Tuesday, December 28, 2010

happy holidays

Last week Lulu was quietly (okay not exactly quietly...more like chattering to herself while colouring a picture) she looked up me and announced "You know mama, Christmas is really just in your heart."
"it's kind of a special feeling more than anything."
Um okay..

and "it's also the little Ord Jesus's birthday"

When I asked her what she wanted from Santa her answer after careful consideration was
"just a surprise...because I know Santa will just pick the right thing for me."
"he'll just know"
Really? wow..
"but do you think he might bring me the polly pocket splash set?"
I bet he will.

She was also very concerned that not just Santa would be hungry when he stopped by our house on Christmas eve and that we needed to leave a snack for his reindeer too.
Always the animal lover...

So all in all a very nice Christmas for us here at Casa PetiteGourmand.
Especially from the perspective of our sweet five year old.
She really never ceases to amaze and delight us with her observations and acute awareness about matters of the heart.
We are all enjoying spending time together without schedules and a ton of things to do.
Enjoying lazy mornings, late breakfasts, snuggling in bed, reading books (lulu included) going out for lunches, watching movies & catching up with friends.
I guess that's the best part about the holidays for me.
I guess it really is in your heart and not necessarily wrapped up under a tree.

I'm really not sure who (if anyone) really reads this blog anymore, but if you are out there, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are having as nice a holiday season as we are.
xo pg.


kurrabikid said...

I read! What a gorgeous gal yours is. A (belated) happy Christmas to you and lots of wishes for a great new year.

Anonymous said...

I read often, but I don't usually post. Keep up the great work.
So glad you enjoyed Christmas!
Stay, "Strong, Fit and Healthy"
See you in the New Year. All the best.

Lynn said...

I'm still around, too! Hope your Christmas was very Merry!

Anonymous said...

I am always checking in.. please keep the posts coming! I love getting an update on you, Lulu and big daddy. Hope we get to see you guys soon in 2011! xox Leila

Sonia said...

Happy holidays! What a sweet girl you have. :)

Amanda said...

Happy New Year ;)