Thursday, November 18, 2010

trimming the tree

I almost forgot to post about the latest issue of Canadian Family Magazine.
We shot it several months ago- Christmas in August....
Anyhow I think it's a really sweet story.
I have to say how much I love Lulu's hairdo in the first shot.
I only wish I could get it like that.
Aside from me gushing over my uber cute daughter (if I do say so myself)
There's some really clever decorating ideas that my good friend Arren Williams came up with.
I especially loved the red spray painted christmas tree.
Now that is dedication!
I think we are going to do the recycled painted can lids on our tree this year and maybe even the pasta garland.
Lots of other great ideas in this issue, so if you don't already have a copy be sure and pick one up.

A behind the scenes shot of Lulu.
why is it she never sits this still for me when I'm doing her hair?


kurrabikid said...

Oh, what an absolute cutie!

Karen MEG said...

Wow, I need to check out the mag... Lulu is such a cutie!

And you're friends with Arren Williams, how cool is that - he's a real talent!

I'm pumped pumped about Christmas this year, don't know why but I'm glad.

Sonia said...

And who wouldn't sit still if you were being fussed over?!?

Lulu is beauty!