Saturday, September 30, 2006

eye of the tiger

argh, two weekends in a row without our little buddy.
We have a wedding to go to tonight (and another party afterwards) so my parents came into town yesterday and took Lulu to Niagara with them until Sunday.
She always has a blast with them, and my parents are really over the moon when they get to have her all to themselves.
I guess I'm okay with that.
I know I know, how lucky am I to have family close by to help out?
I am grateful.
But it is kind of strange to not have her around.
Like this morning for example.
I found myself creeping down the hallway trying not to step on the creakier parts of our old wood floors in front of lulu's bedroom.
Oh...that's right...she's not cuddled up in her crib surrounded by Mr.Lambie and Dou Dou her favourite bunny...
But I'm sure she is livin the good life with her grandparents as I type this.
The bonus is that big daddy and I get to go out and play and stay out as late as we want.
Or at least as late as we are physically able to keep our eyes open for.
So last night we bundled up lulu and put her in baba and babaa's car (grandma & grandpa) and we went our separate ways.
we decided to go to Czehoski on Queen.
we had a few glasses of wine upstairs at the bar.
It was my first time upstairs and not my last.
They have a cozy fireplace, nice big windows over looking Queen St. and comfy booths.
The music was pure eighties.
which was kind of cool, because it was making me flash back and feel young again and really made it feel like we were on a bonafide date.
Big daddy and I were chatting up a storm.
which was really nice.
Especially since the conversation was not just me asking about his day or me talking about what lulu did at the park that day.
It was a real conversation about our goals & interesting creative projects we want to work on together.
That to me, is about as sexy as it gets.
speaking of sexy...
there were two guys sitting next to us, one I recognized.
There was a reality T.V. show called the Lofters (a Canadian version of Big Brother) from a few years ago that eventually got cancelled.
Mostly because of the lame-o's living in the loft and a lack of interested viewers.
with the exception of Donny.
A very handsome devil from the east-coast.
specifically Newfoundland, and although I'm biased, how can you not love a Newf.?
anyhow we ended up chatting with him.
me pretending I had no idea who he was, and had never seen him on a live feed in his boxer shorts at 3 a.m.
sure enough, he is a really sweet guy and not too hard on the eyes either.
Why he was out with some loud guy and not some gorgeous babe is beyond me...that boy is a real catch.
we eventually went down stairs to the dining room for a late dinner.
I had a porcini consomme and truffled perogies (comfort food at it's finest)
big daddy had the cumbraes's steak special which was yummy.
The food was okay but really it's all about the vibe at Czehoski.
The wait-staff and hostess were super friendly and fun.
people were having a good time and there was no pretension to be found.
I mean how much more down to earth can you get when Steely Dan's "are you reelin in the years" is cranked?
You can't help but to flash back to sitting in front of a camp fire with bad hair, frosty pink lipstick, drinking Black Label beer...
Though we did decide to get the check when "Eye of the Tiger" by a band called Survivor started playing.
Think Rocky IV.
Some things from the eighties should stay in the eighties.


Sheena said...

Oh! I've had Czehoski on my list since early summer when I heard the proprietor on CBC during that Prix-Fixe festival. Have pressed my nose up against the window and looked at the menu, but always said "let's come back on the weekend" because we didn't want to have to rush thru it while we were on our way to something else. Thanks!!!

myredwagon said...

Stowin' away the time
Are you gatherin' up the tears
Have you had enough of mine.....haven't heard that song in ages. fun.

Lisa b said...

I am sooo jealous. I am dying to eat there.

kittenpie said...

Sounds like a good night out... what's that like?

Heh - I remember our teacher in grade five teaching us to sing Eye of the Tiger for choir, of all things! Can you imagine?