Tuesday, October 24, 2006

18 months of sweetness

Today Lulu is officially 18 months old.
In some ways it seems like time has flown by and in others ways I can barely remember what life was like before Lulu came into our lives.
For the past while I have been feeling especially sentimental (the past few posts are the sappiest for me to date) and today is no exception.
Each day when I think that it is near impossible for lulu to be any cuter, she surprises me by becoming even more adorable.
All moms talk about their kids this way right?
any-who, lately I wish I could just freeze time so that I could just enjoy her sweetness just a little bit longer.
damn, she just melts my heart.
I can barely believe she is already a year and a half.
It feels like yesterday that she could barely sit up on her own..
when I heard other mothers say that their kids were 18 months old I thought that sounded so far away...
so old..
But as much as Lulu is every bit a toddler and learning new words each day, she still seems like a tiny baby to me.
I can still hold her for hours rocking her to sleep (or maybe I've just built up some upper arm strength after carrying her around for 18 months..)
But I guess I have to admit that she isn't so tiny anymore.
Now we move into the 18-24 month clothing size, so I guess it's official.
Over night it seems as though she actually out grew all her old things and now actually needs all new clothes.
anyhow I rambling.
we spent the day at Springridge Farms-pumpkin patch to celebrate the big 1-8..
Lulu was feeding the goats and saying "Hiee" to all the bunnies.
She helped pick out a pumpkin and ran through a corn maze.
We missed the hay ride (maybe next year..though I don't want to think about next year quite yet)
There was a couple there with a newborn dressed up in a little pumpkin costume and they put him on a pile of pumpkins to take his picture.
He wasn't too impressed and started crying in protest, though one day I'm sure he will appreciate the photo.
I thought to myself..
yup that was me last year..tiny infant all brand new.
As I was smiling at them with that goofy
I felt someone tugging on my pant leg and I looked down and there was lulu handing me a mini orange pumpkin.
She gave me one of her adorable
"you-are-the-most-important-person-in-my-life-grins" and hugged my leg.
Happy 18th month b-day sweet lulu.
My little pumpkin.


metro mama said...

I'm the same way. This is such a great age. I keep saying that--it keeps getting better and better.

kittenpie said...

I know, I totally know.

The other day I said my very first, "You don't have to grow up so fast, you know, honey."

I never felt that way when she was a baby, but right now, this week, she's just perfection and how could it get any better?

myredwagon said...

I love hearing about all the things to come. I've been doing this crazy count down until her first birthday - like once she hits that well I don't know. Silly. But this gives me something to look forward to...thanks. She's sounds adorable.

myredwagon said...

let's set a coffee date - you can reach me at larkspur.papery@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for a while and I just love it! I found it from the link on Rebecca Eckler's blog. I am a 26 yr old lawyer in Toronto who is married and hopes one day soon to be a mom who is as happy as you are.

penelopeto said...

so so beautiful. thanks for making me cry.
i absolutely could have written this, word for word including the pumpkin patch incident (though we were at downey's farm and we hopped on the wagon ride).
you're so right; i remember when bee was new and someone with a toddler came up to us - i felt like we were worlds apart.
amazing how time flies.
your lulu is adorable.