Tuesday, October 02, 2007

dancing tutu

Well the day has officially arrived.
the day my in-laws fly into town.
I'm hoping for a nice visit with them.
we get along really well and bonus- they are staying at a hotel!
(there are some definite advantages to living in a small city house.)
But really it's all about lulu hangin with her "other" grandparents for the week and having a good time and bonding with them.
and heck I might even see if they are up for a little baby-sitting while they are here.
they are here to see Lulu after-all, not me.

speaking of Lulu...
I signed her up for a ballet class.
what a joke.
not so much ballet-per say. more like chaos with a bunch of 2-3 year olds.
the first week the class was full (12 kids total) this week only half showed up.
and most were crying and refusing to participate.
can't really blame them as they crank up really bad "Barney music" and just ran around the room.
who wants to dance to that?
not my Lulu.
She flat out told me she doesn't like the music.
then proceeded to turn off the stereo. oops.
"it too loud mommy- I don't like it!"
She also hates the show and always asks me to "turn it off"!
A very proud moment as a parent.
when we dance around our house, I'm a bit pickier when it comes to what we listen too.
But ballet- in my humble opinion- would be better accompanied by some soft and soothing classical.
Like perhaps a little Tchaikovsky- Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty or The Nutcracker??
just a thought.
but I'm too chicken to say anything.
maybe I should.
besides, maybe there's some sane or rational reason for exposing kids to really really loud Barney music first thing on a Monday morning..
wonder what it could possibly be?
Maybe the kids are just too young for dance "lessons" and need to just have fun expressing themselves.
either way it is totally worth it being able to see her in that outfit.
too too cute.
The grandparents are going to melt.

oh and speaking of grandparents...
while at Nortown picking up some Matzo Ball soup and an assortment of other kosher goodies today
(okay so I'm totally kissing ass and sucking up to my in-laws)
this woman who works in the plaza asks me how old Lulu is on my way out.
harmless question.
um two and a half.
Oh I have a two year old too.
then she follows us to the car and gives lulu a plastic orange grocery bag for trick-or-treating.
I had my arms full with a big green bin for my groceries.
does it look like we want a plastic bag lady?
and besides- it's not really smart to give young children empty plastic bags...
but I politely said thank-you. great..uh huh. yup okay.
she kept following us asking me all kinds of questions.
why is the car seat in the middle and not on the side, what kind of car seat is it? does lulu go to day-care?
do I work? what do I do? what are my hours? do I live near by?
mean while, I was trying to make sure Lulu doesn't get hit by a car in this busy parking lot, and hurry the hell up so I could get home and feed her and make it home in time for her nap.
well that and I wanted to get the hell away from this lady.
At one point she was blocking my way and I couldn't get into the driver's seat.
I actually had to say okay- I have to go. can you move please?!
I think she was just "slow" and probably meant no harm. but then again, who knows?
I do know that it was super irritating.
Even lulu was suspicious.
"why that lady put her head in the car mommy?"
"who that lady?"
"drive fast!"
good idea Lulu.


Sarah said...

Ahhh...someone else in the Monday morning "ballet" class. Glad others kids have melted down (since Luce had a doozie last week). Good luck with the in-laws. And watch out for those creeps at the store! ha!

Gabriella said...

Barney for a ballet class???? That's awful, I don't blame Lulu one bit for turning off the stereo! What happened to learning ballet to classical music!

Oh yeah definetly creepy lady, sometimes I've gotten those questions and I actually pretend I don't speak English.

I'll be looking out for your show tonite! Congrats!

A Peanut's Life said...

Lulu looks so cute in that outfit! Too cute for words, but barney in ballet sounds a bit suspicious. Not that everything needs to be structured, but calling something ballet and playing Barney is a bit of a joke.

Lady might have been harmless and isn't clued into social cues, but scary none the less and always better to be safe than sorry.

motherbumper said...

Very cute outfit - I'd love to get B into something like that - as long as it doesn't involve Barney music! OMG please say something and save these toddlers. I'd be a bit chicken but if done just right, they will probably appreciate it. You can do it! I've got your back!

Gabriella said...

Caught the last 10 minutes of the show! Cutie hubs! And lucky you to be on my 2nd fav show, if you were on my 1st fav show, Design Inc, you'd be my hero!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

My blogging friend, Laural sent me here to read about your ballet post. I had to giggle because my 2 1/2 year old started ballet class 3 weeks ago and we have been having some challenges!
I have to say that ours isn't really ballet class either. It's little girls running around in their leotards, moving to up beat music...however, if this is how they start them to get them interested in dance, I'm game! But, Barney? That's a bit too much for me.
Our class started with Doodlebops, not much better, but a bit more up to date I guess!

mamatulip said...

LOL about the ballet class...sounds like a good headachey time.

People that are so up close and personal with me -- especially strangers -- really annoy me. And creep me out.

kittenpie said...

There is a ballet class starting in my neighbourhood, at the church where I took ballet as a child, but I work at the same time, so it won't work. I think Pumpkinpie might get a kick out of it, especially since (bad parent!) I missed the signup date for the Parks& Rec gymnastics classes I was originally planning to put her in. Oh well, maybe skating this winter...

But that lady? Creepy. That's way past the point where I would have decided that polite was no longer necessary. Yeesh.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

barney for ballet? Not so cool. But how cute is she?!

That lady would have creeped me out, too. You were nicer then I would have been, that's for sure!