Thursday, October 22, 2009

dirty dancing

I'm not sure if it's just me and I'm turning into a complete prude or that So You Think You Can Dance Canada is a little over the top when it comes to "sexy" dance numbers this season.
I find myself blushing while watching some of the routines- and not in a good way.
More like cringing- and wondering if it would be weird to have someones sweaty crotch in you face on national television.
I used to think it was okay if Lulu happen to watch a bit of the show with me, but these days I would never let her watch any of the raunchy routines.
I mean some of the dancers are practically dry humping on stage. (especially Luther's routines)
tsk tsk.
not what I think qualifies as good dance.
S.Y.T.Y.C.D American version is so much more wholesome.
And better.
Are we just much more skanky north of the border?
Do we really want to see that kind of bump & grinding?
and why are the costumes so much more "euro- trash" than our neighbours to the south?
I don't remember it being this way last year- and maybe they have just run out of ideas and inspiration.
Either way I'm glad it will be over and done with this Sunday so I can watch some good routines on the U.S version.
Sans Mia


Lynn said...

I've let my older kids (6 and 5) watch the last couple of seasons with me, and this summer's season of the American version will be their last. I also thought it was kind of good, family fun but then my kids started trying to recreate some of the numbers NOT GOOD.

I'm not sure that the Canadian one is any worse than the American any case either are now off limits for kids in our house.

I miss Mia already. Maybe she'll start a cult and I can join!

Haley-O said...

Bite thy tongue! So You Think You Can Dance Canada rocks this year. BUT, it has gone a bit too far with the sexy - but I think it's just Luther.... I love that they've done tap, for example. And the dancers are pretty fabulous - Tara Jean could win the American series.... :)

Sonia said...

Yeah, we are SYTYCD fans and I think they (particularly Luther) were trying too hard this season to create "situtations". Maybe it's to boost sells, no?

Don't fret! Mia will be choreographer for the Canadian, UK and Australian versions. So, in order to see her, you have to keep watching the Canadian version!