Wednesday, October 04, 2006

true love

I've been to a fair amount of weddings in my 35 years.
I've been a flower girl, and also a bride.
Thankfully never a bride's maid...I look horrible in lavender.
One summer I actually went to seven weddings.
Four out of those seven are no longer married.
I've been to huge weddings with dry ice and 12 course meals.
I've also been to small intimate ceremonies.
I've been to a same sex marriage at city hall when it first became legal in Canada.
I've been to interesting mixed cultural and religious ceremonies.
One wedding was half Jamaican and half Scottish, think bagpipes & kilts mixed with steel drums.
tons of fun at that one!
I myself only had five people at my "wedding" not including the J.P. myself and big daddy.
There have been times when I watched a couple say "I do" and I just had this feeling that "they won't".
It's a shame really, but marriage is not always forever for some people.
But Saturday we were at a wedding where I saw first hand what true love looked like.
The wedding was simple and beautiful.
The bride was absolutely gorgeous in her stunning vintage gown.
she looked totally amazing.
The reception was at a fabulous restaurant called George downtown.
excellent food and really nice atmosphere.
But the speech given by the groom was really what made it memorable.
In fact all the guys at our table were getting kicked or nudged under the table...
"you never said anything quite like that honey!!"
These are two people that you could just feel are complete soul mates.
I'm grateful to have been invited to share the day with them.
It did get me thinking about my soul mate.
Big daddy.
We haven't been as focused on each other as we used to be pre-lulu.
I always said "oh when we have a child our relationship won't change"
yeah right.
I also said I would never let a child of mine watch t.v.
All I can say to that idiotic pre-baby statement is
"thank god for Tree House!"
But our relationship has changed.
not necessarily for the worse.
It's just different.
In some ways we are probably more connected than before.
How can we not be, when we are reminded of our love every day that we get to watch Lulu grow and develop as a person?
But it certainly is easy to take that love for granted.
Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and you realize you can't remember the last time you actually said..
I love you.
So big daddy if you are reading (and I know you are) I just wanted to tell you that I love you.
And though I may seem distracted and not tuned into our love, it's still there.
and always will be...


Gabriella said...

nicely said.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I hear ya. We started a new (old, really) rule in our house soon after having Chicky Baby: Whoever leaves the house can't leave without telling the other one(s) 'I love you'. I feel very strongly about that one.

btw, that wedding you described that you recently went to sounds wonderful.

metro mama said...

What a lovely post.

George is on our list to try--a few people have recommended it now.

kittenpie said...

Oh, nice. Sweet, but not sappy. Misterpie has a rule that we don't go to sleep without a goodnight kiss. I have taught myself to say I love him any time I think it.

scarbie doll said...

We just went through this. I caught the Dog staring at me and I asked, "What?" He said, "You're lovely." And I started bawling. It's like I totally forgot he felt that about me. Even though it's there, we're too busy staring at our love from a distance, through Nate.

Anyway, went to three weddings in the last three weekends -- so I know that too!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady
thanks for your beautiful updates!
It's great to see what's going on in your world.
Kisses to M & L.