most of us don't really appreciate our good health until it's too late and we get sick.
I have watched a few people in my life deal with poor health, and it's really unfortunate and frustrating.
I'm feeling especially lucky these days to be feeling probably the healthiest I've ever been.
I guess I can attribute that to excercise, a healthy diet and lower stress levels.
Damn, I hope I didn't just jinx myself...I'm going to take a multi vitamin...

I really love my country. city. neighbourhood. street.
"oh canada, our home and native....blah blah blah"
hi my name is corn ball and I AM CanadIAN!
but seriously,
It's pretty easy to look at other houses in better neighbourhoods and think, I want that.
But today I'm really trying to think, this is MY street, and how lucky am I to live here?
Okay okay, if I could really have it my way I would be saying....this is MY vineyard....
while sitting on my verandah of my chateau, in Chalon Sur-Saone in the heart of Burgundy france.
or err...geez I'm gratefull for my 1920's style semi in mid town toronto.....
uh yeah, I am thankful for that.

It's so great to be able to do what you love.
and both big daddy and I do just that.
It's pretty great being able to go to work and (for the most part) enjoy the projects you get to work on.
I'm also EXTREMELY grateful that we are in a pretty unique position that allows me the opportunity to continue working
part-time/free-lance and raise our daughter full time.
I am reallllly grateful that I have that option, when I know so many women who are not as fortunate.
I am very very thankful for that.
though I have to admit, lately I have been really missing being able to work more and take on more jobs.
But more on that in another post.
Today I am just thankful for where I'm at.

I am so glad to live in a climate that has four distinct seasons.
Especially autumn.
The colour of the the leaves these days leaves me speechless.
We spent the weekend taking long walks looking at all the georgous colours.
It's natures way of reminding us to pay attention....

There's so many other things that I'm thankful for, even the small stuff...
Like for example,
the roasted maple pecan nuts and aged Alex Farm Cheddar we had yesterday.
Or the bottle of 2000 Stratus White we enjoyed with our Organic free range Cumbrae's turkey breast with an orange, wiskey glaze...
or the tarragon mashed potatoes...
or the carmelized shallot green beans...
or the roasted acorn squash...
or the individual homemade pumpkin flans....
But best of all, I grateful for the leftovers....mmm.
happy thanksgiving!
what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

true love

I've been to a fair amount of weddings in my 35 years.
I've been a flower girl, and also a bride.
Thankfully never a bride's maid...I look horrible in lavender.
One summer I actually went to seven weddings.
Four out of those seven are no longer married.
I've been to huge weddings with dry ice and 12 course meals.
I've also been to small intimate ceremonies.
I've been to a same sex marriage at city hall when it first became legal in Canada.
I've been to interesting mixed cultural and religious ceremonies.
One wedding was half Jamaican and half Scottish, think bagpipes & kilts mixed with steel drums.
tons of fun at that one!
I myself only had five people at my "wedding" not including the J.P. myself and big daddy.
There have been times when I watched a couple say "I do" and I just had this feeling that "they won't".
It's a shame really, but marriage is not always forever for some people.
But Saturday we were at a wedding where I saw first hand what true love looked like.
The wedding was simple and beautiful.
The bride was absolutely gorgeous in her stunning vintage gown.
she looked totally amazing.
The reception was at a fabulous restaurant called George downtown.
excellent food and really nice atmosphere.
But the speech given by the groom was really what made it memorable.
In fact all the guys at our table were getting kicked or nudged under the table...
"you never said anything quite like that honey!!"
These are two people that you could just feel are complete soul mates.
I'm grateful to have been invited to share the day with them.
It did get me thinking about my soul mate.
Big daddy.
We haven't been as focused on each other as we used to be pre-lulu.
I always said "oh when we have a child our relationship won't change"
yeah right.
I also said I would never let a child of mine watch t.v.
All I can say to that idiotic pre-baby statement is
"thank god for Tree House!"
But our relationship has changed.
not necessarily for the worse.
It's just different.
In some ways we are probably more connected than before.
How can we not be, when we are reminded of our love every day that we get to watch Lulu grow and develop as a person?
But it certainly is easy to take that love for granted.
Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and you realize you can't remember the last time you actually said..
I love you.
So big daddy if you are reading (and I know you are) I just wanted to tell you that I love you.
And though I may seem distracted and not tuned into our love, it's still there.
and always will be...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new kid in town

the other day I was at our local Starbucks and couldn't help but notice the strong smell of sour milk combined with dirty mop.
mmmm....makes me want to spend five bucks on a coffee..
But it's familiar, and after several years I've finally figured out how to order my Latte in "starbucks speak" without feeling like an idiot.
In a pinch you can always depend on a change table (though the cleanliness of the bathrooms is also pretty lacking)
and their nature bars are also pretty handy when you realize it's 3 p.m. and you haven't eaten all day.
But if I'm in a neighbourhood that has a cute independent coffee shop I will usually try to give them my business.
Jet Fuel, Moon Bean, that really good Brazilian place on the corner in Kensington Market, I think it's called Casa Acoreana,
The Montreal Bagel Company in Yorkville, Patachou, Clafouti...
But child friendly they are not.
So nine times out of ten we end up at the 'Bucks.
But yesterday while walking down bloor St. I noticed that something had moved onto the corner across from the Windsor Arms Hotel.
Is It a Spa?
A new clothing store?
A restaurant?
we went to investigate.
A coffee shop!
Three levels of beautifully designed interior.
Big bright windows with lots of great seating over-looking Bloor St.
Interesting wall paper with bright turquoise accents.
Linen pillows from Fluff on Queen st.
Very cool music playing.
Delicious Chai tea (the real stuff not that syrupy stuff like across the street) and they only use Fair Trade Coffee.
Beautiful packaging and funky coffee cups.
They even had a mini kids section with books and crayons!
But the best was the washroom.
By far the cleanest I've been to in a while, and BOTH the men's and women's had stainless change tables!
It just opened last week, and I'm sure it will eventually be next to impossible to get a table there when people figure out what it is exactly.
But in the mean time if you are on Bloor st. Check it out.
Far Coast
95 bloor st.
You won't be disappointed.