Friday, October 13, 2006

Runaway burger

I have to admit, I am not a fast food kinda gal.
Never have been.
Never will be.
But I remember as a kid getting my first Happy Meal at Mcdonalds very clearly,
because it wasn't everyday that we got to eat at Rotten Ronnie's.
I was around 9 or 10 and I was running away from home.
Yes, I was a bit of a drama queen even back then.
I packed up my cabbage patch doll, a P.B & J sandwich and I hopped on my banana seat red bike and I was outta there!
I made it all the way to the local playground.
Two whole streets away.
I remember my friends gathering around to help me plan my survival in the great outdoors.
Isabelle was going to bring me her flashlight and a sleeping bag.
Jane offered up a tuna casserole her mom had made the night before.
Camillo was gonna bring me an extra blanket and some more P.B & J sandwiches.
You can never have enough peanut butter & jam.
I was set.
I could live in the woods.
Live off the land. (and my friends mom's leftovers)
My mom would be sorry for getting mad at me for eating candy on the brand new sofa and getting it everywhere...
Anyhow, I was straddling a chain-link fence while planning my great escape into mother nature.
When I went to get down, let's just say a large piece of chain-link wasn't linked.
So I got a huge nine inch gash down my inner thigh.
It wasn't pretty.
So my friend Jane ran home to get her dad.
He called my parents and I went to the hospital to receive a bunch of stitches. Around 18 or so.
My mom and dad felt so bad.
My runaway plan lasted all of 2 hours.
no search party had been deployed.
My parents didn't even really know I had run away yet.
But as my mom sat with me holding my hand as I felt each suture, I'm the one who felt bad.
Not just because of some huge gash in my leg and the excruciating pain from each tiny needle,
but for making my mom so upset.
I seriously still feel guilty about that 25 years later.
note to self. talk to therapist about 25 year old guilt issues...
So what the hell does all of this have to do with burgers and fast food?
well on the way home from the hospital we made a pit stop at McDonalds.
My very first Happy Meal.
It did the trick because it certainly did make me happy.
I think they even got me a "Me I'm The One" orange knapsack.
Anyone remember that campaign?
Any-who, McDonalds isn't really a place you would find me these days.
In fact I can't remember the last time I was there.
Maybe 15 years or so.
But I still get the odd craving for a burger.
And I have found what I think is a pretty kick ass burger place.
It's kind of a cross between Harvey's & Licks- you get to choose your own toppings and the pickles are in abundance.
But fortunately there's not some pimply teenager singing out my order.
I would hate to be an employee at Licks let me tell you.
It's like pure torture watching those kids burger on the fly....
It's hip like Hero Burger but without the attitude and unlike Hero Burger this place has fresh lettuce and tomato.
Hero Burger gives you a tsk tsk if you even ask for it. what's up with that?
Anyhow it's owned by NewYork Fries so yes, it's one of the big boys.
But it's good. Very good.
The name of this Burger joint.
Oh yes.
South St. Burger.
Another good find.
F.Y.I. the burger in this shot is actually the kiddie burger.
They don't mess around.
It's the real deal.
Let's just hope Lulu doesn't get any ideas when she's around nine years old and wants to teach me a lesson or two...


metro mama said...

Kubo Radio has the Yummy Burger: peking duck/beef chuck/panko onion ring wasabi slaw on sesame bun.

And they deliver! Good times.

kittenpie said...

Sounds worth a try! WE have a Licks in our neighbourhood, which is nice, and of course a Harvey's at Home Depot and yeah, they top my list of eat-out burgers for now.

myredwagon said...

sounds yummy - where is it?

petite gourmand said...

metro mama- I am so going to Kubo for one of those burgers...they sound awesome.
myredwagon- I just added a link with the info.
we actually had veggie burgers on the weekend and they were okay, not as good as our first experience there.