Sunday, October 15, 2006

friday the 13th

I am definitely getting older.
It has actually taken me two full days to recuperate from Friday night.
I have really become a light weight.
perhaps I should back up a bit.
Friday I went to my friend M's surprise birthday party.
There was about 30 or so people at the restaurant.
She had no idea we were all there.
Everyone wore something red and there were gorgeous red roses on the tables, as it's M's favourite colour.
Fun, I love themes (and cool coincidence that Bono and Oprah launched the Inspi-RED campaign the same day)
Anyhow I was flying solo as Big daddy was babysitting (second time in three days..what-a-guy)
I had some champers, then some "red" wine. Had to keep with the theme.
The dinner was excellent,
Langoustine soup, Quebec farm duck foie gras, baked Sable fish, a delicious cheese plate and a chocolate mousse.
The waiter kept filling my glass.
I'm really not entirely sure how many glasses I ended up having,
but let's just say that more than just my necklace and handbag were red..
I actually had a puff of a cigarette! First time in over two years...what was I thinking?
anyhow many a topic was covered at our table, sex, politics, religion. You name it. nothing seemed to be off limits.
Fortunately everyone at the party was very fun and very cool so I had a blast.
Also I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages which is always nice.
I was hugging everyone and feelin' the love...I get very touchy huggy when I'm pissed.
Big daddy has nothing to worry about because the entire party was comprised of gay men (with maybe one or two exceptions) and a few straight women.
No wonder I was having so much fun!
I got home late, I think it was almost 2 a.m. and of course woke up the baby.
But in my drunken stupor I still managed to change her and get her back to sleep.
Big daddy was all excited because he figured a night out on the town would most definitely lead up to a little late night nookie.
But the second my head hit the pillow, it was game over for me.
poor guy.
But the thing is, that when you have a 17 month old being hung-over is irrelevant.
They don't understand that mommy's head feels like it's wedged between a vice grip.
They want to play!
Lulu decided to play with her recorder AND tambourine AND xylophone first thing in the morning.
Hurray! let's party! That will teach me..bad mommy to drink too much.
Anyhow Saturday I spent the day underground.
literally. In the basement.
But I did manage to get about six loads of laundry done, so the day wasn't a complete write off.
I had to ease my guilty conscience somehow.
I really love wine.
It's just that after a couple of glasses I forget to stop drinking it.
When big daddy is with me he tends to stick a glass of water in my hand in between glasses of wine.
It keeps me in line (and hydrated)
But when I'm on my own I really forget to edit myself and cut myself off.
Big daddy is always looking out for me (that and he finds me really annoying when I'm hung over)
But it was worth it because it was a lovely evening.
Great food, fun people, beautiful decor and delicious wine (though a bit too much of it)
All in all, a very lucky Friday the 13th.
unfortunately a bit of an unlucky Saturday the 14th (and okay the first half of Sunday the 15th)


Gabriella said...

sounds like a great time!!! I miss the drinking days, but find that the next day's hangover stops me now from drinking too much. Must be a true sign of my age :(

kittenpie said...

Yeah it's especially annoying to look after someone who went out and partied without you!

Sounds like a good time was had, though, and we need those sometimes, we mommies do.

metro mama said...

Glad I'm not the only one that happens to! Sean tends to bring me water too, which I forget to do on my own.

Sheena said...

heh heh...
poor thing.

sunshine scribe said...

Fellow light-weight here. At least the 13th was fun :)

Her Bad Mother said...

Drunk diaper wrangling - you are living on the EDGE, sweetie!

myredwagon said...

oh the day and a half hangover...sounds like it was so worth it.