Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Au revoir

We are off to Paris today.
We, as in big daddy & I.
We were there on our honeymoon ten years ago and said that if we survived a decade together we would return to some of our favourite areas.
So here we are- married for 10 years and 5 months (not that I'm counting...) and about to jump on a plane en route to Charles de Gaulle.
My parents are manning the fort while we are away and looking after Lulu for us.
As excited as I am about a week with my man alone in Europe, I can't lie and say that I'm not just a weesie bit apprehensive about leaving my little peanut for nine days.
I know I know, Lulu will be totally fine with her grandma & grandpa- but it's just so far away....
But it's good for all concerned to take breaks- especially for marriages.
And just think of how much she will appreciate us when we get back.
Not to mention how much we will appreciate her when we get back.

So Au revoir mes amis!
xo pg


Betsy Mae said...

wow!!!! congratulations and bon voyage!

Mommy Jo said...

Bon voyage & félicitations!

Sonia said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

indigo herself said...

i LOVE PARIS, I think you might like this:

Betsy Mae said...

i'm back to check and see whether or not you've posted anything about your trip!!!