Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the tide is high

It's strange, even though I see Lulu everyday, occasionally it hits me like a ton of bricks how much bigger she is now.
I get so caught up in day to day life and then BAM! I realize she's six and is no longer my little peanut.
Okay, she still is, and always will be, my little peanut, only now she's just a taller and smarter peanut.
While she was in camp she somehow picked up the phrase "for real" and now says it with vigor at the end of almost every sentence.
I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until at least age 13??
Anyhow, it's pretty cute, and every time she says "no for real momma" big daddy & I look at each other and try not to crack up.

It's really great being able to take time away from our regular life & routine and really notice these little changes.
I'm having such a great time on this road trip.
Lulu was completely chilled on the ride to the coast and it really didn't seem to take very long.
Big daddy had his doubts, but I knew it would be smooth sailing.
Six is the perfect age for long road trips.
Bonus that now she can read maps and signs, so there really wasn't too much "are we there yet?"
Connecticut is lovely and it was nice to dip our feet in the Atlantic Ocean- despite how incredibly cold it is. brrr
I'll take a great lake any day.
But the waves and the salt air is always so restorative and calming.
We ate at the famous Mystic Pizza.
Which was..meh...pretty good, more importantly Lulu loved it.
Though speaking of food, what is it about American kids menus?
all they ever offer is pop, chocolate milk, deep fried chicken fingers, pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheese and french fries.
Not a veggie in sight.
No wonder there is an obesity epidemic going on here.
Don't even get me started on the portion sizes!
At one place I ordered a salad and I swear it was on a serving platter!
Easily could have fed 4 or 5 people.
Lulu had a pasta dish that also would have been appropriate for at least 2 or even 3 adults.
Anyhow we are now in NYC and the food, well...what can I say about the multitude of amazing food options?
I love this city.
First stop yesterday was Rickshaw Dumplings.
Yum yum.
Then we relaxed during a torrential downpour at Pret A Manger.
LOVE this place.
I wish we had them back home.
My kind of fast food.
We had a nice casual dinner at an Italian restaurant near our hotel called Apertivo.
Good pizza, salads and pasta.
Brought Lulu back to the hotel and her cousin offered to babysit so Big daddy & I could go for a walk around town.
Did I already mention I was in Heaven?
Oh and we are in a really awesome hotel suite with a brand new kitchenette and separate bedrooms.
It's like having our own apartment in Manhattan.
Gotta love P.Diddy big daddy's bro.
So that's it for now.
Looking forward to plenty of fun and excitement over the next few days in the big apple.

like for example this...
Yup I saw this unfold today while shopping on 5th ave.
never a dull moment around here, that's for sure.

Oh and also Big daddy & I were interviewed by the Today Show while walking down the street.
They asked us about Marriage and what drove us crazy about each other.
Ummm do you have a few hours??
kidding of course.
but check it out.
the best part is at around 2:40 into the video

Why do husbands tune wives out?

NBC’s David Gregory talks with marriage therapist Hal Runkel and psychologist Judith Sills about some of the hot marriage issues such as why men often don’t listen and why women constantly tell their husbands what to do.


kurrabikid said...

All sounding pretty wonderful!

Sarah said...

Just stopped by to say hello! I can't believe she is 6!! Always love your pics...

karen said...

Hiya, can you go check out my last two posts? Lynn at Turtlehead dropped me a comment about you.....

Mac and Cheese said...

I watched the clip. Funny stuff!