Wednesday, October 07, 2009

music to my ears

It's been a musical kind of week so far.
It all started when I was on hold with jcrew the other night ordering these.
The dollar's almost on par again- yay!
Anyhow, instead of bad muzak playing too loud in my ear- as per usual while on hold with anyone-it was David Bowie and The Smiths- How Soon Is Now.
For the first time ever, I was happy to be on hold for so long.
In fact, when the perky and uber polite "Jennifer" from jcrew came back on the phone I was a little disappointed.
Hey I don't mind being on hold a little longer...maybe for one more song?
Anyhow I love music- and all genres.
From the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed- there is usually music playing.
First thing in the a.m. it's usually Classical-or on rainy days who can resist a little Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday?
I love Indie music and singer song writers like Ryan Adams, Paolo Nutini, Adele, Trespassers William, Tindersticks, Sterolab, Regina Spektor, Fleet Foxes, M.Craft, Joshua Radin, Jose Gonzalaz, Midlake, Horsefeathers, Iron & Wine oh the list goes on- there are so many amazing new talented young artists out there.
I love listening to jazz- especially while eating dinner & drinking a good glass of wine.
Some of my favourites these days are Sophie Milman, Madeleine Peyroux, June Christy, Melody Gardot and Shirley Horn.
I'm on a bit of a female jazz kick these days I guess.
I love listening to folk a.k.a. roots as well- Devendra Banhart, Simon & Garfunkel, William Fitzsimmons, Ron Sexsmith, The Be Good Tanyas, Neil Young, Sibylle Baire and The Sea & Cake just to name a few.
I'm even enjoying Country music, which is a close cousin to folk in my opinion.
Artists like Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson always make me feel warm & fuzzy inside, and also make me want to drink Bourbon. (even though I don't really drink bourbon)
I enjoy a bit of hip hop from time to time as well- especially while working out.
K-OS always makes me sweat- in a good way.
Speaking of sweat...gotta love Madonna, Everything But The Girl- remixes, Gaelle- "rain" and the entire Queer as Folk soundtrack, Radiohead- specifically Reckoner, and Coldplay (more to cool down and stretch)
Love working out to that stuff- it's the closest I get to being at a club-not that I was ever really into dance clubs- but still...
Can't forget Electronic music-Hot Chip, Imogen Heap, Moby or Royksopp, very funky stuff and great driving music.
Even Lulu has a few favourites- Danielle Sansone and Frances England always gets her grooving on the kitchen floor.
I love oldies- from the 20ies big band era and yes even some stuff from the nineties.
Hard to believe that's considered oldies now.
But the seventies always makes me happy.
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkel, Foreigner, James Taylor, America, The Eagles, Journey, Paul Mc Cartney- Band on the Run and Listen to what the man said (my fav songs) Supertramp, and even Jim Croce- such an amazing time for music and totally reminds me of my childhood.
My dad used to DJ on the weekends when I was young so a lot of that music totally brings me back.
My point is that I love love love music.
I only wish I could play an instrument.
I guess it's never too late.
But due to the lack of free personal time these days, I guess I'll just have to add- learn to play guitar or piano- to my life list of things to do before I die.
But in the mean time Lulu has expressed interest in taking music lessons.
Her request was my command.
So I did my research and found a private music teacher that came highly recommended and took Lulu there yesterday for her first music lesson.
Without sounding like a bragging mother- okay- definitely sounding like a bragging mother....
the teacher said she was a total natural and that most kids her age (4) don't pick up notes the ways she did and that he was really impressed.
I was overjoyed.
So I bee-lined it to the closest music store and decided to buy her a keyboard.
Maybe I was jumping the gun a bit- it was only her first lesson- but it's not like I went out and bought a Steinway or anything.
Plus my budding musician needs to practice on something aside from her Melissa & Doug toy piano- right?
Anyhow long story short...
A very nice young guy helped me at the music store and even helped put everything in my car.
He was super cute, in an interesting looking kind of way and he was very polite and really nice about answering all my dumbass questions and had no attitude whatsoever- which you would expect most young hot musicians to have towards some mom coming in to buy her kindergartner her first piano.
He just kind of made an impression on me.
Maybe it was the eyes, or the fact that he reminded me of Elija Wood.....
But I digress...
I asked him if he was in a band- in my most non- cougarish way possible- and he kind of quietly said something about being more of a singer songwriter.
I asked him if he played anywhere in particular.
He then sheepishly mentions something about being on Canadian Idol.
Then stupid me says "oh I never watch that show- but my parents are huge fans."
I didn't mention that I used to chastise my folks for watching it- calling it lame and not half as good as the American version.
I couldn't be more wrong....especially if I had known this guy was on it.
anyhow I happen to notice his name tag and when I got home like the good stalker that I am, I googled his name.
This is what I came up with.
Oh my.
this guy is talented- no wonder he was in the top four!
and why hasn't he been signed by anyone yet?
Talented, good looking, humble, nice and professional.
I hope he does get discovered- that way I can tell Lulu that I bought her first "piano" from a famous musician.
Plus I would love to download some of his music and be able to listen to his songs.

Now would it be creepy if I went back tomorrow to buy a set of drums?...


Betsy Mae said...


That was a great post. I loved reading about all the music you like (will be googling some of it though). I also think it's very cool (do people say cool anymore?) that Lulu is a natural, neat! That's all the music in her life, kudos to you. And of course how neat is it that the guy who sold you the keyboard is famous (Canadian famous) but still...neat!

Oh and I LOVE the boots. They are exactly what I've been looking for...I've never ordered anything from jcrew (I know) but how do their boots fit??? I'm going to check out what happens if I don't like them once I get them.

Mamalooper said...

Music is EVERYTHING! All genres - even thinking about a roadtrip to a bluegrass festival some summer.

And did you know I started university as a performance major (clarinet with a piano minor)????

Mac and Cheese said...

I remember Chad! That's so cool! Where is this store...?

That's also great about Lulu's music lesson. Every mother longs to hear that her daughter is a natural.

Mac and Cheese said...

or son.

Mommy Jo said...

Oh PG how I loved your post!