Friday, September 16, 2011

back to school

How is already mid September?
The last two weeks have literally flown by.
The days are getting shorter and much cooler.
I had to do the ol' closet switch this week and say good by to all my tank tops and thin cotton blouses,
and hello to the plethora of gray, taupe & black sweaters that I can never seem to get enough of.
Same goes for Lulu's closet.
Out with old and in with the new.
Happily a bunch of things still fit her from last winter, so hopefully things have slowed down in the growing department.
But once again she is one of the taller kids in her class.
How I created a tall child is still a mystery to me..

Speaking of school, Lulu is really enjoying it so far.
We completely won the lottery in the teacher department, which I couldn't be happier about.
She is in the same class as a few of her good friends and has already made some new ones.
The morning routine is not nearly as hectic as I thought it would be.
In fact, we have time to spare and still get to snuggle and sip tea and talk about last night's dreams.
I'm quite relieved about this because there is nothing worse than starting the day off in a rush.

Bonus that I've actually lost 4 lbs from all the extra walking back and forth from the school every day.
Eight trips total.
Including lunch time.
Chelsea (my other baby) is absolutely loving all the walks and all the attention she gets when I take her to school.
Having a puppy in the fall is the best.

Truth be told, I'm really loving it.
The routine, the walking, everything.
Well maybe not the very nasty virus Lulu picked up last week and the four consecutive days of fever and sleepless nights followed by a rattling cough that also kept her (me) up at night.
So no sleep, no appetite = grumpy.
So that part wasn't too much fun.
But today she seems to be back to normal- which is a good thing.
Welcome back to the germ factory I guess.
I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from.
One virus down, only a dozen more to go...sigh...

I forgot how amazing our neighbourhood is and how many great parents there are that are involved in keeping our school what it is today.
I feel really lucky to live here and even more fortunate that Lulu gets to grow up going to such a fantastic school with such a strong community spirit.
Friday night there was an outdoor PJ and Movie night for all the parents and students.
Despite her cold it was so much fun.
I also had to send in a poem or story about Lulu for her teacher to read to the class.
This is what I came up with...


You are my precious little flower,
that is constantly in bloom.

I watch as yet another milestone,
around the corner looms.

It seems like only yesterday,
that we shared a single breath.

But now it seems like tomorrow,
you will leave and I'll be left.

I know the life of an only child
is not always filled with ease.

You've had no one to borrow from,
share secrets with, or tease.

And yet, no matter what life brings,
you take it all in stride.

The strength of character you always show
fills my heart with pride.

I'm so proud to be your mommy,
It's the best I've ever felt.

love momma xoxo

Completely corny and maybe a little over the top, but this about sums it all up.

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