Tuesday, September 15, 2009

without a hitch

I'm happy to report that Lulu is absolutely loving Junior Kindergarten so far.
She loves her teacher (as do I) and is feeling right at home in her new class.
Which I might add is the nicest classroom in the school- with huge bay windows and lots of extra space it's the perfect kindergarten class.
It's all about the right ambiance right?
Lucky girl.
I thought I might be a little emotional on her first day- but surprisingly stayed pretty dry eyed.
She lined up, gave her teacher a daisy that she picked on her way to school, gave me a shy smile and a tiny wave and she was off on her new scholastic adventure.
Okay now that I think about it..I am getting a bit misty...
but I'm so happy that she likes going to school so much.
Let's just hope that enthusiasm continues for the next 13 + years.


Mamalooper said...

She looks so cute!

You know, it's great when JK hits just at the right time for your kid. Not always possible...

kgirl said...

She is so lovely - don't the backpacks make them look tiny? Glad she's enjoying JK.

p.s. GORGEOUS pic of you two on CP - congrats!

Ms. Porter said...

It's hard enough to let them go but it's a beautiful thing when they are happily heading off to school.

Denguy said...

Congratulations. That wasn't so bad, was it.

Mac and Cheese said...

Nice! We had a similar send-off, although a late bus driver robbed me of my 'moment'.

scarbie doll said...

We are loving Kindergarten too. Nate's stories of what went on are starting to emerge now. "Do you know what pythons are? Today we read a book on pythons." LOVE!

I showed Nate Lulu's photo on the cover of you know what last night and I was all like, "You met this girl and her mom." He didn't remember her, or going to Glitter Pie for that matter, but I thought it was pretty cool!

Hope you're doing well. Think of you often. We should grab a drink (hot or cold) one day.

Sonia said...

That's wonderful that Lulu is enjoying JK.

My DS is having fun in JK too. :o)

I am also thrilled to have a few good hours to myself now. It makes me miss the kids more and I actually welcome the noise when they return. Crazy, eh?