Tuesday, August 25, 2009

peel me a grape

August has been a pretty low key month so far.
Not exactly what I would consider "the dog days of summer" as there really hasn't been too many super hot days this year.
Which in some ways is fine by me, as I'm not a big hot & humid weather lover.
Usually by this point in the season I'm feeling ready for fall to arrive- tired of the hot, sticky, smoggy weather, I'm usually pretty excited that autumn is around the corner.
With the exception of THIS year.
I feel like summer has just begun.
I almost cried the other day when I saw potted mums at the grocery store.
There's so many things I still want to do before it gets chilly outside.
I'm finally getting organized when it comes to remembering what to pack each time we go to the park.
It only took me 3 months...
I also just started feeling somewhat comfortable in a bathing suit.
That only took me 3 months....
oh who am I kidding?
I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable in a bathing suit, but I guess I'm caring less and less- and instead just having fun swimming with Lulu.
Like anyone's looking at my sorry white butt anyhow..
In reality, it really hasn't been warm enough this summer for a bathing suit- but for the past couple of weeks I've finally been able to wear sleeveless tops and linen without freezing my (as previously mentioned-very white) ass off.
I find that I'm trying to squeeze in as many summer park play-dates and BBQ's as possible before school starts in a couple of weeks.
Also trying to cherish as much time as possible with Lulu before she officially starts "big school".
So no, I'm so not ready for September.

Oh and what exactly does that image have to do with this lame-o post?
Nothing really- except that's what's been a staple in our house this summer.
Frozen grapes on a cocktail stick.
Lulu loves them and thinks of them as a fancy treat.
I also love my grapes-nicely chilled and served in a Riedel glass for my daily treat.


Ms. Porter said...

I'm just welling up here (again). It's a little bit of PMS and alot of summer coming to an end. I could use another month at least and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for Mouse to start grade one (not to mention Bug who will start JK...at least she won't go to school all day everyday). I feel really, really sad about her going into grade one.

Mac and Cheese said...

I'm with you on the sleeveless stuff. So sad it's almost over!

Mamalooper said...

So don't want it to end either! And loving the frozen grapes - who knew they'd be so yummy?

Sonia said...

It's definitely been an awful summer in terms of weather. I wish there were more sunny days to enjoy before the kids are off to school.

Speaking of which, does it make me a bad mother that (unlike many of you) I am ecstatic my youngest will be starting JK and my oldest will be starting FULL TIME in grade 1? A whole 2 1/2 hours to myself! What to do..what to do. ;o)

Lynn said...

I'm also sad at the end of this so-called "summer." I feel like it flew by -- between the bad weather and shortened summer due to school starting early, it seems we didn't actually do any summer stuff. Instead, we just watched a lot of videos and played in the backyard.


kgirl said...

I ate frozen grapes during my first labour, and really haven't wanted one since, but your fancy frozen grapes look good.

And yes, lame-o summer? Suck it.

Denguy said...

Frozen grapes on a stick?
I must try this. Which grapes, seedless I assume.

b*babbler said...

Those grapes look ridiculously good!