Monday, September 07, 2009

where's Madge when I need her most?

Dear Dishwasher,
I'm so sorry I took you for granted all these years.
I shouldn't complain about having to empty you all the time and just say thank-you for a job well done instead.
I'm also sorry for abusing you and forcing you to attempt macerating dozens of olive pits & tooth picks.
So unfair of me to have such unrealistic expectations of you.
I swear the guy at Sears said you were capable of that.

Blame it on five years worth of martinis I guess...or blame it on Big daddy- that's what I usually do.
Regardless, once you come back to us- I promise to treat you better.
I swear.
Because living without you these past three weeks is no fun.
I am counting the days, hours, minutes until you are restored to your brilliant splendor.
I miss you.
Please come back to us soon.
Love PG.


Mac and Cheese said...

That was heartfelt. I'm sure it'll forgive you.

Denguy said...

What's a "dishwasher"?

kgirl said...

I always say that I bought a $300,000 dishwasher, and it came with a house. Hoping yours is back in good health soon.

amanda said...

oooh no. I couldn't live without mine... by the way, if you need to buy a new one we have an electrolux and you have to put your ear right up to it to hear it running... I could make out with it, I love it that much.