Thursday, September 18, 2008

he's my man

Yikes I just posted my first frontal photo of myself- and not the most flattering I might add.
But whatever- the real reason I picked this image is that I think big daddy looks good.
For the most part this blog seems to be all about Lulu.
But today it's all about Big daddy.
I often write about the challenges of marriage once you add kids to the mix.
or in our case- kid.
It takes work.
It's easy to fall into a routine where you become a well oiled machine as a couple, fulfilling domestic responsibilities.
I cook, clean, deal with the house etc. look after Lulu %90 of the time and take on the occasional freelance job.
Big daddy deals with all the rest.
Which is a hell of a lot.
Not to down play my role in our partnership, but the man is pretty awesome.
I'm pretty fortunate to have a guy who deals with all of the bills, mortgage, running his own business and still has the energy to get up every morning with Lulu and take her to school.
Not to mention he is always trying to get me to "treat myself" to facials, a massage or go out with the girls etc. though I rarely take him up on his offers- I love that he thinks of me, even though it's him that really needs the break.
But lately I think the stress of it all is taking it's toll.
He's pretty exhausted and starting to feel pretty burned out- yet he keeps on going.
He really works hard- very hard.
I probably don't thank him as much as I should or let him know how very proud I am of all his accomplishments and success.
I know he is doing this all for us.
Our little family of three.
I so appreciate the fact that he has such a strong work ethic and has made sacrifices so that I don't have to.
I am blessed that I can stay at home with Lulu and not have to worry about working for a while.
I'm so lucky that I get to spend as much time as possible with her while I can.
where the heck did the last three and a half years go?
I can do a few jobs each month and not stress about career etc. and just focus on our daughter- and try to wrap my head around maybe doing it all over again with a second ???? but that's another post....
I am so thankful and yes still very much in love.
After 11 years together it's so easy to forget.
Forget why you are together in the first place.
I'm super lucky to be married to a funny, loving, giving, as mentioned- very hard working, loyal, respectful, good lookin', intelligent, sometimes a bit- okay a lot-moody, but after 11 years I'm getting used to it, sweet, caring guy.
How did I get so lucky?

and big d if you are reading this (and I hope you are) I think it's time for a little get away or a break at the very least.
you & I...and heck maybe Lulu too.
whatever you want.
we love & really appreciate you.
hang in there.


amanda said...

You are so sweet. What a great wife... to be able to put it all in words. Most of us don't take the time to put it down, even if we think it often:)

Oh, and by the way, you two are so cute. About time we saw the whole you!

Rebecca H said...

AH- you're goregeous!! Such a nice treat to get a picture and lovely post today. Eesh, you're cuter than cute.

Anonymous said...

what a great looking guy!! hehe. i think you look great in that shot PG.
and thank you, I really needed to hear that today.
and now my cover is blown.....

Anonymous said...

You both look wonderful!!! He sounds like a great're all lucky to have found each other in this crazy world!

Ms. Porter said...

FINALLY! You are even more beautiful than I imagined you to be! So glad you shared the pics of you and Big Daddy! I love this sweet post!

Sheena said...


metro mama said...

Lovely tribute to your man.

I love it when spouses comment on blog posts!

kgirl said...

You are gorgeous, and you're man's not bad either. He sounds like a really great partner - thanks for the inside peek!

kittenpie said...

I think we forget to write about spouses a lot in the rveling in having our own little spaces around the b-sphere... I know I don't write about Misterpie much, either. This week, it was hisbday and I thought of doing a nice little post about him, but... time ran away on me and instead, I didn't post at all. SWELL.

So, nice to see a blog widower gtting a little loving. Here's to you, BD!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, PG!And like everyone else said, I am also impressed with you being able to express your appreciation for BD in a post like this. Nice work!

Sonia said...

What a sweet photo of the two of you! Love the photo of of BD and Lulu too.

Thanks for the great post. Made me stop and think about my DH and how much he does for our family.