Friday, October 20, 2006

little miss manners

warning: parental pride and gushing that is irrelevant to anyone else but us and could make for a very boring read ahead.

Lulu's vocabulary is expanding everyday.
To us it's simply amazing each time she utters a new word.
Oh my god she just said "booott" and "sue" while pointing at her feet!
She managed to get her hands on some diaper cream and generously applied it to her entire face the other day.
When she walked into my room looking like a mini mime,
big daddy and I started laughing hysterically,
then she pointed to her little bum and said
the kid doesn't miss a trick.
she loooves saying mammee and daddee and babee over and over again.
But I never get tired of hearing her call my name with her little voice.
I could be hearing things but I could swear she has a New York accent when she sais mammee.
some of her other words so far are:
ca ca = car
brrm brrm (kinda like that really annoying car commercial)= broom
dow= down
noooo=self explanatory
herro (sais into the phone)=hello
oh oh
yoi yoi= yoghurt
buck buck=chicken or cheese (at least she knows where her food comes from)
bah bah=grandma
bamp bah=grandpa
boo!=peek a boo
boo=blues clues
dou dou=favourite bunny also means wants to go to bed or got hurt and points to the spot on the bunny
licks lips and points to her mouth=bottle (hmm I wonder where she got that from....only my bottle usual comes with a cork)
uice=sippy cup
dis & dat= this & that
sssh=mouse or baby sleeping
jews =juice (no not referring to her dads side of the family)
buddy= friend
at (while tapping her head frantically)=hat
burdie=bird-first word ever spoken
each day there's something new and I'm probably forgetting a few but her most recent phrase is
sash-you and pease.
I seriously melt every time she sais that.


kittenpie said...

Oh, I so love the language explosion. Fascinating to watch them figure out where all the pieces go and how fast they hoover up information and start applying it to their world. I think it might be my favourite thing so far, and it just keeps on growing, with ever more sophistication.

sunshine scribe said...

You should be gushing. Yay Lulu! Sash-you ... melt

penelopeto said...

nothin' better, is there?
love the juice explanation - when bee started babbling, her most-used 'phrase' was 'degoy, degoy, degoy' - we also joked that she was referring to her father's side!