Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello..I said cheese already

I read this and had a really good chuckle because I can certainly relate.
The main difference being that big daddy doesn't fish or hang with the By's- said with my really lame Newfoundland accent.
Though I really wouldn't have a problem if he did.
In fact I would LOve it if he went out with the guys and did "guy stuff".
But that's not really his thing.
And in all fairness he's always so busy working that he rarely gets the chance.
So no photos of cans of beer or his daily catch on his iphone. (only super models, killer location shoots and fabulous catered meals.)
Oh the poor guy..
But what I could relate to, was the lack of images of me kicking around.
He never thinks to grab a shot when the light is right, or when I might look half decent.
Unless I tell ask him to.
Not that I'm an easy person to shoot, always wanting to delete 95% of the photos of myself.
I'm pretty sure I was an editor in a former life.
That, and I'm super self critical and am not the easiest person to photograph.
But heck, I'm not getting any younger and it really is pretty much downhill from here in the bags-under- the-eyes department so I really think he should step it up a bit.
When I'm eighty I would like to look back at my forty year old self and say- "damn I looked pretty good for a middle aged mom."
So it's now or never.
The worst thing is that he is a super talented professional photographer and we have zero portraits of our whole family. Nada.
Nothing of just Lulu & I or maybe even the three of us. Zero.
And no, as cool as they are, magazine spreads don't really count.
I'm this close to heading over to Sears for a family portrait session.

If I wasn't always so snap happy, we would probably have next to no personal pictures.
I hope some day Lulu doesn't think she was only raised by her dad, as I am almost always the one behind the lens.
But I get it, he is shooting 8+ hours a day 5 days a week (at least lately- halleluja)
so maybe by the time he gets home the last thing he wants to do is pick up a camera.
I will definitely cut him some slack here.
But the clock is ticking and eye cream can only do so much.
Then again, I suppose it's a bit of a bonus that he hires some of the best photo retouchers in the city,
so maybe there's still some hope.

But in all seriousness I would love to get more images of Lulu & I together before she gets older.
I still can't get over how much bigger she looks these days.
It is going by far too quickly.

How about you, who takes the pictures in your house?

oh  and for the record big daddy's brother took the above image.
Clearly we need to hang out with him a little more often.


Lynn said...

I'm the family photographer too, and there's not many pictures of me. I used to not mind, but as you say, I'm getting older all the time and now is the time to take pictures! My mother-in-law actually pointed out how there are never any pictures of me around. I'll have to train one of the kids to work the camera :).

Tania said...

No pictures of me at our place either. I just went on a family vacation and can't prove that I actually went. No family portraits over here either. Sounds like work.