Tuesday, August 04, 2009

not quite Belguim- but almost.

I'm not a big gadget person when it comes to the kitchen.
Not that I wouldn't want to be- but space is at a premium so I've always kept it simple.
Global knives.
good pots, pans and baking sheets.
several cutting boards- bamboo, wooden with groove for meat, plastic for fruit & veg.
a couple of vegetable peelers. a certain someone insists on peeled apples and cucumbers.
mixing bowls with lids.
good graters & zester.
mandolin for my shaved fennel salad- among other things.
mortar & pestle- a la Jamie Oliver- gotta love a good bash up.
extra timer for when there is more than two things on the go at one time.
lots of tongs.
good toaster.
Bialetti espresso maker.
Laguiole wine opener- very essential.
blender- my morning smoothie must.
mini and regular sized Cuisinart.
panini press.
and now...a waffle maker.

It's small and easy to store and best of all has a timer that goes off when the waffle is perfectly cooked.
and I mean perfectly.
If you want the recipe you can find it here.
I topped it with some mascarpone, yogurt & vanilla topping just for fun.
Plus I had some extra kicking around that I want to use up.
Yum. Yum.
Best breakfast I've had in a while.
If you're in the market for a waffle maker you can find the one I used here.

How about you, what can't you live without in your kitchen?


Sonia said...

Oh definitely my Pampered Chef garlic press (I use it all the time - no more peeling garlic) and stoneware. I am a Pampered Chef ho..and no I don't sell the stuff. I just really like their products.

kurrabikid said...

Coffee machine. And I've been toying with a breadmaker too, of late...

kgirl said...

Damn those look good. I love my Emile Henry casserole dish or whatever it is, my big huge cuisinart saute pan that can go in the oven, and my wrought iron grill pan. And my coffee maker.

Mac and Cheese said...

A chef is essential to my kitchen. Since we haven't worked out the logistics of that yet, I'm pretty attached to my 'As Seen On TV' magic defrosting plate.

petite gourmand said...

hee hee you are too funny m&c

amanda said...

Oh perfect! We've been talking about getting a new waffle maker for so long (our old one is terrible).

Hmm... I'm going to have to agree with kgirl and go with the coffee maker. Oh and I do love these cutting boards http://www.surlatable.com/product/463455.do