Friday, June 21, 2013

summer's here

It's officially summer today and I am so happy to be embarking on a new season with new routines, or lack thereof.
School is almost finished (alleluia) and most of my school responsibilities are as well.

I just co hosted a big fund raiser for the school last night, and although it was fun, it was a lot of work and I'm so glad I can check it off my to do list.
Still have to get teacher's gift on behalf of the class and also host a teacher appreciation lunch on the day after the last day of school.
But after that, I'm so done.
How did volunteering at the school become a part time job?
Not that I'm complaining (I'm so complaining) because it is good to be connected to the school and to help out, but hopefully next year I can reign it in a bit more and do a little less.
And just say no.

Easier said than done.

Speaking of school, we had to make our final decision on weather we would keep Lulu in her current school for next year, or to make the move to private school.
There was one spot left for her at the school we were considering and after touring the school with her, interviewing, having endless conversations and sleepless nights, we have decided to keep her where she is for now.
She is well adjusted and is confident and comfortable there, so why rock that educational boat?
I guess we just want the best for her.
What parent doesn't?
But I'm just so glad we can put it to rest.
At least for another year.
Who knew making school decisions would be so difficult?

So one more week and it's time to just enjoy...because after reading this I realized I only have 10 more summers left....sniff sniff