Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new kid in town

the other day I was at our local Starbucks and couldn't help but notice the strong smell of sour milk combined with dirty mop.
mmmm....makes me want to spend five bucks on a coffee..
But it's familiar, and after several years I've finally figured out how to order my Latte in "starbucks speak" without feeling like an idiot.
In a pinch you can always depend on a change table (though the cleanliness of the bathrooms is also pretty lacking)
and their nature bars are also pretty handy when you realize it's 3 p.m. and you haven't eaten all day.
But if I'm in a neighbourhood that has a cute independent coffee shop I will usually try to give them my business.
Jet Fuel, Moon Bean, that really good Brazilian place on the corner in Kensington Market, I think it's called Casa Acoreana,
The Montreal Bagel Company in Yorkville, Patachou, Clafouti...
But child friendly they are not.
So nine times out of ten we end up at the 'Bucks.
But yesterday while walking down bloor St. I noticed that something had moved onto the corner across from the Windsor Arms Hotel.
Is It a Spa?
A new clothing store?
A restaurant?
we went to investigate.
A coffee shop!
Three levels of beautifully designed interior.
Big bright windows with lots of great seating over-looking Bloor St.
Interesting wall paper with bright turquoise accents.
Linen pillows from Fluff on Queen st.
Very cool music playing.
Delicious Chai tea (the real stuff not that syrupy stuff like across the street) and they only use Fair Trade Coffee.
Beautiful packaging and funky coffee cups.
They even had a mini kids section with books and crayons!
But the best was the washroom.
By far the cleanest I've been to in a while, and BOTH the men's and women's had stainless change tables!
It just opened last week, and I'm sure it will eventually be next to impossible to get a table there when people figure out what it is exactly.
But in the mean time if you are on Bloor st. Check it out.
Far Coast
95 bloor st.
You won't be disappointed.


Gabriella said...

i really have to move away from Brampton. it's funny, before i had a baby living in suburbia was ok, mainly because I drove to my work in Toronto. Now that i'm home lugging Samantha into the car to drive to the nearest shopping centre is horrible. So who knows maybe I can convince the husband to pack up and leave!

Gabriella said...

actually just read an article on this coffee store, it's owned by Coke!

scarbie doll said...

Ah! Bri beat me to it. Yeah, owned by Coke. But super freaking cute huh? We fell for it on our way to Word on the Street.

petite gourmand said...

I knew it was too good to be true.
they will have to sell a lot of coffee to pay that rent.
oh well...it's getting more and more difficult to avoid the corporate giants.
I guess now I won't feel too guilty if we get some prime real estate there and set up camp for a couple of hours after only purchasing a tea.